Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review December 2 2021

Kyle is back with another Wheely good review of Impact!!!

Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review December 2 2021

What's up guys, it's Kyle here for another weekly Impact review, I apologize for my absence for the past couple of weeks.

With that being said let’s roll on with this review shall we…..

As usual, we get our regular recap on what has happened in the ImpactZone over the past two weeks with Moose, Eddie Edwards and W. Morrisey, not to mention Matt Cardona throwing his hat in the ring.

Impact opens with Matt Cardona on his way to the ring, he looks as if he has something to say.

He discusses losing to W. Morrisey at Turning Point before turning his attention to Moose. Moose’s theme hits and now the Impact champion makes his way to the ring to confront Cardona.

Moose tells Cardona he’s accomplished so much in his eighteen-year career, everyone knows who he is.

He mentions Cardona’s action figures, his beautiful wife, and his deathmatch king nickname. He tells him that’s all great but don’t “overshoot it”, truthfully, he’s just not that guy.  Stating that he will never be a top guy in this business. Moose asks Cardona if he really wants to step into this ring, with him?

Moose tells him it will last as long as his Intercontinental championship run. He calls Cardona a midcarder and says he should change his name to Mid Cardona. Cardona then slaps the mic out of Moose’s hand and starts hammering away at the champion, Cardona then proceeds to hit two Broski boots on to Moose in the corner before W. Morrisey hits the ring to break up this fist fight, but Cardona has a Broski boot for the big man as well.

The numbers get to Cardona and Moose drops him before both men lay the boots to Matt Cardona. Morrisey lifts Cardona up but Eddie Edwards hits the ring to make the save. Cardona grabs the Impact title and holds it over his head as Moose and Morrisey head to the backstage.

We get a video from Eric Young and VBD and they have a message for Rhino, they told him he’d learn the hard way and at Turning Point they showed him. Young says they’re coming for the Tag Team Championships and Willie and Rich are just the start of that. He says this is a warning to Impact, there is a design and it will be violent.

Cardona is backstage with Scott D’Amore and he makes a Teddy Long special aka a TAG Match. Cardona says he wants a title match and D’Amore says make me proud and maybe you’ll get a shot, Cardona says okay and walks away. Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace walk up and say they heard about the womens Ultimate X match and they want in. D’Amore considers but Sasha Steelz and Savannah Evans come and offer their input. D’Amore says we have time tonight and he books Savannah and Rachael in a rematch from a match we saw a few weeks ago.


Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Chris Sabin

We recap how this match came together and Deonna Purrazzo joins Striker & D-Lo on commentary. Chain wrestling to start and Rehwoldt taunts as he gains the upperhand momentarily. Sabin takes control with an armdrag that sends Rehwoldt into the corner and follows with another armdrag and controls the shoulder. Rehwoldt gets the ropes and forces the break with a cheap shot. Sabin with a forearm from the apron and climbs to the top for a crossbody on Rehwoldt in the center of the ring. Sabin teases a dive and lands on the apron but Rehwoldt drops him with a right hand.

Rehwoldt is now hammering on Sabin with stiff elbows to the back of the head. We get a nice long shot of Deonna on commentary, always appreciated. Rehwoldt hits Sabin with an elbow in the corner and follows with a neckbreaker out of the corner.

Rehwoldt with a bodyslam and hits a pendulum elbow on Sabin as he takes a look at Purrazzo on commentary. Rehwoldt with a headlock but the crowd wills on Sabin to fight out with a jawbreaker.

Sabin sends Rehwoldt to the apron and hits a stunner after hanging Rehwoldt up on the top rope. Rehwoldt takes his time returning to the ring and rightfully so as he gets steamrolled by Sabin upon return. Sabin drops Rehwoldt with a kick right to the face and charges him with a big boot in the corner. Sabin tosses Rehwoldt out of the corner and drops him with a jumping DDT and covers for a two count. Sabin lifts Rehwoldt up for the cradleshock but Rehwoldt counters out with a rollup for two, Sabin with a roll up of his own. Both men get to their feet and a double clothesline drops them both.

They get to their feet and exchange strikes. Sabin gets on the top rope and Deonna leaves commentary to distract Sabin. Sabin turns around and eats a running knee from Rehwoldt. Rehwoldt hits the End Scene on Sabin for a two count. Mickey James runs down the ring and starts beating up Deonna Purrazzo. I have no idea why to be honest.

Rehwoldt gets back in the ring. Sabin dodges a clothesline and drops Rehwoldt with an enziguri and follows with a Cradleshock allowing him to pin Rehwoldt for the 3 count.

Winner: Chris Sabin


My Thoughts: This was an okay first match of the night, but typically Impacts openers are much more high action and exciting. The outside action was a bit distracting and I couldn’t understand why it happened in the first place, but I get it, they want to build Mickey vs. Deonna. Glad Sabin still won so overall not bad.


Scott D’Amore is backstage wtih Chelsea Green and says next week he’ll announce the six competitors for the Ultimate X match. Chelsea says he knows everyone wants to see Chelsea vs. Mickie. Alisha Edwards comes up and says she wants in the match. D’Amore repeats himself and says he’ll announce the competitors next week. Alisha says she better be in it. Jai Vidal walks up and Scott says he’s not letting him in the knockouts match. Jai says no. he wants a match at Hard to Kill because he’s 'Hard to Kill.' Scott says he likes Jai, but he only has one opportunity and he wont like it. Jai says he’ll take any opportunity. Scott says alright fine, and makes a match between Jai and Jonah. Well that was a lot, but i’m glad we’re getting another Jai Vidal match even if it’s just another enhancement spot, he’s an awesome talent out of Vegas and deserves the look for sure!


 Jonah vs. Jai Vidal

J-A-I chants early and Jai goes for a crossbody but Jonah just catches him and tosses him behind. Jonah drops Jai with his body. He lifts Jai up for a delayed vertical suplex before dropping him to the mat. Following this, he hits a running senton onto Jai before climbing to the top rope. Jonah with a GIANT splash and pins Jai for the win.

Winner: Jonah

My thoughts: it was good to see Jai and it’s great to see him get such a reaction from the hometown Vegas crowd. Jai is a great talent, even though it was a squash. It was great to see Jonah back in the ring as I haven’t seen him since he was released from WWE.

Post match: Jonah grabs a mic and says the whole wrestling world is talking about him. Ehh, maybe? He says he takes over everywhere he goes. He says there’s a reason he showed up in NJPW and that was to stand face to face with Moose. Moose is the Impact world champion, something he deserves to be. Jonah says before Moose, he has his sights set on Josh Alexander because they say he’s the best in the world. Jonah states to be the best, Josh has to go through the top dog before leaving the ring.

We get a recap of the triple threat X-Division championship match at Turning Point featuring Trey, Laredo Kid and Steve Maclin. Trey won by pinning both and despite Maclin kicking out Laredo was still pinned.

Trey Miguel meets with Gia who asks how he feels about his victory. Trey says he’s glad he retained the championship but he wanted to pin Maclin and his biggest challenge so far has been pinning or submitting him which he has still yet to do. Maclin appears and beats down Trey spearing him into a locker before throwing a tool box at his head that Trey narrowly dodged. Trey gets some shots in but one security guard shows up to break it up and he just sets Trey up to get beat down even more. Maclin chokes out Trey with an extension cord before the rest of security shows up to hold Maclin. They hold Maclin long enough for Trey to flip off something onto all of them, Well this was okay, but kind of silly how the security is just a bunch of useless goons.

Brian Meyers is practicing distanced learning with Zicky Dice and asks how they got his phone. Zicky says he stole the number from Cardona’s phone, Brian hangs up on him. VSK facetimes Meyers and says he’s not sure if Brian saw Turning Point, Zicky says VSK lost to Rich really bad. Brian says of course he saw it, he’s a student of the game. VSK promises to make good on everything and make things better. VSK says they’re going to face FinJuice and make everything better.

Moose is now backstage with Morrisey and says they have to stop Matt Cardona from getting the championship. Morrisey asks how stopping Cardona helps him, which is funny because he already helped stop Cardona once. Moose tells Morrisey if he stops Cardona then he will get a shot at the title. Morrisey says he doesn’t think Moose ever has any intention to give him a title shot so they’re done here. Moose says he’s a man of his word, he tells Morrisey to look in his eyes: help Moose, beat Cardona and he’ll get the first shot at the championship. Morrisey agrees before walking away. Poor Morrisey, so easily convinced.

Savannah Evans vs. Rachael Ellering

Some chain wrestling to start before Savannah immediately takes control with her strength. Evans lays into Ellering with chops before dropping her with a shoulder block.

Ellering ducks a big boot and hits Savannah with two shoulder blocks before dropping her with a third. Evans looks for a german suplex but Ellering goes for a back elbow. Savannah ducks and turns it into a northern lights suplex. Evans lifts Ellering up and tosses her into the corner and catches her with a shoulder. Evans hits a suplex and cover for a two count.

Ellering regains control and goes for a spinning legdrop but Evans catches her leg and takes control choking her opponent with her boot.

Evans lifts Ellering up and hammers at her back with forearms and a DDT, Evans with the cover but Ellering kicks out at two. Ellering gets to her feet and goes face to face with Evans. Both women exchange forearms and Ellering hammers away at Evans backing her into the corner. Ellering hits a rotating uppercut and drops Evans. She follows with a knee to the face. Ellering hits three sentons before covering Evans for a two count.

Ellering tries to lift Evans up for a fireman’s carry but she can’t get Evans up and nails her with a discus elbow. Finally she gets Evans on her shoulders but Tasha Steelz distracts her. Ellering drops Steelz and lifts Evans up for another fireman’s carry cutter. Ellering takes a second or two to position the pin and gets the victory.

Winner: Rachael Ellering

My thoughts: The finish was a bit scetchy as I think Ellering struggled to support Evans weight. None the less, this was a solid knockouts match and probably a much better match than their previous, and not only that, it was also more entertaining than the first time they wrestled. 

Kaleb is backstage with Madison, and Tenille is back! She asks what everyone has been up to. Madison tells her about Wrestle House and says these new girls from Australia have won the Impact Knockouts tag titles. Tenille says being Australian is her thing so she must meet these girls. All three walk off to find the Iinspiration.

Tenille walks upon the Iinspiration. They scoff and have a beautiful reunion between the three of them. Madison is not sure what’s going on but Kaleb jumps right in on the fun. Madison asks Kaleb if they know him too, he says no he’s just feeling the vibe. The Iinspiration asks who he is, he says he’s Kaleb with a K before they respond by saying they’re the Iinspiration with two i’s. All five of them walk off as this seems to be a stable made in heaven.


Violent By Design vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Doering and Swann start things off, exchanging strikes before Doering slams Swann into the corner. Deaner tags in but Swann regains control with a spinning back kick and tags in Willie. Willie and Swann send Doering into the corner and hit a double team on him before Swann eventually tags back in. Swann and Mack drop Deaner with a double back elbow and a legdrop splash combination. Swann covers for a two count. Swann tags Willie in and they hit a 3D like move on Deaner, but instead of a cutter, it's instead a bulldog from Swann. Doering enters the ring illegally and drops Willie Mack.

VBD are maintaining control over Willie. Deaner tags Doering in and he drops Mack with a boot to the face. Deaner comes back with a sidewalk slam and tags in Deaner, who hits a diving headbutt to Mack and covers for a two count. Mack with a lifting forearm to Deaner and drops him in the center of the ring. Both men are down and eventually crawl to their respective corners to make the tag but Deaner tries to stop Mack. Mack shoves Deaner off and tags in Swann. Swann stops Deaner from making a tag and drops Doering off the apron. Swann with a cutter to Deaner before going to the apron. Doering pulled him off the apron but ran himself face first into the ring post trying to stop Swann. Swann climbs to the top looking to hit Deaner but Eric Young distracts him. Mack makes the save and Swann hits a 450 on Deaner for the win.


Winner: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Post match: Violent by Design continue their attack on Mack and Swann but Rhino and Heath come out to make the save. They drop Deaner then make their way into the ring to beat down Doering and Eric Young. Rino with a belly to belly to Eric Young and that sends him reeling.

My thoughts:  This was a solid tag match and I’m glad Swann and Mack won, but this is another match with distractions even if it didn’t cost them the victory. The post-match was also weird if it means we’re just pushing to another Rhino/Heath vs VBD match. 

Hernandez is backstage with Johnny Swinger and asks if he’s finally happy. Swinger says he hasn’t been this happy in ages. Hernandez has some cash and Rohit Raju is mad that he wasn’t invited to Wrestle House. Larry D shows up and says maybe he wasn’t invited because the Lord of the Manor didn’t want him there. Raju says he should’ve been invited because while Larry’s been gone he’s done a lot of great things. Larry challenges Raju to a match for next week.

Morrisey & Moose vs. Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards

Morrisey and Cardona open the match with a lockup but Morrisey takes control with a shoulder block after a strike exchange. Cardona drops Morrisey with a bulldog and gets him in the corner to tag in Eddie. Eddie and Cardona with quick tags and try to drop Morrisey with a double clothesline but Morrisey runs through it. Cardona and Edwards taunt Morrisey outside and he follows them out. Edwards and Cardona drop Morrisey and Moose on both sides of the ring.

Morrisey is back on the offense. Moose tags in and stomps on the head of a downed Cardona rubbing his boot into the back of his head. Morrisey tags in and hammers on Cardona with forearms. Morrisey looks for a powerbomb but gets distracted by Edwards. Cardona reverses and tags in Eddie. Eddie with an enziguri to Morrisey.

Morrisey goes for a big boot but Edwards traps the leg and drops a shoulder into the calf. Morrisey sends Edwards into the ropes and follows just to eat an Elbow. Moose distracts Edwards and Morrisey shoves him off the top of the turnbuckle to the outside. Edwards gets checked on by the ref as he favors his knee.

Morrisey tags in Moose and the later heads right to Eddie on the outside. Moose tosses Eddie into the ring as Morrisey tags in and both men send Edwards chest first into the turnbuckle. Sheesh.

Morrisey covers for a two count. Moose tags in and tries to spear Edwards but he sends Moose to the outside, Edwards tries to make the tag but Moose pulls Cardona from the ring apron.

They isolate Edwards in their side of the ring and Morrisey drops an elbow onto Edwards. Morrisey tags Moose in and Edwards fights back dropping Moose with the jaw breaker. Moose tries to prevent the tag but Eddie shoves him off and tags Cardona. Cardona drops Morrisey off the apron and then hits Moose with a dropkick followed by a codebreaker. Cardona with the broski boot in the corner and pulls Moose to the center of the ring for a cover and a two count.

Morrisey with the save. Morrisey and Moose lift up Cardona for a double suplex but Edwards catches him. We get some action between all four men and it comes down to Cardona and Moose.

They both drop each other and all four men are on the floor. Moose and Cardona get back to their feet and they exchange strikes before Moose drops Cardona with a big boot. Edwards and Morrisey are back in the ring. Morrisey dives to to the outside and hits Edwards taking both men out. Cardona runs at Moose and gets hit with a Urinagi. Moose goes for a spear but Cardona rolls him up. Cardona goes for 'Always Ready' but Moose tosses him over his head. Moose goes for another Urinagi but instead hits Cardona with the roll up for the three count and the win.

Winner: W. Morrisey & Moose

Post match: Morrisey drops Moose with a HUGE big boot. LET'S GOOOOO. Morrisey flips off Moose and stands tall over him to close the show.

My thoughts: This was one of the better matches on the show but everything was just pretty good and nothing more. I’m conflicted on the booking of Cardona losing to Morrisey and now pinning the champion. Cardona vs. Moose should be good but I wish he had a bit more momentum going into it. Honestly, I feel like Morrisey is the primary guy who should be challenging especially after the post match. 

All in all this was a solid show this week, there were a few hiccups here and there but not bad. The only issue I have is with Matt Cardona being pined by Moose as well as him loosing to W. Morrisey…..


Thank you for joining me for this wheely good Impact Review. I hope you can join me next time!