Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review 14th October 2021

Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review 14th October 2021

What’s up guys! It's that time again for another week of Impact….

We have just over a week to go before Bound For Glory, therefore it is time to finalise the stories. the card is just about set, just the final spot in the X-Division Title match to go according to my calculations.

With that being said let’s get these wheels turning and get into it.

As always, the show opens with a recap of last week’s main event as Josh Alexander vs. Christian Cage continues to build.

It's time for the X-Division Title Qualifying Match, the winner joins Trey Miguel and Steve Maclin for the title match at Bound For Glory.

X-Division Title Qualifying Match: Rohit Raju vs. El Phantasmo vs. Willie Mack

To start off Phantasmo is sent outside to start (Bullet Club are in Phantasmo’s corner) leaving Mack to shoulder Raju down, Phantasmo gets back in the ring and takes the place of Raju but can’t get anywhere with some shoulders of his own.

This time it’s Mack being knocked outside so Raju and Phantasmo can slug it out. That’s broken up and Raju is sent outside again. They certainly have a format that is just repeated for these Qualifying Matches.

Phantasmo manages to knock Mack down and hit a springboard Swanton for a two count.

Raju hits a Cannonball to both of them at the same time. Mack runs them both over though and shows off the crazy power with the double Samoan drop. The double standing moonsault gets two but Phantasmo catches Mack on top.

That means a super hurricanrana, with Mack Swantoning onto Raju for a big crash. A top rope splash gets two on Mack but he’s right back with the Stunner. The Club has the referee distracted so Mack kicks them to the floor and hits the big flip dive. Raju uses the breather to Flatline Phantasmo for two but Phantasmo is back with a rather low punch. The Pedigree style Neutralizer gives Phantasmo the win.

Winner: El Phantasmo

We’ve seen a number of these matches in the past few weeks, most of them have been very exciting, and as I said before it reminds me of the cruiserweight division or  205 live from WWE. This factor, in my opinion, is what makes it exciting, Phantasmo winning is to be expected as you don’t want to have two heels in a three-way match for the title.

We’ll just have to wait and see who wins the tournament at Bound For Glory. Whoever wins in my opinion deserves it.

We go backstage now for an interview, where we see Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are pumped and ready for tonight’s battle royal to determine the entrance order for the Call Your Shot gauntlet match (from what I’ve seen of Impact and read in the past the company has a tendency to over-complicate matters in terms of qualification for matches in general, but that’s just my opinion.) Neither of them are worried about possibly being #1, because Fulton seems to relish in the fact that he could possibly be fighting a bunch of people at once. (As a character he seems to like that kind of thing.)

After this, we get an update on what to expect on tonight's card as well as the matches that have been finalised for bound for Glory.

Savannah Evans vs. Lady Frost

Evans has Tasha Steelz in her corner before the match begins. Frost starts off by raining down strikes to Evans and is sent into the corner for a running shoulder to the ribs.

The comeback is cut off with a big boot and Evans in full control. Evans hits a Samoan drop but Frost manages to get back up and fire back with some running shoulders in the corner. That earns Frost a heck of a clothesline, setting up a full nelson slam to give Evans the pin.

Winner: Savannah Evans

This was your everyday average wham bam thank you mam squash match. With the whole match itself lasting only 7 ½ minutes I didn’t really understand why this match was on the card. I suppose they had to fill the gap with something and save time because of the Battle Royale later on in the evening. Even though the match was very short it was still entertaining with some exciting moves thrown in for good measure but it could have been longer.

After the match ends here come Deonna Purrazzo and Matthew Rehwoldt to address the impact fans as well as Savannah Evans. Purrazzo is here because she gets to pick Mickie James’ opponent for next week and Evans sounds like a good idea. Evans is up for it by the looks of things.

We now get a vignette promo from Steve Maclin saying people don’t know him or his background but he’ll let us in.

Where he comes from, there are people called ribbon chasers and they almost got him killed. Around here, he sees people chasing titles, but he’s going to win the X-Division Title because he wants a target on his back.

We now go to Gail Kim where she gives us a recap on what went down at Knockouts Knockdown, this also included the announcement that the IInspiration will get a Knockouts Tag Team Title shot at Bound For Glory.

Decay comes out of nowhere to say they shouldn’t have to defend the titles, but Kim gets a letter delivered to her, It seems to be from the IInspiration, they think it’s nice that Decay gets to share the ring with them. We wrap it up with “if this letter is not read out loud in an Australian accent, please start again from the beginning.” That was funny, but Rosemary is ready for violence and chaos at Bound For Glory.

I myself was super excited to see this interaction between Decay and the Iinspiration because I’ve been waiting for them to appear back within wrestling since their release from WWE. I hope that the Iinspiration actually win at bound for Glory as it seems like that is the most logical step for the two of them and hopefully, it will keep getting better from here.

VSK vs. Rich Swann

Brian Myers and Willie Mack are here too. VSK strikes away to start and scores with a fast fireman’s carry backbreaker. A slam into a splash gives VSK two and we’re already in the chinlock. Swann fights up and slugs away, setting up a neckbreaker. The Phoenix splash finishes it.

Winner: Rich Swann

I’m sorry but this whole entire match was a waste of time. It lasted approximately three minutes, what was the point?! I understand you have squash matches in order to show the wrestlers strength and power but it doesn’t really add anything to a feud or develop anything further, it just makes everybody wonder what the point was, especially as the dominant superstar in the match wasn’t the one who won.

We now get a video package where we see Johnny Swinger is cleaning out Swinger’s Palace but Hernandez comes in to take all of his money. One of the Swingerellas comes up to Swinger and asks him out. That’s a no, and she walks away in tears. Swinger leaves, so here is Chris Sabin to see the place one more time. Swingerella #2 (or Riley) says she likes him but his love is the wrestling ring. She leaves, so Sabin sits down and we get a montage of moments from the Palace. I never really watched Impact while this segment was going on in the past but it seems like it was a pretty entertaining skit for the brand and many people seem to like it, but I think I was a bit late to the party as I have only been reviewing Impact for three weeks so far.

We head backstage again and Heath comes in to see Scott D’Amore and is ready to sign his contract. One thing is on his mind though: he wants his first match to be at Bound For Glory and wants to team with Rhino against Violent By Design. D’Amore doesn’t think Rhino is interested, but Heath will fight by himself if Rhino doesn’t show up. That’s good enough for D’Amore and the contract is signed.

Chris Bey vs. Chris Sabin

Bullet Club comes out with Chris Bey and FinJuice are with Chris Sabin.

The match starts with both men feeling each other out, Sabin shouldering him down and grabbing a quickly broken armbar. They fight over armdrags and that means an early standoff.

The guys on the floor almost get into a fight so the referee tosses them out before anything can happen.

We settle down to Sabin grabbing a snap suplex for two but Bey ties him in the ropes for a middle rope elbow. Another elbow gets two on Sabin, setting up a top rope clothesline for the same. The chinlock goes on but Sabin fights up and scores with a pretty hard kick to the chest.

A rolling fisherman’s buster (as in a fisherman’s suplex but Sabin rolls through and hits a buster) gets two on Bey, who kicks him in the head again for another near fall. Back up and they trade clotheslines for a double knockdown. They slug it out until Bey loads up a rolling…something, only to get kicked out of the air. The Cradle Shock finishes Bey.

Winner: Chris Sabin

This was fun and exciting at the same time, which is quite hard to pull off. The two of them are both able to go in the ring and do just about whatever they want it seems, which is rather hard to pull off. Sabin is a legend within the wrestling world and it makes sense to warm him up again, even if that means beating Bey clean in a good match.

We are backstage for an interview with Trey Miguel who is ready for the X-Division Title match and has already beaten a few people. Cue one of those wrestlers in Alex Zayne, who says Miguel never beat him. That’s fine with Miguel and a match is made, for some reason with an allegory about a chicken sandwich. Also of note: Zayne TOWERS over Miguel and it’s a bit of a strange visual.

We also get another video from The Good Brothers who are still on holiday living the high life and are ready to be back at Bound For Glory. Now get them some opponents.

It is now time for what everybody has been waiting for; The battle royal in order to determine the entrance for the Call Your Shot gauntlet match.

Battle Royal

most of the competitors are already in in the ring including Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Fallah Bahh, Moose, Hernandez, W. Morrissey, Brandi Lauren, Kimber Lee, Matt Cardona, Johnny Swinger, Petey Williams, Alisha Edwards, Matthew Rehwoldt, Jake Something, Brian Myers, Rachael Ellering, Laredo Kid, Black Taurus, and Raj Singh.

According to the rules the wrestler who wins the match gets the number 20 in the gauntlet match and the first superstar eliminated gets to enter the match first (essentially this is like having a qualifying match for the Royal Rumble if you’re thinking in WWE terms).

Things are always hectic when it comes to a battle royale match so it’s hard to kind of keep focus half the time, but Adz all time favourite wrestler Moose is the 1st to start eliminating competitors from the ring as he tosses Alisha out in a hurry and Swinger eliminates himself to get away from Lauren and Lee. Austin hides behind Fulton and Cardona tosses Williams. Cardona can’t eliminate Myers as the Learning Tree catches him for the save, only to have Ellering kick Myers out instead. Kid is tossed with Taurus and Hernandez following. There goes Rehwoldt, followed by Ellering and Singh. The ring is getting cleared out a bit, there is a bunch of brawling and near eliminations until Austin kicks Something out. Fulton shrugs off some mist and helps Austin get rid of Lauren and Lee. Cardona takes too long loading up a running boot and gets tossed, leaving us with Moose, Morrissey, Fulton, Austin and Sabin. Fulton gets the better of a brawl between the giants until a double big boot knocks him out.

We then cut to Fulton saving Austin from an elimination. Austin tries to get together with the monsters, who toss him out in a hurry. Sabin manages to low bridge Moose to the apron and kicks the leg out, leaving us with two. A missile dropkick puts Morrissey down but Moose pushes him back over the top. Morrissey unloads on Sabin before tossing him out for the win.

Winner: W Morrissey

I have to admit matches like these are usually really difficult to kind of follow and focus on, because the main reason is you have bodies flying every which way and there’s just too much going on.

I do enjoy matches like these but kind of zone out in the middle of them especially when a wrestler I’m not remotely interested in wins the whole thing, but I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean that W Morrisey will win the actual match at Bound For Glory (here’s hoping anyway).

All in all this was not a bad show I just feel as if Impact may have taken the foot off the gas in terms of excitement because other then the Battle Royal itself the show wasn’t as exciting as previous weeks.

I’m not entirely sure whether it’s just me expecting too much from them because of the excitement that they gave me when I did my first review but that’s only my opinion, but what do you guys think?

Why not let us know in the comments below?

Thank you for reading and I will see you back again next week with another Wheely Good Impact Review.