Los Parks fired by Major League Wrestling

The Mexican trio have had their contracts terminated

Los Parks fired by Major League Wrestling

It seems that the trio of LA Park, LA Park Jr and El Hijo de LA Park will no longer be a part of Major League Wrestling going forward as all three men were sensationally fired following a mass brawl at a recent TV taping event.

The trio, who are father and sons, were due to run in on Jacob Fatu and MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Alexander Hammerstone at the end of last Thursday's TV taping, and in doing so got too heavy handed with their opponents.

One person is quoted as saying that they "went off script, runied the post match angle and went into business for themselves" going as far as to unload "live rounds", or real punches and kicks to their opponents.

This culminated in some severe chair shots which busted both Fatu and Hammerstone open, leading to them requiring medical attention. Alexander Hammerstone was reportedly so irate that he challenged LA Park to a fight backstage, but he feigned that he did not undersand English. Since then,

Fortunately for MLW, they had a trained paramedic on hand in "The American Wolf" Davey Richards,who helped those in need and was considered to be "invaluable" as a result, with other MLW Wrestlers saying that both Hammerstone and Fatu handled it "as well as possible given the circumstances".

MLW Owner Court Bauer is said to have taken some time to think it over before firing all three members, with LA Park, although apologetic, insisting to people in Mexico that the situation broke down due to his poor English skills.

However, this isn't the first time he has been implicated in such acts, as he has been very protective of his character ever since his portrayal in his WCW days. There are other rumours that suggest he was attempting to teach his sons a lesson in intimidation.

Following this, Alexander Hammerstone stated his issue was in receiving a chair shot to the back of the head which he was unaware was coming, and while he did not ask for the trio to be fired, he is not upset that they were.

For his part, Jacob Fatu was confused backstage following the incident, and was taken to hospital due to concussion protocol, but nothing more has come out about his status since.

We will kep you informed as more informaion becomes available.