Kyle's Wheely Good impact Review October 28th 2021

As this is the show after Bound For Glory, will it be Wheely good or will there be bumps in the road? Lets find out......

Kyle's Wheely Good impact Review October 28th 2021

What’s up guys! It’s Kyle back again for another Impact Wrestling review. Apologies for the delay, I have not been feeling too well these past few days, but with that being said let’s get down to business and get this review rolling shall we?

Now with Bound For Glory firmly in the rear-view mirror, we have a new Impact Wrestling World Champion, and it's not who you would expect. For more details on Bound For Glory please click here and read Hev's review if you haven’t already done so….

As always Impact opens with a recap of all the events at Bound For Glory, including all of the newly crowned champions. Nearly every title went home with a new owner at Bound For Glory with only the Good Brothers retaining. Moose called his shot to close out the PPV and become the new Impact World Champion. very much to the dismay of our very own Adz….

Moose comes out to open the show but he does not look very happy at all…

Despite becoming champion just a few days ago, he grabs a mic and before he can even speak Eddie Edwards heads to the ring with a kendo stick in hand. Moose makes easy pickings of Eddie and tosses him to the outside. Moose goes to follow Eddie but Eddie catches him with a kendo stick shot. Eddie and Moose brawl up the entrance ramp. Security comes out and breaks up the brawl as the crowd chants let them fight.

After the brief brawl Moose has a valid reason to be mad, he grabs the mic and lets us know that he knows he did a lot of bad things to become Champion. He said what did at Bound For Glory was probably the worst yet, he took away everything Josh Alexander worked to get, he took it right out of his hands in front of his family. Moose says he has no sympathy because now he has the Impact World Championship and that makes him the greatest Champion in Impact Wrestling.

He says it doesn’t matter how elite you are, it doesn’t matter what tribe you’re a chief to, it doesn’t matter if you’re the boss, a man, a woman, a King, the Queen, it doesn’t matter what day you hold a title. He says you can add a New Day to the week and he’s still the greatest professional wrestling champion. He says if you think the things he’s done to get to the championship are bad, imagine what he’ll do to keep it.

Moose looks as if he has a lot more to say on the subject but Josh Alexander comes from behind and drops Moose with a suplex. Alexander hammers at Moose before Moose rolls out of the ring and goes through the crowd. Moose stares at Josh from the crowd as Minoru Suzuki’s theme hits, Suzuki takes his time before coming out, there will be no Suzuki incident in Impact. Suzuki and Josh get face to face. Josh looks back towards Moose and Suzuki grabs him by the forearm.

Suzuki and Alexander exchange strikes and begin brawling in the centre of the ring. Security is back yet again to break these two apart. 

I get that all these wrestlers have history with each other which is quite lengthy, I have to admit that I’m a little bit behind the times because I haven’t watched Impact in years but nonetheless there was quite a lot to unpack in such a short space of time, so it kind of got a little bit confusing from time to time if I’m being honest.

If Matt Striker and D’lo Brown did not explain the fact that there was a lot of history between Moose and Edwards, it would’ve enhanced my confusion somewhat but I appreciate the explanation all the same. Soon after this they ran down the card for tonight‘s show.

Backstage with interviewer Gia who is with Moose, she asks Moose if he’s prepared to deal with the target on his back. Moose says he knows he did a lot of bad things to people to piss them off, he knows he has a huge target on his back. If there’s one man in the locker room who can handle it he can. Matt Cardona interrupts Moose and says he was this close to beating Moose. Moose says ‘This Close’ doesn’t win championships. They start to brawl and security is there right away this time.

X-Division Championship match
Rocky Romero vs. Trey Miguel (c)

We start with a lockup and Rocky takes wrist control, Trey maneuvers himself out and goes for an arm drag but Rocky blocks it. Rocky charges Trey in the corner but Trey leapfrogs him, Trey takes control with a nice drop kick and goes for a springboard but Rocky moves. Trey drops Rocky face first on the ring apron and locks in a submission in the bottom rope. The ref counts to five and forces a break.

Trey with some nice chops he goes to the top and attempts a double spring board and Rocky drops Trey off the top rope to the outside. Rocky goes for a baseball slide and Trey moves. Trey goes for a kick but Rocky catches it. Trey with a moonsault to the outside taking Rocky out.

Rocky is in control sending Trey into the ropes and dropping him with an elbow. We get a replay of Rocky taking control by dropping his knee onto Trey’s arm from the top rope. Rocky continues to work the arm. Trey with a big kick to the head of Rocky. Trey goes into the ropes and swings back but Rocky dropkicks him to the outside.

Rocky with a hurricanrana on the outside, Rocky tosses Trey back inside and rushes at Trey with an inverted sliced bread. Rocky with a cover for a two count. Rocky with a hurricanrana into an armbar and Trey tries to fight out. Trey lifts Rocky up and drops him with a huge sitout powerbomb. Rocky and Trey are slow to rise and begin exchanging forearms as they get up. Rocky takes the advantage but Trey takes control with a jumping knee. Rocky into the corner. Trey tosses him into the center of the ring.

Trey to the top rope and goes for the Meteora but Rocky rolls through into a single leg Boston crab. Trey rolls through into a pinfall but Rocky kicks out at two. Both men to opposite corners and Trey is bleeding from the mouth. Trey charges and hits Rocky with an Elbow. Rocky follows Trey back to the corner and hits him with some clotheslines. Trey with a brainbuster to Rocky. Trey climbs to the top and hits Rocky with a Meteora as he sits up. Trey goes for the pin and gets the win to retain the X-Division Championship.

Winner: Trey Miguel

Post match: Steve Maclin attacks Trey as he celebrates with the title. Maclin sets Trey up in a tree of woe and spears the life out of him as he’s hung up. That was nasty.

My thoughts: This was a solid opener, I’m a bit confused why Rocky would be put in this position and really Trey should look a bit more dominant as the new champion but still a fun match. 

Gia is backstage with Jordynne Grace and asks what the Digital Media Championship means to her. Jordynne says she’s not quite sure but her large following can help her figure it out. Tasha Steelz comes into the picture and claps for Jordynne, she asks Rachael Ellering how it feels to be the biggest loser. Tasha reminds Rachael she eliminated her from the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Rachael reminds Tasha she tried this before with her former partner. She tells Tasha they’re concerned with wins not drama. Rachael says they have a date in the ring so looks like that match is next.

Maclin walks angrily at the camera. He tells Trey Miguel that no one has beaten him, he wants what is owed to him, that being the X-Division title. Scott D’Amore tells Maclin he’s not owed anything, but he’ll give him a championship opportunity next week. Maclin says line em up and he’ll knock em down. Matt Cardona catches D’Amore and says he wants a shot at Moose. Eddie Edwards comes out and says he wants a shot at Moose too. Scott says Josh deserves a chance more than anyone. Scott makes a six man tag match with Edwards, Matt Cardona and Josh taking on Moose and two of his partners.

Scott then has to run and save a referee from Josh Alexander. Josh is pissed. Not about the title, but because the ref let the match start with his family in the ring. Scott tells Josh he’s going to make things right and tells him about the six man tag. Scott tells him he proved Christian wrong about one thing, don’t let him be right about another. He gives Josh a big pep talk and tells him not to let his emotions control him, he tells him to do it for himself, the company and his family.


Rachael Ellering vs. Tasha Steelz

Rachael wastes no time and charges Tasha in the corner. Rachael hammers away before tossing Tasha into the opposite corner and follows with a splash. Rachael with a kick and then senton followed by a cover for two. Rachael lifts Tasha up on her shoulders but Tasha fights out and goes for a codebreaker but Rachael catches her and tosses her into the corner. Tasha rolls to the apron, Rachael goes to grab her but Tasha hangs her up on the top rope jumping off the apron. Tasha rolls back into the ring and stalks Rachael.

Tasha has Rachael in the corner and hits her with a number of strikes. Tasha drops Rachael in the corner before lifting her up and tossing her into the opposite corner. Tasha with a kick to Rachael and follows with a tornado DDT. Tasha with the cover but Rachael kicks out at two. Tasha locks in the rear chin lock and Rachael tries to get to her feet but Tasha pulls her hair slamming her to the mat.

Tasha starts insulting Rachael calling her weak but Rachael comes back with some stiff strikes but Tasha dodges a pump kick and hits Ellering with a codebreaker. Tasha stomps away at Rachael and lifts her to her feet. Tasha fights back and hits Tasha with a clothesline. Rachael with a package suplex and goes for a cover but Tasha sits up at two. Rachael goes behind looking for a suplex but Tasha rolls out Tasha goes for a suplex but Rachael holds on the ropes. Rachael rolls up Tasha Steelz and picks up the three count victory.

Winner: Rachael Ellering

My thoughts: This was average in my opinion, the finish was rough, pinfall was kinda sloppy and almost felt like it wasn’t going to end in this way  even though it did unfortunately.

Not only that there were also bad camera angles and a hesitant referee. Hopefully Rachael can get a strong push as things develop. 

We have a message from W Morrisey to reminds us he wasn’t here to make friends, but he made an alliance with Moose based on mutual convenience. He said at Bound For Glory Moose ended their alliance when it was convenient for him. Morrisey says he’s coming for Moose’s championship but Moose stops him mid sentence. Moose tells Morrisey he was honest with Morrisey all along, he tells him he screwed Morrisey before Morrrisey screwed him. Moose tells Morrisey if he helps him take out Cardona, Edwards and Alexander then he’s first to get a title shot. Morrisey says alright champ.

Gia is back again and she joins the Iinspiration in their locker room. Gia welcomes them to Impact and says it’s incredible all they’ve done to this point. She asks what the Iinspiration will bring to the knockouts division. They say they’re at the point in their career where they want to give back, they say they want to inspire their division if you will. Gia asks them to explain what that means. They say they’re world wide stars, Australian legends and Inspirational leaders. They plan to take the knockouts division to new levels and then shoo Gia and the cameraman out of the room.


Joe Doering vs. Heath

Heath and Doering lock up and Doering powers Heath into the corner. Heath walks himself out but is tossed back by Doering. Heath with some strikes to Doering but Joe bounces off the ropes and hits Heath with a crossbody. Doering goes for a cover but Heath kicks out at two. Heath is in the corner and Doering starts to choke away at Heath in the bottom turnbuckle. Heath fights back with some strikes of his own but Doering drops him with a shoulder block that sends Heath flying.


Doering lifts Heath up for a scoop slam and follows with a bounce off the ropes into an immediate elbow drop. Doering goes for a cover but Heath kicks out. Doering tosses Heath into the corner but Heath bounces off the ropes with two consecutive forearms. Heath with a kick and drops Doering to the mat. Heath goes to the corner and is caught up by Deaner in the corner. Rhino grabs Deaner and beats him up with both ending up in the ring. Rhino beats up Deaner and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No contest…

Post match: Rhino beats up Deaner for a moment then sets his sights on Eric Young. Rhino threatens to attack Eric but Eric pleads with him. Deaner attacks Rhino from behind and gets dropped but Eric Young catches Rhino from behind and drops him. VBD toss Rhino into Eric Young. Eric scoop slams Rhino then hits a beautiful elbow drop onto Rhino in the centre of the ring. Eric Young is apparently no longer injured. Eric with a piledriver onto Heath in the centre of the ring.

My thoughts: What on earth was that finish? Did James book this match by any chance??…

That was a really stupid way to end it, especially when they didn’t have to rush the match between these two  wrestlers. Doering is pretty good in this match and Heath looked strong but was only ok and the finish ruined the whole thing for me. 

We are now backstage with The Good Brothers and talk about how they defended their championships against both teams and retained them. Juice Robinson walks up and says they didn’t win that match by beating them, they did it off their work. Finlay says they know they could take the titles off of The Good Brothers any day they want. Karl says if they want a title shot they have to earn it. Doc says that’s right, earn it nerds. Impact loves to do triple threats and have the team/person who didn’t get pinned make a huge deal out of it huh?

Gia is backstage once again with the Demon and asks why he’s here. Johnny Swinger says he’s here to serve him. The demon cost him his shot at the championship. Black Taurus walks up scaring Johnny away and The Demon says he came back because Demons are welcome here.

We now see the new Knockouts Champion, Mickie James. She says to be honest when she came back she wasn’t chasing the title but when the opportunity presented itself, you know Hardcore Country couldn’t turn that down. Mickie says hats off to Deonna Purrazzo, she says at Bound For Glory she gave her the match of her life, the best match of her career. Mickie says she knows she’s waiting to use her rematch clause but no one has heard from her since Bound For Glory. Mickie says she knows there’s a long list of opponents for her waiting in the back, so she welcomes the opportunity. She’s excited about the future.

Mickie is interrupted and Madison Rayne makes her way to the ring, accompanied by her boy and yours Kaleb with a K. Madison grabs a mic and says shes constantly overlooked despite her history in Impact. She says she needs to get more credit for all the things she’s done for Impact. Madison says she’s never left Impact, she’s been here the entire time. Mickie says except for the three times she left and then came back.

Madison says thats a good one, add that zinger to her long list of accolades. Madison tells Mickie not to get used to being the champion. She says Mickie said the noble thing, she wants to be a fighting champion so next week Mickie should defend her title against Madison Rayne, the five time Knockouts World Champion. Mickie says yes lets go. She says make sure Madison brings Kaleb with her so he can get a good clean shot of her standing over Madison as the Knockouts World Champion. Kaleb grabs the mic and says Mickie thinks shes so funny, well she’s stupid, and he has half a mind to knock that stupid smile off her face. Mickie slaps Kaleb and holds the championship up as Kaleb and Madison walk away.

Up next we have Chris Sabin in the main event!

Moose is back again, Gia asks if he and Morrisey have found their third partner, Moose says they’re working on something. They walk up to Suzuki, they call him a violent man. Moose says he likes it, and he needs him to help them. Moose says Josh Alexander’s name and Suzuki fists bumps Moose and Morrisey.

We learn of some interesting matches set for next week’s Impact, including an X-Division number one contenders match.

Ace Austin vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin and Ace begin this with some traditional chain wrestling and Sabin takes control with a shoulder block. Ace and Sabin exchange go behinds going for German suplexes but Sabin settles for a roll up and a two count. Ace tosses Sabin into the corner but Sabin dodges, Ace goes for a springboard kick but eats a strike from Sabin instead. Sabin with a sunset flip into a roll up for two.

Ace sends Sabin into the ropes and he reverses into a roll up for two yet again. Ace goes for a kick to the midsection but Sabin catches him and hits a dragon screw. Ace to his feet and goes for a maneuver but Sabin slams his knees directly into the mat preventing it. Sabin locks in a modified surfboard stretch but Ace gets the ropes to prevent a submission.

Ace in the corner and is charged by Sabin, Ace goes for the springboard again but his injured knee prevents it. Ace catches Sabin and drops him to the mat. Both men are down Ace to his feet first and ties Sabin up in the ropes utilizing them to choke Sabin. Ace begins to work over Sabin’s knee and puts his knee over the neck of Sabin going back to a choke.

Sabin goes for a suplex but Ace reverses into a suplex of his own. Ace goes for a cover but Sabin kicks out at two. Ace locks in an armbar and pulls out a card. Ace uses the card to papercut Sabin in the webbing of his finger. Ace drops his knee onto the hand of Sabin. Ace goes for a rollup but only gets a two count. Ace hits Sabin with a gutwrench suplex and follows it up with a legdrop and cover combination for a two count.

Austin has dominated and he continues that with a stiff kick to Sabin’s face. Austin slingshots Sabin’s throat into the bottom rope. Ace hits Sabin with a double underhook suplex and rolls through into a legdrop off the top rope but Sabin rolls out of the way. Sabin regains momentum and drops Ace with a shoulder block then a backdrop. Sabin catches Ace with a kick to the face in the corner. Sabin pulls him out and hits a suplex and covers for the two count.

Sabin goes for the cradle shock but Ace reverses out, Sabin catches Ace with a back elbow sending him to the mat but Ace catches Sabin with a rolling drop toe hold and a kick to the back. Sabin trips Ace, sending him face first into the bottom rope. Ace hits a German suplex on Sabin but Sabin no sells and is dropped with a kick from Ace. Ace with a springboard spinning kick to Sabin and follows with a cover for a two count.

Ace crawls to the corner and uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Sabin goes for the cradle shock again but Ace slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Sabin with a huge springboard tornado DDT and covers for a two count. Sabin climbs to the top ropes but Ace catches him with a forearm. Ace and Sabin exchange strikes. Ace falls off the top and Fulton distracts Sabin. Sabin tosses Ace out of the ring onto Fulton. Sabin with a kick to Ace on the outside. Sabin tosses Ace into the ring. Ace distracts the referee again and this time it works. Fulton distracts Sabin. Ace hits the fold and follows with the cover for a three count.

Winner: Ace Austin

My thoughts: This wasn’t bad. I’m not Ace’s biggest fan but I can see why he won but the distractions were unnecessary and I’m not sure that this was the best main event they could put together following their biggest event of the year, but I don’t own Impact so there you go. 

My thoughts overall: Following the excitement of Bound For Glory, overall I thought the show was average and I felt a little bit deflated after watching it. There are a few things that didn’t seem to make sense (the no contest being one). Not only that but I also thought it was very interview and promo heavy and focused less on the matches, some of which just felt a bit rushed.

But again that’s just my opinion, why not let us know what you thought of Impact this week down in the comments below? And please join me again for another instalment of a Wheely Good Impact review!