Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review 7th July 2022

Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review 7th July 2022

What’s up one and all we are finally back with another Impact Review for you all, I apologise for my absences but I’m back now so let's roll on with this review shall we.


We open the show with a recap from Against All Odds including highlights from The Good Brothers, AMW & Heath vs. Honor No More. We also see highlights of the main event match featuring Joe Doering vs. Josh Alexander, with Josh successfully retaining his championship, this man is on a roll right now that's for sure.


X-Division Championship Match

Alan Angels Vs. Mike Bailey (C)

This was surprising to have Alan jump right into the title picture, let’s see how they play this out.

There was an amazing reaction for both competitors, a handshake to start things off but Alan follow-up with a slap.

Both go for a shoulder block neither gain an advantage, Bailey leaps over Alan, Alan runs right into a kick to the chest from Bailey, Bailey with his combination kicks into an enziguri that sends Alan to the outside.


Bailey with a springboard moonsault to the outside landing right on to Alan. Both men are on the apron and Alan lands a running uranage on the apron dropping Bailey. Alan is on the apron mocking Bailey before hitting a frog splash off the apron onto the back of Bailey. That looked painful.


Alan covers for a two count. Alan with a running forearm and covers for two one again. Alan and Bailey exchange chops, Alan hits with the northern lights and covers and only gets two.

Alan goes off the top right into a kick from Bailey, Bailey with a spinning kick to the chest of Alan.


Bailey heads to the corner, Bailey attempts Ultima Weapon, Alan moves but Bailey lands on his feet, grabbing the knee.

Alan hits with a stomp to the back and an enziguri. Bailey ducks a clothesline and hits a kick to the face, Bailey runs into a Spanish Fly from Alan. Bailey and Alan exchange forearms then stiff chops. Bailey takes advantage laying into Alan with a series of Chops and a kick to the chest.


Bailey off the ropes and a pump kick for Angels but he ducks it, Angels with a big forearm he lifts Bailey up and hits the Halo Breaker and covers Bailey for a two count! Alan attempts a wing snapper but Bailey counters and rolls up Alan for two.


Alan goes up to the top rope but Bailey catches him looking for the Flamingo Driver, Alan counters and hits the wing snapper he covers for two. Alan then hits with the frog splash but Bailey moves. Bailey hits with the spinning kick in the corner and hits Ultima Weapon, Bailey covers for the win.


Winner: Mike Bailey

Post-match: Doering and Deaner are heading to the ring and beat up Bailey and Alan leaves the X-Division champion laying in the centre of the ring. Deaner grabs a mic and calls out Josh Alexander but instead Eric Young answers the call out staring down Doering and Deaner before slowly making his way to the ring.


My thoughts: what a way to open the show with an X-Division championship match Bailey and Alan was not what I expected it was so entertaining. With the way Alan Angles performed I can’t wait to see what he does next.


Back to the post-match #shenanigans Eric Young asks Doering and Deaner what happened, he says he is the designer and this isn’t part of his design.

Deaner says he thought they were doing what he’d want, he says that when Eric couldn’t do it, Doering could do it. Eric tells Deaner that Doering was undefeated under his watch. He tells Joe he was once one of the most feared men in pro wrestling, and now look at him.


Eric says he thought they were better than the worthless fans who can’t see the truth just like everyone in the back is worthless. Eric says maybe the only choice is that he purges them both. Deaner says Eric is 100% correct and he’s speaking truths that Deaner and Doering can see crystal clear.


Deaner asks Eric to give them a chance to prove to him that they can make this right. Eric agrees but says it needs to be clear, Eric says that they need to understand this world belongs to him before dropping the mic and walking away.


We are backstage with Honor No More; Bennett says no matter how much hard work they put in they get screwed over time and time again.


He says Impact Wrestling doesn’t want them. Bennett claims they aren’t the problem, Impact Wrestling is. Kenny King says they didn’t want them here, but they didn’t deserve them. Maria Kanellis says at Against All Odds they suffered a setback, they can’t tolerate setbacks or failure. Eddie Edwards tells PCO he will have tough decisions to make, he asks how much does he truly believe in their message.


PCO attempts to speak but Eddie cuts him off and tells him he wants to see his answer tonight in the ring against Black Taurus. Eddie says failure is no longer an option.


Deonna is backstage with Gia who asks about her match with Mia Yim tonight. Deonna says that Mia wanted to get some exposure and she’s going to learn her lesson when she meets the Virtuosa. Chelsea tells her that when she gets the Virtuosa she’ll also get Chelsea Green. As they walk off Gail Kim walks up and tells Chelsea she will face Mickie James next week and everyone is banned from ringside. Chelsea and Deonna look so mad by this announcement.



Laredo Kid Vs. Trey Miguel

It’s no secret we have seen these two face off against each other a number of times over the past couple of months but saying that I know I’m going to enjoy this,  


Both men with quick action early ducking and dodging. Trey sends Laredo to the outside and goes for a dive but Laredo Kid moves, Trey goes for a kick but Laredo catches him and counters following with a strike to the chin.


Laredo Kid with a stunning move (I’m not sure what to call it). Kid is on the outside, Trey attempts a moonsault but he’s favouring his leg, he attempts it a second time and it connects cleanly. My heart was in my mouth that close to the barrier.


Laredo Kid attacks the injured leg of Miguel, Kid goes with the one leg crab before Trey gets to the rope forcing a break.


Kid slaps Miguel then hits him with a knee to the chest, which sends Miguel to the middle rope but Kid pulls his leg out from underneath him slamming his head onto the turnbuckle in the process.


Kid locks in a modified figure four but Miguel gets to the ropes forcing a break, Miguel and Laredo are up top, Miguel sends Laredo to the mat with a forearm then follows with a missile dropkick, before laying Laredo with a series of strikes followed by a one-legged stomp to the back. Miguel hits with an inside out slam and covers Laredo Kid for a two count.


Miguel heads to the top but again slips because of the injured knee, some great selling from Miguel. Kid lifts him up for a michinoku driver and covers for two. 

Miguel with a roll up for two. Kid lays into Miguel with a number of strikes before lifting him up on his shoulders. Miguel hits with a cross Rhodes and covers Laredo Kid for the win.



Winner: Trey Miguel

My thoughts: Another great match with a good bit of storytelling from Miguel. The back a fourth between Kid and Miguel was amazing and Miguel just keeps getting better and better each time I watch him.


Deaner and Doering are backstage looking for Josh Alexander, eventually they cross paths and brawl for a bit before security separates them and Josh yells that this isn’t over.

They show a video package for Killer Kelly, with her showing a grimy yet sexy side as she’s at some run-down motel.

America’s Most Wanted are backstage with Gia, they talk about how happy they are about the match they had at Against All Odds, Chris Harris says he got everything out that he needed to but you can never say never. James Storm says you never know where he’s going to show up but for now, he has some unfinished business. We follow James Storm as he walks backstage and walks into Moose’s locker room and finds Maclin there, he asks where Moose is at, Maclin tells Storm that he thought his match at Against All Odds was his retirement match. Storm says he’s in his prime and next week Maclin can come back up a bigger tree if he wants some real competition.


PCO W/ Vincent Vs. Black Taurus

They lock up and separate early, PCO attempts a shoulder block but he’s unsuccessful they yell at each other he tries again and Taurus hardly moves. Taurus with a shoulder block of his own but PCO doesn’t hardly move.


Taurus with a running uppercut then sends PCO to the corner and hits an enziguri. Taurus lays into PCO with a series of strikes before lifting him onto his shoulders but PCO counters, Taurus hits the middle rope but he jumps right into a choke from PCO.


PCO shoves Taurus to the outside and then tossing him right back into the ring. Taurus goes to the other side and PCO launches himself into him sending Taurus to the outside, PCO dives through the middle ropes into Taurus.

PCO sets Taurus on the apron and hits the deanimator right into Taurus face, but the replay shows it just hit Taurus on the shoulder which is good but it was cooler when I thought he got hit hard.

PCO covers but Taurus kicks out at two, Taurus regains control with a slingblade, then another before heading up top. Taurus with a top rope elbow drop with the injured arm but PCO kicks out at two.

Taurus heads up top, he goes for a twisting moonsault but PCO moves and hits Taurus with a forearm to the back of the head. PCO hits with a reverse DDT before going to the top. PCO with the PCO-Sault in the corner again with the knees right to the face of Taurus, and he covers for the win.

Winner: PCO
Post-match: Crazy Steve hits the ring to protect Taurus, before Honor No More can attack Heath catches them from behind taking out Kenny King before heading out through the crowd.

My thoughts: This was a solid match even with PCO’s reckless move not landing as convincingly as they should.


The Bullet Club are backstage as Ace Austin, Chris Bey and The Good Brothers discuss their issues with Honor No More. Ace and Bey discuss how they’re ready for some of that action. Bey says next week we can do Bullet Club vs. Honor No More but he’ll let Chef Gallows tell us the recipe. Gallows says it’s the same as always, a magic killer a one two three and a just too sweet.

Brian Meyers is walking around backstage and forces an autograph upon a Swinger fan. Brian makes fun of Swinger and Zicky. Bhupinder walks up on Brian and asks for a match; Brian says everyone can’t have a match so how about they wrestle next week and then they can figure it out from there. Swinger offers Bhupinder a discount at the dungeon but he says no.


Shera Vs. Rich Swann

Shera charges Swann and he ducks and dodges before laying into Shera with a series of strikes. Shera lifts Swann up by his throat before Swann lays into him with shots to the head that hardly affect Shera.


Shera catches Swann and lifts him before dropping him right onto the mat, Kick to the back of Swann then Shera stands on Swann’s throat. Shera with a knee to the back and a forearm to the back of the head of Swann. Shera slams Swann into the corner chest first.

He lifts Swann up by his hair and then strikes him across the face. Shera sends Swann into the corner and follows with a shoulder to the midsection.


Shera tosses Swan across the ring but it’s not very good. Shera with a dive into the corner, Swann moves and kicks Shera in the ankle leaving him in the ropes. Swann with a 619 then a flip onto Singh on the outside.


Swann waits for Shera to get up, Shera runs right into a kick to the face. Swann in the ring and nails Shera with a series of kicks to the head then the knees, to the face again and Shera still fighting through, no going down. Swann drops Shera then heads to the middle rope and hits a 450 splash. Swann covers for the Win.


Winner: Rich Swann

My Thoughts: this match was probably the worst match on the card but it was a decent win for Swann and I wonder if there’s a plan for him in the near future or just a win over a big guy to remind us Swann is a big deal.


The Influence walk up on Gisele Shaw and ask her what the deal is with the image from Masha was all about. Shaw explains it but says at least Tenille looks great. They run down Shaws mistakes and wonder if she can even help them. They say they’ll take care of it themselves but Madison says she still can’t because of doctors’ orders. Tenille storms off.

Rosemary is backstage and she’s mad that Havok didn’t make the save for them when they needed it. She tells Taya they’re done dealing with James Mitchell and says she’s going to the undead realm. Taya says she’s going with her. Rosemary tells her she can’t go because people die in the Undead Realm if they’re lucky. Taya says she knows it’s dangerous but she’s not letting her go alone. Rosemary says it’s not safe but Taya insists, Rosemary says fine together next week they find Havok.



 Impact Knockouts World Championship #1 Contenders Match

Deonna Purrazzo Vs. Mia Yim

Lock up to start this one and both women to the mat looking for similar moves. Yim with a headlock, Deonna sends her into the ropes both attempt shoulder blocks but Deonna says no. They exchange shoves, this is starting fairly slow.

Deonna with a drop toe hold and rolls through into a submission, Mia gets to her feet and tosses Deonna off into an armdrag.

Mia with a forearm to the face of Deonna, Deonna slides out of the ring and Mia connects with a dropkick through the bottom rope.

Mia with a dive through the bottom ropes and both women go into the barricade. Mia right to her feet and she wipes the dirt off her shoulders. Mia sends Deonna into the ring and covers for two.

She rolls her up again for two, Mia sends Deonna into the corner and lays into her with a forearm to the face. Deonna sends Mia into the corner and ducks a clothesline. Mia with a rana sending Deonna into the corner. Mia attempts a big boot in the corner but Deonna catches her and starts working at her shoulder with some joint manipulation.

Deonna is in control working over the arm of Mia. Both women to their feet, headbutt and both go down and the referee begins his count getting to a count of nine before both get to their feet.

They exchange forearms and Mia lays into Deonna with a series of strikes and a clothesline. Mia hits with a dropkick and she waits for Deonna to get up.


Mia with a big boot in the corner. She runs and hits the cannonball, Mia with the cover but Deonna kicks out at two. Mia with eat defeat but Deonna rolls onto the apron, Deonna stands up but eats a big boot from Mia. Mia sets Deonna up for the package piledriver but she counters and hits Mia with a big boot to the face.


Deonna covers for two before Mia kicks out. Deonna goes for queen’s gambit but Mia counters with a backdrop and heads to the top but Deonna tosses her from the top turnbuckle. Deonna charges Mia for a spear in the corner but Mia moves and Deonna goes shoulder first into the ring post. Mia with the code blue and covers for a two count. Deonna and Mia again exchange forearms, Mia with a chop to the chest. They exchange forearms again. Solid minute of various forearms before Mia hits a big boot but Deonna hits the side Russian legsweep and goes for an armbar but Mia counters and rolls her up to force a break. Deonna sets up Mia for queen’s gambit and it connects, Deonna covers and MIA kicks out at two!


Deonna is livid, Mia hits with a package piledriver! Mia covers but Deonna with the kickout at two! Both are slow to their feet; they go face to face and exchange strikes again. Deonna with a slap to the face of Mia. Mia returns with a series of strikes to the face then kicks to the face. Mia with the package piledriver again, she lifts her up and hits eat defeat. Mia covers for the WIN!

Winner: Mia Yim


Post-match: Jordynne Grace comes out and claps for Mia offering a handshake. They stare each other down to set up their big championship match.


My thoughts: This was an outstanding match, this is what woman’s wrestling should be like, admittedly it started off a bit slow but they told a solid story here working over the arm and making Mia give it her all to take the victory. This also shows the she is worthy of being 1# contender.


Over all this was a great show there was only one match that was a let-down. I love what Impact are doing right now, WWE need to take notes.


Let’s see what next week brings