Kyles Wheely Good Impact Review October 20th 2022

Kyles Wheely Good Impact Review October 20th 2022

We’re two weeks out from Bound For Glory and that means it is time to start getting ready for whatever the next monthly PPV. It looks like Frankie Kazarian is going to cash in his X-Division Title for a World Title shot against Josh Alexander. That is likely going to mean some competition for the vacant title and it might start tonight. I guess we will have to wait and see, now let’s roll on with this review shall we?

 We get the usual recap on what went down on IMPACT last week, where we saw Bully Ray call out Josh Alexander as well as the return of Rhino and Kazarian exercising option C.

 Before the show starts, Bullet Club have come to see Ace Austin but find him out cold in the parking lot. Tommy Dreamer is here but denies everything…

Tommy Dreamer/Bully Ray vs. Bullet Club

It’s Chris Bey/Juice Robinson here, with Robinson putting on his wrist tape on the way to the ring (as he is replacing Ace Austin). Dreamer sends Bey to the apron to start but it’s quickly off to Robinson to stomp Ray down in the corner. Some rapid-fire chops in the corner have Robinson in trouble of his own but he comes back with the snap jabs to Dreamer.

Bey comes back in and tries the Art of Finesse but gets reversed into a cutter. The hot tag brings in Ray, Robinson plants Ray with a spinebuster but Ray hits the Bully Bomb to give his team the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer & Bully Ray

My thoughts: Here we go again with the ECW legends winning (of course they do). I have no idea why wrestling promotions do this sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that they want a feel good moment but in my eyes, you should put over your own stars that are there every single week, not just a flash in the pan sort of thing. I’m not quite sure whether I like this Bully push. If you need to do something like this, put Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice out there instead of, you know, Bullet Club for goodness sake.

We now see Heath and Rhino, who say they are ready to win the Tag Team Titles.

In the back, Tommy Dreamer wants to know that Bully Ray did not lay out Ace Austin. He says of course not, as he was a minute ahead of Dreamer, so how would he have had a chance?

Moose comes in and says Ray is once a scumbag and is always a scumbag. Dreamer wants Moose thrown out but Moose says if he attacked Austin, you would have known.

Mia Yim vs. Taylor Wilde

They trade armdrags to start things off here and try stereo dropkicks, leaving us with a standoff. Wilde pulls her into an armbar but Yim is back up with a basement dropkick to put Wilde in a good bit more trouble.

Yim getting two off a clothesline and getting frustrated at the kickout.

A bow and arrow has Wilde in more trouble but she manages to block Eat Defeat. Some rollups give Wilde two each and Yim is frustrated but she still can’t hit Eat Defeat. Back up and the Wilde Ride, a bridging German suplex is enough to give Wilde the win here.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Post-match Mickie James comes out to praise Wilde. The challenge is…. not on as VXT and Gisele Shaw come in for the beatdown. Jordynne Grace makes the real save.

My thoughts: Wilde is one of those people who has been around for a long time, or at least was around a long time ago, and that’s about it. She’s perfectly passable in the ring and seems to be the next person in line for Mickie James. On the other hand, you have Yim, who is on her way out of the promotion and is putting people over as she leaves, I suppose that’s the sort of thing you need to do in order to pay it forward when your contract is up, even though I don’t like it very much.

Jason Hoch vs. Joe Hendry

This match came as a result of Hendry taking Hoch’s Call Your Shot spot and almost his girlfriend to boot.

Before the match, Hendry thinks that all these fans believe in him and then shoulders Hoch down. A suplex drops Hoch again and the spinebuster gives Hendry the win.

Winner: Joe Hendry

My thoughts: I just don’t see the point of squash matches whatsoever; I understand why they exist when you have a powerhouse wrestler against someone that is smaller, because you want to show their dominance in a better way. In this case it wasn’t really needed after all and it just didn’t make sense here. I would have appreciated it a lot more if they were able to show how skilled Joe Hendry is in the ring, it would have been a lot more entertaining that way.

Scott D’Amore comes out to accept the X-Division Title from Frankie Kazarian in exchange for a World Title shot. Kazarian comes out and hands over the title, with D’Amore saying there is no turning back. There will be an eight-man title tournament starting, with the finals taking place at Overdrive. Kazarian talks about winning his first X-Division Title back in 2004 and how important it was to him.

Since then, he has gotten married and had a son, but he still feels unfulfilled. He has looked at the names of former champions and while there are legends, there are people he is better than and that isn’t ok. The title cash-in is official so here is Steve Maclin to jump him from behind. Cue Josh Alexander for the save though, and the good guys stand tall. Kazarian vs. Alexander is cool, but it makes me wonder why they couldn’t have cut Ray out and done the same story with Kazarian, minus the X-Division Title.

Eddie Edwards arrives and Honor No More wants to know his decision. He tells them, and his wife Alisha, that they’ll find out what he’s doing.

Frankie Kazarian isn’t happy with Josh Alexander for saving him. If he needed a partner, they would be here. For now, though, don’t trust Bully Ray.

Eric Young vs. Rich Swann

Deaner is with Eric Young, Swann tries to jumps him to start but gets dropped with the wheelbarrow neck breaker. Young takes it to the mat and grabs a chin lock but Swann is back up with a kick to the head.

The piledriver is blocked and Swann grabs a handspring cutter. A Deaner distraction looks to set up the piledriver but Swann reverses into a rollup for the pin.

Winner: Rich Swann

Post-match one of the yellow hooded guys runs in to help with the Swann beatdown but Sami Callihan pops in for the save.

My thoughts: This match was way too short to mean anything but it’s a good sign that Young and company could be heading down the same road as Honor No More if this continues. It’s a bit sad and annoying but at least they’re losing more often these days. Swann is someone who feels like he could move up the rankings again, but we could be waiting a while before that actually happens.

Here are the brackets for the X-Division Title tournament:

Tag Team Titles: Honor No More vs. Heath/Rhino

Rhino runs Bennett over to start and hits a clothesline to the floor. Heath comes in and pounds on Bennett in the corner and a double elbow drops him again. It’s off to Taven to knock Rhino into the corner to take over, and the alternating stomping begins. The champs do the fake tag thing to stomp on Rhino’s knee, with a big shot getting two.

Rhino still in trouble and Taven grabbing a Russian legsweep. Rhino fights out of trouble and brings Heath back in to start the comeback. Bennett’s discus elbow gets two on Heath and everyone is down for a bit. Cue the rest of Honor No More (minus Eddie Edwards), allowing Maria to throw powder…. into Bennett’s face by mistake. The Wake-Up Call drops Bennett and Rhino Gores Maria by mistake, setting up another Wake-Up Call to finish Taven for the pin

Post-match here is Eddie Edwards, with the fans telling him that he got beat. Alisha has given him an ultimatum to either stay with Honor No More or save their marriage. The question is whether Honor No More is worth saving, because he sees failure after failure. Eddie asks if the team is loyal to the cause, focusing on PCO.

Edwards: “PCO IS NOTHING BUT A B****!” That’s too far for PCO, who wrecks everyone, including Vincent and Edwards, to end the show.

My thoughts. As most of Honor No More have already shown up in AEW, there was little to no drama here which is what I expected. It was more to find out who the next challengers would be for the tag titles, not only that, this also worked well for a feel good moment. Heath and Rhino have gone from a comedy team in WWE to a pretty legitimate team and it’s nice to see.

Well, there you have it everybody, that is another week of Impact done, dusted, and in the rear-view mirror. I have to say the show was just okay for me, as there were a couple of things that I didn’t really like but will just have to wait and see how things play out I guess.

I suppose they have to start a new build-up for new feuds and rivalries for the next PPV, but I’m sorry to say I was slightly disappointed with this one. My overall estimate is that the show itself was just average.

But thats just my thoughts, why not let us know on all our social media accounts what you thought of Impact this past week, and I will see you all next time.