Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review December 1st 2022

Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review December 1st 2022

What’s up guys, after a lengthy hiatus and revamped version of how we do reviews here at Real Rasslin, I’m finally back with a wheely good Impact review for you all.

Now, you all know the drill. It’s a slim down bite-size version of Impact, so let’s roll on with this review and find out what happened on Thursday in the Impact Zone shall we?

As is customary for Impact before the main show starts, we get a brief recap of what happened between Bully Ray and Josh Alexander at the end of the Overdrive pay-per-view last week.

Bully Ray makes a statement

Bully Ray did what he said he would do and confront Josh to issue his challenge for the Impact World Championship.

Bully Ray said “by shaking my hand, you accept my challenge at Hard to Kill for the title". After Josh Alexander shook Bully’s hand to accept the challenge, Bully Ray attacked. Let’s be honest, we all saw that coming from a mile away, and Bully ended up showing his true colours by attacking Josh Alexander and his wife.

Bully Ray walks to the ring with a lot of boos from the fans as they  are not too happy after his antics at Overdrive last weekend, and in true Bully Ray style, he insults the fans by saying he is from New York, and they are from Kentucky, so they might not understand him.

Bully Ray couldn’t understand why the fans are mad at him, because in his eyes he didn’t do anything wrong. He essentially did what he set out to do in order to win the trophy, to allow him to call his shot for the World Title, and the fact that he would tell the whole wrestling world as well as the fans, when and how he would be calling his shot.

Not only that, he also stated that he thinks everybody forgot who the hell he was.

My thoughts: To be honest, it wasn’t a bad promo. I quite enjoyed it and we all know Bully Ray is better as a bad guy.

Segment Grade: C

Rich Swann Vs Bully Ray

Rich Swann got sick and tired of Bully running his mouth and decided to come and teach him a lesson and now we have this match.

Rich Swann started off with a good little bit of offense, but it didn’t take too long for Bully Ray to take control.

After a little bit of back-and-forth, Rich Swann tries to build some momentum. Bully tried to end the match with a seated Senton from the middle rope but missed.

Swann hit a nice 450 splash for a two count, and seemed to be gaining the upper hand, but while Bully Ray was in the corner, he grabs the chains and hits Rich Swann in the throat, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Rich Swann by DQ

Match Grade: D

My thoughts: This match wasn't great, some back-and-forth exchanges between the two, but the outcome was to be expected just to build the storyline.

The post-match attack was more entertaining than the match itself, we see Bully Ray attacking Rich Swann with a steel chair and Tommy Dreamer coming out to prevent any more harm. Not only that, we get Scott D’Amore coming out and he looks like he’s a man who wants to fight.

Miguel states that people are not happy with him because he did what he had to do in order to get the X Division Title back after he lost it.

Moose Vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Right of the bat, Moose goes for a Uranage but Gujjar fights out of it and Moose gets out of the ring. Moose hits a boot to Gujjar’s face and hits a powerbomb to Gujjar onto the apron. Gujjar gets back in the ring

Moose whips Gujjar in the corner. He slaps Gujjar in the face but Gujjar slaps back. Moose manages to hit a Urunage, then goes for the spear, but Gujjar moves out of the way. Gujjar hits an enzugiri followed by a ripcord knee and a Slingblade. They both try and hit a spear but are unsuccessful, Moose goes for it again and he hits it this time for the win.

Winner: Moose by Pinfall

Match Grade: D

My thoughts: It’s no secret I am not a big fan of Moose, because I just don’t like the way he wrestles, but I suppose for the storyline to move forward and to help him transition back to a heel.

After the match Moose throws Gujjar out of the ring. He gets a mic and asks, “Do you know who I am”. He tells everyone he warned them about Bully Ray but they didn’t listen to him. He said he won at Overdrive and he doesn’t want to listen to Bully Ray’s name again. He tells people they should never say his name again. “Say his name and he appears”. And who should that be? Why, none other than Joe Hendry!!!

Moose asks what Joe is doing in his ring. Joe says Moose called him out. Moose said he was talking about Bully Ray. Hendry says he heard “say his name” and he appears and that’s a way of saying that they believe. “We believe” chants break out. Moose says he doesn’t have time for this so he tells Hendry to get out of the ring. Hendry says from a current champion to a former one, he knows a cry for help when he sees one. Moose goes for the punch but Hendry fights out of it and hits a big boot. Hendry gets back up and Gujjar hits a Gargoyle Spear on Moose. Hendry and Gujjar celebrate.

My Thoughts: This promo was pretty good because it’s to tie in two separate storylines into one and I think it’s a nice way of possibly building a feud between Moose and Joe Hendry.

Segment Grade: C

During the interview, Mike Bailey was told it was Kenny King's mission to bring out a different side to him and he responded regardless of King’s actions. He should’ve won the X Division tournament, but he will continue to do what he can. 

We get a video promo package from Mickie James about her last rodeo tour, and she discusses how her career has gone over the years, and what she has accomplished. We also get word from Deonna wanting to end Mickie’s career.

Steve Maclin Vs Kazarian

Maclin talks trash to start the match and it ends in a fist fight. Kazarian punches Maclin in the corner. Whip into the corner but Maclin reverses it and Kazarian falls out of the ring. Maclin hits a uranage onto his knee.

Maclin places Kazarian onto the second rope and hits a running knee on Kazarian. Maclin punches Kazarian and whips him hard into the corner. Maclin goes for a vertical suplex but Kazarian goes for a small package but Maclin takes him down. He whips Kazarian into the corner and runs into him but Kazarian goes for a roll up for two.

Kazarian hits a running forearm and hits a double knee into the back onto Maclin the corner. Kazarian hits a legdrop for a two count. Maclin pushes Kazarian in the corner. Kazarian hits a guillotine legdrop on Maclin who was hanging on the second rope. Kazarian hits a slingshot on Maclin on the outside into a cutter in the ring and goes for the cover but Maclin’s foot is on the ropes. Maclin falls to the outside and g gets a steel chair and hits Kazarian with it for the DQ.

Winner: Kazarian By DQ

Match Grade: C

Backstage with Eddie Edwards

Eddie says he doesn’t want to talk about his personal things, but this has affected his marriage. He said he doesn’t regret anything over the past year. He said he did it for a reason. To build a better future, and now, he is focused on the future. Delirious shows up and they have a stare down.

Heath and Rhino are backstage. MCMG asks for a title show. Heath says they will go to D’Amore for a match. Rhino says he will rip them up in half with a Gore. Gore. Gore.

Deonna Purrazzo Vs Mickie James

The two Lockup to start. Deonna takes Mickie down but Mickie reverses with Leg Scissors. Deonna goes after Mickie’s arm but Mickie counters it and hits armdrag for a two count. Purrazzo goes a cover but gets two. Mickie hits a kick to the midsection and goes for the Mick Kick but Purrazzo gets out of it

Mickie hits Deonna with chops in the corner. She hits a Thesz Press on Deonna followed by punches. Deonna counters with a back elbow. Deonna hits a lariat hits elbows on Mickie’s shoulders for two. Deonna gets Mickie in the corner and kicks her in the face. Deonna gets a jacknife pin for two. Deonna put Mickie in a headlock. She whips Mickie into the corner but Mickie counters with a head scissors. Mickie hits a kick to the face for two. Mickie goes to the top rope but Deonna pushes her out of the ring.

Deonna hits a brain buster for two. Deonna locks in a Camel Clutch but Mickie fights out of it and hits forearms but Deonna counters with a forearm. Mickie James throws Deonna out of the ring and hits a dropkick to Deonna. Mickie goes to the top rope and hits a Thesz Press to the outside. Mickie tosses Deonna inside and goes to the top rope and hits a Missile Dropkick. She hits a neck breaker for two. Mickie goes for the Mick DT but Deonna pushes her in the corner. Mickie hits a kick in the face for two. She goes for the Mick DT but Deonna counters into the Fujiwara Armbar but Mickie gets her foot on the bottom rope. Deonna goes for the roll up but Mickie reverses into her own roll up for 3.

Winner: Mickie James by Pinfall

Match Grade: B

Post-Match: Jordynne Grace’s music hits and she comes out. She says Mickie wanted to work her way to the top and no one can dispute that she has done exactly that. She says it’s finally time and she say she will face Mickie James for the first time ever for the Knockouts World Title at Hard to Kill. Jordynne Grace and Mickie James face off.

My thoughts: This was a great match, definitely match of the night for me, Mickie has been doing an amazing job hanging with the current generation of IMPACT Knockouts and her match with Jordynne Grace should be interesting. It most likely be the final match for Mickie James in IMPACT.

We have a vignette from Violence by Design in a jail cell (I think). Eric Young asks if he would do anything to eliminate the sickness. Deaner said anything. Eric asks if he would eliminate the sickness if it was in this room. Deaner hesitates and says yes. Eric says as would he. They fight each other for a knife. Eric says this world does not belong to them; it belongs to us. Eric gouges Deaner in the eye. Deaner punches Eric till he bleeds. Deaner asks why Eric made him do this. Eric tells him to do this and kill the sickness and embrace the violence. Deaner takes the knife and stabs Eric. Eric says he was the designer but Deaner was the design.

My Thoughts: Well, if impact wanted to end the show with shock factor, they certainly did that because I was not expecting this. I knew that it had to be done in a somewhat violent way because Eric Young’s contract with impact has ended, so they needed to find a way to write him off and out of the shower, but did it have to end with “murder”

Segment Grade: B

Overall, the show itself was kind of okay in places, but a little bit of a let-down in others, and the ending was the bit that shocked me the most as I think it would’ve done for many people, but all in all give the show a final

I suppose they need to build up new storylines for Hard to Kill, and this is the way to do it. It will alsio be interesting to see what happens with Violent By Design going forward, now that Deaner appears to be the leader.

Overall Show Grade: C.

Join me next week for another Impact review, and in the meantime, let us know your thoughts on the show on all our social media accounts.