Kyle’s wheely Good Impact Review January 6th 2022

Kyle is back to run you through the event's of this weeks Impact!

Kyle’s wheely Good Impact Review January 6th 2022

What’s up guys, it's Kyle back again with another Impact review, as many of you may be aware, it has been two weeks since Impact was officially on air.

As they have had a two week break, We get a recap of the contract signing from the last regular episode of Impact, which is appreciated as they have been away.

With that being said, lets get in to this and we are three days away from the Hard To Kill PPV.

Tasha Steelz W/ Savannah Evans, Lady Frost & Chelsea Green vs. Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering & Rosemary

This seemed to be a preview of what these women will bring this Saturday to their historic Ultimate X match.

Ellering and Steelz kick this one off, Ellering drops Tasha with a trip and locks in a headlock. Steelz tries to do the same but Ellering sees it coming and tosses Steelz into her own corner where she opts to tag in Lady Frost.

Frost gets a good reaction from the crowd and does some taunting but Ellering drops her with a shoulder block, Frost reacts with a kip up but Ellering takes control yet again.

Frost and Ellering stare each other down, Ellering looks to tag in Chelsea but Tasha tags herself in, then Rosemary tags in and Tasha regrets her decision immediately.

Rosemary hits a sliding clothesline, both women then get to their feet and they exchange chops before Rosemary sends Tasha into the corner.

Tasha fights out, but eats a forearm from Rosemary in the corner and Rosemary locks in her patented leg lock with the rope assist before the referee forces a break. Rosemary is outside the ring and she eats a big boot from Savannah Evans.

They then get back in the ring and both women exchange strikes before Tasha drops Rosemary with a kick, Rosemary sits up and forces Tasha into the corner and tags in Ellering. Ellering takes control and teases the senton but Tasha has it scouted, Ellering comes back and kicks Tasha before hitting her with a senton.

Lady Frost tags in and charges at Ellering in the corner who drops her before tagging in Jordynne Grace. We get some double team action before Jordynne forces Frost into the corner and tags Ellering back in.

Ellering hits a forearm sending Frost into the corner. Chelsea reluctantly tags in and this match breaks down. Chelsea with a pump kick drops Rosemary, Chelsea dives to the outside taking out all of the women outside.

Lady Frost goes to the top and she takes everyone out with a moonsault, Frost tosses Ellering into the ring and Chelsea goes for a curb stomp but Ellering moves, Chelsea hits the curb stomp for the Win.

Winner: Tasha Steelz W/ Savannah Evans, Lady Frost & Chelsea Green 

My thoughts: This was a great women’s opener that does have me fully invested in the Women’s Ultimate X. I’m pulling for Chelsea Green because I think Matt Cardona will win the triple threat at Hard To Kill.

We now get a highlight package for the triple threat main event, I'm surprised they didn’t use parts of this on social media to create more buzz.

After the package, Moose cuts a promo on Cardona and Morrisey. He mentions that the two men he’s facing at Hard To Kill are dangerous because of the things he’s done to screw them over.

He says any other world champion would complain about how the deck is stacked against them and anything can happen, but he’s looking forward to it, because on the day of Hard to Kill he proves he’s the more dangerous man in the locker room.

Moose holds up the championship and promises to prove he’s The Wrestling God, Moose.


Jonah vs. Jake Something

I have to admit agree with Striker this would be an upset win for Jake Something but we all know that will not happen, but I do hope he gets some decent offense in this one.

Early tie up and Jonah tells Jake ‘THIS IS MY RING!' Striker’s voice keeps changing in this one like a teenage boy’s voice breaking for the first time.

Jake looks for a shoulder block and these two beefy dudes smash into each other with neither budging. Jonah slaps Jake and sends him into the ropes. Jake with a third shoulder block and he drops Jonah, Jonah is stunned as we go to break and Jake snuffs him with a right hand.

Jonah hits a clothesline on a seated Jake, Jonah goes for a waist lock and looks for a backdrop but Jake stays on his feet.

Jake gets Jonah into the corner and spears him, Jonah is out of the corner and Jake drops him with a body press sending him to the outside. Jake dives to the outside on Jonah and hits his face right off the ramp, one word... ouch!

Back in the ring Jake hits a forearm on Jonah and bounces off the ropes but Jonah with a huge lariat and follows it with a jumping senton. Jonah to the top and hits a huge splash on Jake and covers for the win

Winner: Jonah

Post match: Josh is now on the way to the ring and a brawl starts with Jonah. Two puny security guards come out and get dropped.

We get another six guards, finally enough to separate them. Josh breaks free and catches Jonah in the corner. Jonah takes control and drops Josh with a senton.

My thoughts: This was pretty simply and a majority of it was in the commercials but it was a solid singles match. I asked for Jake to look good and he certainly did, but i’ll contradict myself and say Jake shouldn’t have been dropping Jonah even on the third press/splash, I’d have saved those for Josh Alexander. 

They recap the Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo feud with a decent little video package.


Masha Slamovich vs. Sandra Moone

I’m not familiar with Masha outside of a few twitter clips. I’ve seen Sandra a few times though. The crowd is big behind Sandra. Masha tosses Sandra with a gut wrench and hits a northern lights bomb for the impressive quick victory.

My thoughts: If Masha’s supposed to be a heel then this is great, but booking her against a well-known fan favourite from the local scene doesn’t work if that’s not the case. Sandra was way over with the locals because she’s from there. Masha was cool but this didn’t show me enough to fully judge.

Steve Maclin cuts a promo on Trey Miguel and says Gail made a mistake, Gail overhears this and says if Maclin doesn’t win he can never challenge for X-Division championship as long as Trey is champion. Looks like Maclin made a mistake tonight talking smack about Miss Gail.

Chelsea Green and Matt Cardona sit with Gia and discuss their upcoming matches as well as what’s happened the last few weeks with Matt and Chelsea. Chelsea says she’s worried about what the chair shot will do to Matt’s head as he goes into the championship match at Hard to Kill. Cardona says he blames Moose for trying to get in his head and he’ll do anything to keep the championship but Cardona will do anything to win it. Chelsea says Moose did this because he knows Matt could become champion, she says she’s sick of people calling Matt the underdog. Chelsea says you might be looking at the next Impact power couple but you’re definitely looking at the next Impact World Champion.


Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mercedes Martinez

Mickie James is here to do commentary during this one. Deonna attacks Martinez before the bell rings and the referee tries to separate her from Martinez but she jumps back on the attack moments later.

Mickie discusses how Deonna is unraveling since losing the women’s championship. Deonna shoves her knee into the back of Martinez and locks in a submission but Mercedes fights out only to get dropped by Deonna right after. Deonna steps on the back of Mercedes' skull. Deonna with a snap mare and bounces off the ropes and kicks Mercedes in the face. Deonna tosses Mercedes into the ropes but bounces right out with a pair of clotheslines and follows those up with a saito suplex.

Martinez with the submission but Rehwoldt distracts the ref and then subsequently Mercedes. Deonna regains the offensive, focusing her attack on Mercedes arm/elbow. Deonna covers but Martinez gets the rope at one. Deonna slams Mercedes into the corner shoulder first. Deonna locks in a sleeper hold and Martinez begins to fade. The crowd wills Mercedes back to her feet but Purrazzo wrenches in her sleeper hold. Mercedes backs her into the turnbuckle and breaks free. Mercedes hits a spinebuster and covers Deonna for a two count. Mercedes catches Deonna in the corner and forearms away before lifting her to the top looking for a suplex.

Deonna fights free and shoves Martinez to the ring mat and follows with an elbow to Martinez's forearm. Both women on the apron and Martinez with a running clothesline takes Deonna down on the apron.

they’re exchanging strikes, Mercedes with a STIFF chop that drops Deonna. So bad, Mickie forgot she hated her for a second. Mercedes with a suplex and covers for a two count! This match is pretty awesome. Mercedes with some knee strikes while holding wrist control on both of Deonna’s wrists. Mercedes lifts her onto her shoulders Deonna tries to roll her up but Mercedes rolls through and hits her with a running knee.

Mercedes lifts Deonna up on her shoulders and drops her but Deonna rolls through into an armbar. Mercedes tries to roll to the ropes but Deonna gets both arms and forces the submission.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Post match: Mickie enters the ring and we get a stare down because they can’t touch each other.

My Thoughts: This was an awesome Impact match. The women got a lot of time to shine here, it’s tough that Impact didn’t get Mercedes with a permenant contract because she looked good here, this felt like the end of a fight where one dominates and loses to a submission at the last second. Good stuff but Deonna could look a bit stronger/heelish going in Hard to Kill. I have a feeling they could steal the show on Saturday. 

The IInspiration are here with Jai with an I for ‘All about Ii'. They remind us about their success since joining Impact and make fun of The Influence. The Influence come in and interrupt their show. Kaleb takes over his spot back on the couch. Madison asks what kind of talk show this is and asks where their guest is. Kaleb says drink it in and Jai says he’s not even thirsty. This breaks down and everyone starts yelling at each other. The Iinspiration tell Jai with an I 'lets go!' Tenille says that’s all we have on today’s all about me. This was a mess but in a good way, I liked it. Not sure i’m excited for their match at Hard to Kill, but it could surprise me.

Backstage and medics are checking on Josh Alexander who is severely injured following tonight’s attack from Jonah.


Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Johnny Swinger & Hernandez

Fulton and Austin attack before the bell and someone in the crowd calls it 'ham and egger shit right there!' and I agree. The bell rings and Austin and Swinger start this match. Fulton tags in, and drops Swinger with a snake eyes on the knees of Austin and drops him with a big boot. Fulton gets Swinger in the corner and tags in Ace who hits Swinger with an elbow followed by a suplex out of the corner. Ace sends Swinger back into the corner and tags in Fulton. Fulton lifts Swinger up for a choke and Swinger sells it like a beast.

Swinger fakes out Fulton and tags in Hernandez who runs through Fulton and Ace. Hernandez looks for a suplex on Ace but Fulton saves him, Fulton goes to suplex Hernandez but he reverses and goes for one of his own but Ace with the save this time. Hernandez suplexes BOTH men at the same time. He gets both men in opposite corners and goes for alternating splashes but Ace reverses out. Fulton with a slam on Hernandez and Ace with a splash off the back of Fulton. Ace drops Swinger off the apron as Fulton covers for the victory.

Post match: Fulton grabs a chair as Ace continues his assault. Swinger walks away and leaves his guy Hernandez high and dry. Fulton and Ace put Hernandez arm in a steel chair and Ace smashes onto it with another chair injuring the arm of Hernandez.

My thoughts: This was a Decent singles match, I don’t know how old Hernandez is but I freakin love this dude. Fulton is really cool to watch, this was a decent little enhancement match for Fulton and Ace to look good in. 

Morrisey is backstage with Gia and says last year when he came to Impact he was alone, he had no friends, fans or supporters in this industry. He said when you’re at the top everyone wants to support you and be on your side, but when he hit rock bottom, he did it alone. Morrisey says he never needed anyone because the second he ended his alliance with Moose he had a title match lined up. He says now that he’s back on top some fans want to hop on the bandwagon and throw up the dub. He says he doesn’t need fair weather fans, any friends and he sure as hell did not need Moose. Morrisey says this Saturday he will be ALONE. He says when he becomes Impact world champion he’ll be alone, just how he likes it.

Karl Anderson vs. Heath

Both teams outside the ring are ready to beat the crap out of each other. We get a bunch more refs out here to keep this calm. The head ref throws EVERYONE OUT. Shout out to Brian Hebner.

Heath is laying into Karl Anderson, the winner of this match will get an advantage for their team at Hard to Kill. Heath catches Karl in the corner and goes for the 10 punches and gets all ten of them laid into Karl before sending him into the other corner for a diving forearm. Karl is on the outside and Heath follows but gets slammed into the ring steps for his effort. Karl sends Heath shoulder first into the corner post. Karl sends Heath back into the ring and stomps away at Heaths arm. Anderson continues to work over Heaths arm and says ‘HEATH SUCKS’.

Karl lifts Heath up and throws him into the corner as hard as he can. Karl with the submission and Heath fights to his feet but Karl slams him back to the mat. Karl slaps at Heath but he gets to his feet and gets a couple of right hands in on Karl before Karl regains the advantage. Karl continues to work over the right arm of Heath. Karl sends Heath into the ropes and looks for a backbody drop but Heath reverses it. Both men down and back to their feet but Heath takes control with strikes and an atomic drop. Karl gets the referee in between him and Heath to separate them and then slams Heath shoulder first into the mat. Karl talks with the ref and Heath goes for a roll up. Karl hits the gun stun out of nowhere and covers Heath for the victory

Post match: We get a go home show brawl! One of my least favorite wrestling things is an end of show brawl before a ppv because it’s just overdone, BUT this does make a bit of sense, so while I don’t love it, I won’t rip it apart. Neither team takes the advantage because for some reason they decided to come out in random odd groups but finally everyone gets out here and we just get a split brawl between both sides as Striker runs down the card for Hard to Kill while we watch the brawl. I wonder who will replace him next week.

My thoughts: Not a bad main event but the first four minutes or so were commercial so it just felt like a short main event. Karl is great and Heath is ok so it was a decent main event for the go home show.

All in all, this wasn’t a bad show after a two week break, it was nice to see the recaps in order to get hyped up for the hard to kill ppv.

What do you all think to the show this week? Why don’t you let us know down in the comments below!