Latest of AEW/MJF Negotiations!

Tony Khan is willing to open up his wallet to keep MJF, get the details as to how much, below!

Latest of AEW/MJF Negotiations!

There is a fresh update on the situation between AEW (All Elite Wrestling) and MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman) has been revealed. Fightful Select have reported that one talent has indicated that Tony Khan is willing to match comparable salaries of other top AEW Stars to keep MJF within Camp AEW for the future.

Backstage sources within AEW believe that MJF has outperformed his current contract, but at the same time there are also those who believe it sets a negative precedent if the company rework his deal. It is noted to say that there have been reworked deals within AEW in the past, but those deals came with extra time being added to the contract. Fightful reports that they have also confirmed that MJF is not trying to gain extra money without an extension because “Contracts don’t work like that”.

With the divide amongst the AEW Locker Room regarding this situation there were those who were not on the side of the Pinnacle Leader and Salt of the Earth, if he was specifically looking to take extra money without a contract extension. Real Rasslin will provide further updates relating to this situation as they unfold.

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