Kyle’s wheely Good Impact Review December 16th 2021

Here's our resident Impact guy with his latest weekly review

Kyle’s wheely Good Impact Review December 16th 2021

What’s up guy’s its Kyle back again with another impact review for you all better late than never hay. 

This time Impact opens with Jimmy Rave tribute, and then we get a recap of last week's main event between W Morrisey and Matt Cardona. 

Now it is time for the first match of the night, so let's get the show on the road shall we…. 

Rohit Raju vs. Josh Alexander  

First off Raju tries to catch Josh off guard with a right hand but Josh backs him into the ropes immediately forcing a break, Raju notices the injured ribs and starts targeting them but Josh tosses him across the ring and drops him with a boot to the chest. 

Josh sends Raju into the ropes and hits him with a back elbow sending him to the mat, Raju is now on the apron and is looking for a spear but Josh moves and kicks him in the chest for his efforts. 

Raj Singh now gets involved and gets dropped with a boot on the outside but Raju rams Josh ribs first into the barricade and then proceeds to slamming him into the ring apron, and then Raju slides Josh into the ring and continues his assault dropping him to the mat with a series of strikes and chops. 

Raju goes for a cover and gets a two count; Josh then gets back to his feet in the corner and Raju meets him with a chop but Josh reverses and hits Raju with a series of chops of his own. 

Raju has a reversal of his own but Josh gets hold of Raju’s ankle, Raju manages to drop Josh and covers for another two count.

Raju bounces off the ropes and runs into a fireman’s carry and roll’s through, Josh is now on the middle rope but Raj Singh distracts him long enough for Raju to catch him with a DDT off the middle rope and then sends him gut first on the top rope. Raju covers Josh for a two count and continues hammering away with strikes and kicks. 

Josh is on his feet he looks for a German suplex but Raju reverses but runs right into a release belly to belly, now Josh chargers into the corner with a forearm to Raju and drops him with a suplex. Raju fights back but eats a kick to the face from Josh. 

Raju tries for a roll up but Josh fights out, Josh sells the injury to his ribs and Raju locks in a submission while hammering at the ribs with forearms. 

Josh reverses out and locks in an ankle lock on Raju, Singh is now on the apron to distract Josh for the umpteenth time but Josh drops him with a forearm, then Josh lifts Raju up but as he is being lifted, he manages to hit him with a forearm, Josh fights back and sends Raju into the corner with another forearm. 

Josh charges at Raju but he moves and catches Josh with a series of movies in the corner ending with a cannonball. Raju goes to the top rope and hits a double stomp on Josh right on the ribs, Raju covers but Josh kicks out just before three. Raju off the ropes and Josh looks for a German once again but Raju reverses but Josh goes for the C4 Spike, the injured ribs prevent him from pulling of the move so Raju hits an enziguiri on Josh. Josh catches Raju in the corner and sets his leg in the ropes before leaping up and stomping on the back of Raju’s legs. Josh lifts Raju up and hits him with the C4 spike and covers Raju for the three count. 

Winner: Josh Alexander 

My thoughts: This was a really good opening match, I thought Josh was going to plough through Raju but I have to admit Raju surprised me Raju looked pretty good in this match and that he had the chance to show off his skills.  Josh winning quite quick despite taking a beating shows his toughness. I was very surprised that Jonah didn’t get involved, even at the end as the fans were calling for Jonah at the end of this one.  

 We are now backstage with Gia, she is joined by the Good Brothers & VBD, she asks how they came to form an alliance. 

Karl says that they’ve got everyone gunning for them so it only made sense to align with them but even so they don’t trust VBD. Gallows talks about his history with Doring, but says you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 

Eric Young says this isn’t a friendship or an alliance it’s a business deal, a necessary piece of the beautiful design. Eric says that tonight Doring and Gallows will set the tone tonight and show the world what violence is all about. 

Gia is then joined by Chelsea Green and Gia asks about the women’s X-Division match and asks how it feels to be part of this historic match. 

Chelsea says it’s an honour to be part of history and would love to win and go on to face Gail or Deonna for the title, she says she’ll do that and her fiancé will go on to become World Champion.

Moose walks up and says Chelsea is a great woman for standing by her man who will always be a Midcarder, Chelsea says Moose came to talk smack to her because he’s too afraid to talk smack to Matt’s face. Moose warns her that if they’re getting married on New Year's Eve and he’s facing Cardona shortly after then it’ll be a short-lived wedding even by wrestling’s standards. 

Joe Doring & Doc Gallows vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack  

Swann and Gallows start early and Swann looks to use his speed to catch Gallows slipping Swann with a dropkick to the knee and tags Willie in. 

Willie hits with a couple strikes, then locks in a wristlock and tags Swann in. Swann goes with the same strategy before and then tagging Willie in once again. We keep getting the quick tags until Gallows catches Swann with a right. 

Gallows charges Swann and sends himself to the outside. Doring goes to check on Gallows and we get a double dive from Swann and Mack to Doring & Gallows on the outside. 

Swann is going back and forth with Gallows with strikes and of course Gallows takes control sending Swann on the apron. 

Doring teases getting involved and somehow the ref is there to prevent any of that from happening. Gallows drops Swann off the apron and the ref begins counting but Doring drops down and lifts Swann up, Gallows hits with a kick to the chest before Doring tosses Swann into the ring. Doring locks in a Boston crab but it’s right by the ropes so Swann forces the break. 

Gallows gets yelled at by the ref and Gallows has Swann in the corner and hits him with a combo of rights and lefts dropping him to the mat, Swann gets to his feet and gets hit with a splash from Gallows in the corner. 

Doring then tags in and drops Swann with a kick to the gut, Doring grabs Swann’s leg and tries to prevent him from making a tag, he then ducks the first enziguiri but is stunned by the second one. 

Swann dives to tag Willie in and he drops Doring with a combination of strikes sending him into the corner. Gallows tags in and Mack sends him into the corner with an enziguiri. Swann and Mack drop Doring with a double team move. 

Willie lifts Gallows up and Swann drops him off the top, they go for it again but it’s broken up. Doring and Gallows lift Willie up for a HUGE double chokeslam. Gallows covers Mack for the win. 

Winner: Joe Doring & Doc Gallows 

Post-match: The Good Brothers & VBD continue their beat down they beat on Swann, Willie, Heath and Rhino until Eddie Edwards comes to the ring, Eddie starts to evens the odds and eventually the good guys are able to clear the ring and stand tall. Looks like we’re setting up for a five-on-five tag match. 

My thoughts:  This was actually a great tag match, I didn’t expect Doring and Gallows to be so good together, but it’s nice they have a clean idea where the story seems to be going, let's hope it continues.  

VSK is backstage with Zicky Dice and says they should call Brian and tell him what's wrong. Zicky says they don’t have to it’ll all be ok. VSK asks if he thinks Brian doesn’t watch and know what happened. Zicky says it’s fine because when he sees them beat Decay it’ll be fine. Zicky says he’s off next week for his parade of lights but after that they’ll show the world what they’ve got. 

We get a message from Jonah; he says everyone’s been asking who the top dog is. He says his father went to prison and on his first day his dad got attacked. 

The guards asked him what happened and he said nothing, Jonah said then and there he got the respect of the Top Dog. 

Jonah says he will never forget that story, he compares it to Josh getting dropped and getting back up. Jonah says instead of getting his respect, Jonah is going to beat Josh down until he respects the Top Dog. He says Josh calls himself the walking weapon well we’re looking at Mass Destruction. Hmm the delivery was solid but not sure the promo was exactly what JONAH was looking for here. 

John Skyler vs. Trey Miguel 

Skyler starts with a wrist lock and trey dances his way into wrist control. Skyler rolls through and gets control but Trey rolls out and turns around back into a forearm. 

Skyler goes off the ropes and runs into a dropkick from Trey. Trey goes off the ropes himself and hits a dive to the outside on Skyler and he hangs on to toss Skyler back into the ring. Skyler rolls away to the outside and Trey bounces off the ropes again but Skyler catches shim with a surprise spear. 

Skyler lifts Trey up and sends him into the ropes and catches him with a strike to the midsection and an uppercut. Skyler sends Trey into the corner chest first and charges him but runs into a boot from Trey. Trey charges Skyler but he launches him into the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. Skyler lifts Trey up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Trey reverses and looks for a sunset flip but Skyler hangs on, Skyler fights out but is caught with a cheeky nandos kick. Trey to the top and hits Skyler with a Meteora after Skyler waits forever for Trey to do it. 

Post-match: Trey stands tall to celebrate at the top of the ramp and Steve Maclin charges Trey attacking him on the ramp, Maclin grabs the X Division champion and waits for Trey to get up before hitting him with the championship. Maclin drags Trey to the back… 

My thoughts: This match was too short for my liking and the finish was weird as Skyler seemed to just waiting for Trey to hit the move. It wasn’t a bad match but I had higher expectations for this match, as I always do when it comes to the X Division. 

Chris Bey vs. Laredo Kid 

D-Lo seemed to think this match of the year contender already, I’m not quite sure he should have said that just yet, I mean the match hadn’t even started yet but any way. 

The match begins and Bey forces a break because Laredo Kid pulled his hair, Bey lifts Kid up and drops him. There’s an arm drag from Laredo Kid and he flips to his feet, Bey stares shocked. Bey teases a grapple and kicks Laredo Kid in the midsection. 

Bey slams Kid into the corner chest first and starts talking trash. Bey hits a right hand to Laredo and slams him face first into the turnbuckle, Bey looks for splash in the corner but Laredo hits with a chop and a springboard crossbody to take Bey down. 

Bey gets to his feet and Laredo hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, which sends Bey to the outside and Laredo dives off the apron but Bey moves, Laredo rolls through and Hikuleo gets involved starts talking trash to Laredo. 

Bey tries to take advantage of this but Laredo catches him, Laredo throws Bey back in but Bey rolls through and kicks Laredo, Bey then sends Laredo face first right into the ring post. Bey slides into the ring and allows the referee to begin counting before rolling out and slamming Laredo into the apron back first.

Bey slides Laredo in and covers for a two count. Laredo to his feet and hits Bey with a knee to the midsection. Bey off the ropes and drops Laredo with a kick to the knee and a dropkick before covering for a two count. Bey sets Laredo in the ropes and chokes him until the ref breaks it. While the ref is distracted Hikuleo chokes away at Laredo from the outside. Bey lifts Laredo to his feet but Laredo fights back and hits Bey with a right hand, Bey sends Laredo into the corner and hits him with an enziguiri. Bey goes off the top and hits a huge flying clothesline. 

Bey covers for a two count. The crowd seems to be behind both men and Bey hits Laredo with a series of kicks to the midsection. Bey ties up Laredo’s arm in the ropes and double stomps on it. 

Bey has a headlock on Laredo, but Laredo gets to his feet and looks for a backdrop but Bey lands on his feet, Laredo chases Bey but lifted over top to the apron. Bey jumps off the middle rope and looks for an elbow on Laredo. Laredo goes for a flip to the inside of the ring on Bey. Bey rolls outside but Laredo bounces off the ropes and takes Bey out with a dive. 

Laredo Kid toss Bey into the ring and climbs to the top looking for a dive but Hikuleo dumps Laredo to the outside while the ref is distracted. 

Bey’s got Laredo in the corner, Bey looks for a splash but Laredo moves out of the way. He slams Bey and hits a moonsault, one more, he connects and covers Bey for a two count. 

Laredo lifts him up and goes for a suplex but Bey blocks it and rolls through into a pin for two. Both men now get to their feet and Bey catches Kid with a kick to the face, Bey gets Laredo on his shoulders and drops him to the mat before covering for another two count. 

Bey slams Laredo into the corner with his shoulder, Bey then lifts Laredo up and taunts giving Laredo a chance to fight out and he hits the driver from the top rope and covers for another two count. 

Laredo goes to the top rope and looks for a phoenix splash but Bey moves and Laredo rolls through. Both men are on the top rope now and they exchange strikes. Bey lays Laredo Kid out on the top rope and hits the drop the bass on him on the top rope. 

Bey covers for a two count; Bey looks for art of Finesse but Laredo catches it and hits Bey with a flipping DDT. Laredo calls to go to the top but Hikuleo interrupts him so Laredo Kid dives from the top rope to the outside and takes Hikuleo out. Laredo to the top rope but Bey catches him with an enziguiri. Bey climbs to the top and once again they exchange strikes. Bey backflips off the top. Laredo Kid dives right into a cutter from Bey. Bey covers for the three count and the victory. 

Winner: Chris Bey 

My thoughts: This was an outstanding match, but it suffered a little because De-Lo overhyped the match before it even started. The finish was great. Both of these men are so talented, I just wish they were featured more prominently. This would’ve been awesome at the open, I really enjoyed a lot. 

We now get a recap of Deonna Purrazzo attending and confronting Rok-C at Final Battle; it is great to see that they’re building to Deonna vs. Rok-C on Impact TV. 

Deonna will be doing a signing and Mickie shows up only to get harassed by Deonna. They exchange words but fortunately nothing breaks out in this lovely casino. Well, that was wrong, Deonna follows Mickie and they start brawling in a separate area. Security is quick to break them apart while Rehwoldt talks trash for Deonna. 

Scott is now lecturing both Deonna and Mickie. Deonna jumps to her feet and Gail slams her back to the couch. Scott says the no contact clause is back on. Gail says that they need a match to settle this once and for all, Gail says it’s going to be a Texas Death match. Mickie says of course because they do it bigger in Texas and tells Deonna welcome to Hardcore Country and hits her with a slap…… 

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jessie McKay 

It was interesting to me that the commentary team acknowledges that it’s a heel vs. heel match in the main event. 

At least the crowd are really in to this match and they love the Iinspiration, and I have to say as do I. This one is a bit of slow starter but Jessie drops Tenille and poses. 

Jessie now has Tenille in the corner and stomps away at her. Jessie lifts Tenille up and sends her into the opposing corner but Tenille sets Jessie on the apron and hits her with a neckbreaker on the ropes. Tenille covers for a two count. 

Tenille goes back to stomping away at Jessie and slamming her face first in the corner, Tenille starts pulling away at Jessies hair and goes to pose with Madison and Kaleb snaps a picture. Tenille slaps at Jessie as she tries to get to her feet. Jessie sends Tenille into the ropes and she bounces back dropping Jessie with a clothesline. 

Jessie is now in the corner and Tenille goes for a running crossbody into the corner, Tenille covers for another Two count. Tenille locks in a full nelson and Jessie fights out slamming her into the corner. 

Jessie hits with a series of clotheslines on Tenille and sends her into the corner with a forearm, Jessie goes for a suplex and cover for a two count, Jessie looks for a urunage but Tenille fights out. 

Jessie hits with a big boot and drops Tenille, Jessie covers and gets a two count but Kaleb pulls the referee out of the ring, they then blame Cassie and Jessie goes outside to drop Madison. Jessie heads back into the ring but Kaleb trips her up. Tenille jumps off the ropes and drop kick Jessie to the face before covering for the victory. 

Winner: Tenille Dashwood 

My Thoughts: This match was ok I guess; I can't help but feel disappointed because I know.Jessie McKay is very talented, but I’m sorry there were way too many mistakes. One big thing that stands out for me is why didn’t Jessie win via DQ when Kaleb pulled the ref out? It’s difficult because I enjoy the story and all of the characters but this match did not do it for me.  

Scott D’Amore is in the ring, he discusses the triple threat set for Impact Hard to Kill and says it’s time to make things official with a contract signing. Big tall W Morrisey has to come sit in the folding chair for the contract signing. Cardona comes out with Chelsea Green and sits across from Morrisey, Moose is out and it’s time for our contract signing. 

Scott says that Cardona has come here to get something that has eluded him his entire career. He reminds us it was a year ago that Cardona made his Impact debut. D’Amore says Cardona can sign first and Morrisey gets up and grabs the contract, he says this is an opportunity to play mind games, but he didn’t come here to play games or make friends, he came here to become the Impact world champion. Morrisey says at Hard to Kill that’s exactly what he’s going to do and signs the contract. Morrisey tosses the contract and walks away. Got to love the short simple move here from the big guy. 

D’Amore hands the contract to Cardona and says it’ll just take a signature. Cardona says Morrisey isn’t wrong, the last few weeks have been trash talk and sneak attacks. He says Moose tried to kill his passion. Cardona tells Moose that there’s no one in this business who has been counted out and come back more times than he has. He says he’s hard to kill, but his passion is impossible to kill. Cardona says he’ll never be more ready than he’ll be at hard to kill. Cardona signs the contract before sliding it to D’Amore. D’Amore tells Moose to scribble five letters and make the match official. Moose says before he signs this, does Cardona truly want to step in the ring vs. The greatest world champion in all of professional wrestling. Moose says this will end like it always does, with Cardona as a failure, so does he really want Moose to sign it. Cardona says no more trash talk just sign the damn contract.