Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review December 9th 2021

Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review December 9th 2021

What’s up guys! It's Kyle back again with another Impact review for you all.

As usual, Impact opens with a recap from last week’s show highlighting the upcoming Impact World Championship triple threat.

Chris Sabin & Mickie James vs. Matthew Rehwoldt & Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna and Mickie start things off but Rehwoldt seems eager to take care of Mickie for Deonna so he tags in.

Rehwoldt takes control early but Mickie slaps him up sideways before tagging in Sabin, there’s  a double team kick to Rehwoldt before Sabin covers for a one count.

Sabin gets Rehwoldt in the corner and hits him with a running elbow before locking in a submission. Rehwoldt fights out sending Sabin into the ropes and hits him with a forearm to the back. Sabin holds on the middle rope and Rehwoldt pulls his foot out from underneath him.

Rehwoldt goes for a cover with a forearm to the face for a two count. Rehwoldt tags in Purrazzo and she lays into Sabin with strikes into the ropes before using the middle rope to choke Sabin. Purrazzo hits a short clothesline and drops Mickie from the apron before covering Sabin but Mickie breaks it up at two.

The ref forces Mickie out of the ring and Deonna tag Rehwoldt in,  Rehwoldt with a vertical suplex to Sabin and covers for two. Rehwoldt continues on Sabin with a knee to the back and a headlock.

Sabin fights out and tries to make a tag but Rehwoldt prevents it with a powerbomb to Sabin and covers for two. Rehwoldt makes his way to the top rope and jumps right into a dropkick from Sabin and both crawl to their partners and both make a tag. Mickie and Deonna exchange strike with neither taking control until Deonna strikes Mickie with a forearm and sends her into the ropes but Mickie fights back with a series of strikes of her own.

Mickie looks for a DDT but Rehwoldt distracts her. Sabin dropkicks Rehwoldt. Deonna distracts Sabin but Sabin dives to the outside on Rehwoldt. Deonna follows Sabin and spears him from the apron. Mickie goes for a dive to the outside on Deonna and Sabin. Mickie tosses Deonna into the ring but Rehwoldt with another distraction. Deonna catches Mickie on the top rope but Mickie fights out and hits Deonna with the Thesz press from the top. Deonna rolls through and covers Mickie, Rehwoldt grabs Deonna’s hand to give her leverage and they steal the victory with the pinfall over Mickie.

Winner: Matthew Rehwoldt & Deonna Purrazzo

My thoughts: This was a pretty good opener, with the way things have been going between Mickie and Deonna this finish was to be expected. This was just a regular impact intergender tag, not bad but pretty run of the mill for them at this point. 

Cardona is backstage with Gia and runs down his history in Impact and promises to become Champion. Morrisey says typical Mid-Cardona and runs Cardona down. He says he takes what he wants and he deserves a 1 on 1 match with Moose. Morrisey tells Cardona there’s a lot of time between now and Hard to Kill and it’d be a shame if he doesn’t make it. Cardona says enough with the veiled threats lets wrestle tonight and if he loses he’ll step out of the match. Cool Cardona’s going to get his win back from Turning Point. Good ol’ 50/50 booking.

We recap Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeating VBD last week and Rhino making the save with Heath leading to tonight’s match with Eric Young.

Eric Young cuts a promo on Rhino and says tonight he’s going to get Rhino in a street fight. Eric says it’s not wise because he’s younger, smarter, and faster than Rhino. Eric says the design will continue to be beautiful even if it has to change. Eric says if Rhino plans on having Willie, Rich and Heath get involved then Joe Doring has a design for that.

Rohit Raju vs. Lawrence D.

Raju runs at Lawrence but Lawrence puts his finger up and says he’s a lover not a fighter and sprays himself with cologne. Raju takes control with some strikes but is quickly dropped with a shoulder block from Lawrence. Lawrence catches Raju in the corner and hits him with a running uppercut. Lawrence with a running splash on Raju in the centre of the ring and covers for a two count. Raju to his feet and fights back with a series of kicks dropping Lawrence with a kick to the head. Josh Alexander has arrived mid match and Raju is as confused as I am. Josh Alexander hits the ring and drops Raj Singh. Josh tells Rohit to leave but he won’t so Josh drops him with a powerbomb to the knee making this match end via DQ.

My thoughts: This match was completely pointless and made no sense, I can see it they want to build a feud between Josh and Jonah but it could have been done in a better way.

After the attack, Josh Alexander grabs a mic and demands Jonah come to the ring.

Scott D’Amore comes out and tells Josh to calm down as we return from break, Scott gets it but Jonah isn’t coming out here. Does Scott ever take that silly headset off his neck sheesh. Scott says Jonah isn’t even here because he knew this might happen.

Scott says he’ll get his hands on Jonah 1 on 1 at Hard to Kill, Josh asks if he’s expected to wait when he’s standing in the ring right now. Josh says the longer he has to wait on getting to Jonah the longer he has to wait to get his hands on Moose.

Josh says Scott’s starting to test his patience. Scott says he’s not testing his patience he’s trying to teach him some. Scott goes off saying that he’s trying to help Josh become a champion but he’s losing control. Scott tells him to get his emotions in check. Josh rolls out of the ring and hits the C4 strike on a stagehand. Josh tells Scott this is him keeping his emotions in check before walking off. Can’t blame Josh for being annoyed, dude should’ve gotten a title shot weeks ago.

Chris Bey is walking backstage with Hikuleo and they’re asked to sign some stuff and Bey get’s heated about being asked to sign something from an event they lost. He gets angry with the backstage guy and Laredo Kid comes up yelling at them in Spanish. Bey asks what he said and the backstage guy says he can’t repeat that on TV. Well at least we’re going to get Bey vs. Laredo Kid that should be sick.

Steve Maclin is backstage and says he wants an X-Division title match, D’Amore agrees he hasn’t been beat but he also hasn’t beat anyone so he’ll have to get to the back of the line. Maclin walks up and the women from The Decay ask about the Ultimate X match, D’Amore says he delegated so they’ll have to ask someone else but doesn’t explain who that is exactly.

The Learning Tree (VSK & Zicky Dice) vs. FINJUICE

Juice drops Zicky with a kick to the stomach and Zicky calls for a break. Some string comes out of Zicky’s mouth and we get a strange spot before VSK makes the blind tag. Zicky tries to make the cover but he’s not the legal man and VSK berates him before covering for two. The ref is distracted with Finlay and The Learning Tree jump him momentarily.

Zicky Dice tags in and goes to slam Juice into the boot of VSK but Juice reverses and sends Zicky into the boot instead. Zicky struggles to even make a tag but we get one. Zicky and VSK look for a double back drop but Juice reverses out and tags Finlay in. Finlay drops both men setting them up in opposite corners before hitting running European uppercuts onto both of them. Finlay tags in Juice and we get a double flap jack. Juice covers for a two and Zicky tries to break it up but Juice moves and Zicky falls onto VSK instead. VSK fights back but Finjuice regain control and we get the backbreaker elbow drop combination. Juice covers VSK for the victory.

Winner: Finjuice

My Thoughts: This match was alright I guess; I don’t like the idea that Zicky and VSK are too stupid to understand regular wrestling stuff like making tags. Especially when Striker then praises Zicky making smart choices on the outside the ring, it just seems a bit contradictory. Now I get the story they’re trying to tell but stay consistent..

Morrisey is backstage working out and Moose walks up. Moose tells Morrisey he’s not mad, but he has a problem. Neither of them wants the match at Hard to Kill to be a triple threat and Cardona doesn’t deserve to even be in the match so why not work together one last time and take out Cardona. Morrisey tells Moose he can handle it himself and he’ll see him at Hard to Kill.

Eric Young is getting ready for his match with Rhino and tells VBD to stay in the back as he’s here to take care of things himself.

Eric Young vs. Rhino
Street Fight

Eric Young kicks off the match running from Rhino but Rhino catches him and sends him to the outside with a clothesline.

Rhino drops Eric on the ring apron and starts sending in weapons to the ring, Rhino strikes Eric with the trashcan before setting it in the corner. Rhino goes for a Gore and runs right into the trashcan in the corner. Eric hammers away on Rhino with the top of the trashcan lid before using the chair on Rhino. Eric sets the chair on Rhinos chest and looks for the elbow but Rhino breaks it up and hits a superplex on Eric instead. Rhino goes for  a series of clotheslines to Eric before looking for a backbody drop but Eric catches him with a kick to the face. Violent by Design run to the ring to help but Heath follows and starts attacking them. Eric goes for the mask shot to the head of Rhino and covers for a two count. Eric looks for the piledriver but Rhino fights out, Rich Swann and Willie Mack are now on their way to the ring and drop Eric. They set Eric up for a powerbomb but the Good Brothers make their way to the ring and make the save and attack Swann and Mack. Eric hits a piledriver on Rhino and covers for the victory.

Winner: Eric Young

Post match: The Good Brothers continue their assault on Mack and Swann as all of the heels stand tall over the fallen faces.

My thoughts: Not a bad hardcore match but I really do feel like this feud has reached it’s end. I understand Rhino and Eric Young have had issues in Impact in its past iterations, so maybe that’s why this feels like its being drawn out unnecessary. Not sure why the Good Brothers made the save but as Hard to Kill approaches i’m sure it’ll make more sense at least I Hope so anyway. 

Gia is backstage and interviews the Iinspiration and the Influence and asks if they’re some sort of super group. They talk over each other for a moment before Madison explains their plans to work together.

The Iinspiration & The Influence vs. The Decay

Madison and Black Taurus start and everyone jumps off the apron and avoids Taurus, they tell Kaleb with a K to get in and take care of it for them but The Decay teases a dive to the outside as we go to break. Back from break and Rosemary sends Madison into the corner but Kaleb and Tenille cause the distraction letting Madison tag in Cassie Lee. Cassie tags in Jessie and they hit Rosemary with a series of double team strikes before doing their pose. Rosemary sits up midpose and backs them both up into her corner.

Decay bites all of them. I hope they don’t turn into zombies. Havok tags in and hits a clothesline and pinfall attempt on Jessie. Cassie takes Jessie’s hand and forces her to tag Madison. Steve is in with Madison and Madison tells him to tag someone else in before locking him in a sleeperhold. Steve spins in circles to get her off and hits her with a ripcord head bite. Taurus tags in and Tenille tries to run but Black Taurus pulls her back in.

Tenille slaps him but Taurus picks her up and tosses her to the outside onto Kaleb. Everyone but Kaleb moved and Madison and The Iinspiration argue over it.

Havok tosses Tenille back into the ring and she runs into Rosemary. Rosemary picks her up into a firemans carry but Tenille with a roll up. Rosemary kicks out and follows it with a spear on Tenille. Rosemary covers Tenille for the victory as the rest of her team continue arguing outside.

Winners: The Decay

My thoughts: Meh. It wasn’t bad but I could’ve done without this being an intergender match, I have no qualms with those match types but I do feel they’re done a bit too much in Impact and can at times feel weird. Like The heels hitting Taurus but he’s clearly a much scarier guy but alas. Regardless his was ok but The Iinspiration and Influence infighting was fine. Could’ve built that up a few weeks at least I thought. 

Morrisey vs. Matt Cardona

Morrisey goes for Cardona on the ramp as he’s making his entrance and both start fighting on the outside before the bell rings. Morrisey gains control and strikes away at Cardona before tossing him into the ring post. Morrisey tosses Cardona into the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Cardona with a codebreaker to start the match and Cardona nearly wins in the opening seconds. Morrisey to his feet in the corner and eats a series of forearms from Cardona before exploding out of the corner and dropping Cardona with a back elbow. Morrisey gets Cardona in the ropes and slams away at his back with forearms before dropping him with a big boot that sends Cardona to the outside.

Now Morrisey is stomping away at Cardona. Cardona fights back with double knees and elevating himself to the top rope but Morrisey drops Cardona to the outside from the top with a clothesline. Morrisey to the outside and lifts Cardona up and slams him face first into the ring post. The deathmatch king is busted open from the post shot and Morrisey pulls his face right into the ring post forcing him to bleed even more. Morrisey continues his assault with strikes on the outside before wiping Cardona’s blood on his lip. Bad idea as Morrisey has to spit the taste out of his mouth minutes later ha.

Morrisey tosses Cardona back into the ring and slowly stalks his opponent. Cardona up in the corner and Morrisey charges with a splash but Cardona moves and Morrisey hits his head off the ring post. Both men to their feet slow and exchange strikes in the center of the ring. Cardona takes control and ducks a clothesline before dropping Morrisey with a bulldog.

Cardona to the top and drops Morrisey with a top rope drop kick. Cardona with the broski boot in the corner and covers Morrisey for a two count. Morrisey kicks out at the last second. Cardona gets to his feet but falls due to lack of stamina. Morrisey goes for the powerbomb but Cardona reverses it and hits Morrisey with the radio silence. Cardona covers and Morrisey again kicks out at the last second. Both men slow to their feet again but Cardona runs into a big boot from Morrisey. Morrisey has Cardona in the corner and stomps away at him before screaming at the ref for trying to break it at five. Morrisey continues with rights on Cardona in the corner and the ref tries to pull him off again and Morrisey tosses the referee off of him forcing a DQ. Sheesh.

Post match: Morrisey drops the ref with a big boot. As you should king. Morrisey lifts Cardona up and drops him with a powerbomb and Chelsea Green hits the ring to check on her man. Moose comes to the ring and tells Morrisey to pick Cardona up, Morrisey tells him not to tell him what to do. Moose gets in Morrisey’s face and he drops Moose with a big boot. Morrisey tells Chelsea to get out of the way and she refuses. Morrisey tosses her across the ring and Cardona fires up and beats down Morrisey. Cardona with a boot to Morrisey’s face sending him to the outside and Cardona stands tall with the Impact championship.

My thoughts: This was a really great main event with a stupid finish. I’m not sure how Cardona being beat down but winning via DQ protects him. I’d love to see Morrisey as champion, but Cardona really doesn’t make sense from a competitive standpoint and it’s annoying with have Morrisey with this out of control gimmick when that’s the whole reason Josh can’t chase the title. 

Overall this was a really good show but there a few things that didn’t really make sense to me. Like the DQ between Rohit Raju and Lawrence D. I know the want a new story for josh Alexander but he should be in the triple threat for the title not Cardona.

I hope you enjoyed this review and will join me for the next one thanks for reading see you next week