Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review 14th July 2022

Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review 14th July 2022

After a really good episode of Impact last week, we’re back with another interesting card, fingers crossed it will be exciting one.


Let’s roll on with this review shall we.

As always, we have a brief recap on what went down on last week’s show, focusing on the Alan Angels and Mike Bailey match before they were attacked by VBD, also VBD called out Josh Alexander which prompted Eric Young to come out.

 Deaner’s backstage with Doring and says that he hasn’t seen Eric so they’ll have to do it alone. He questions if it’s a chance to prove themselves.


Violent By Design Vs. Josh Alexander & The Motor City Machine Guns


 It looks as if Eric Young has left his boys high and dry as VBD make their entrance alone. Josh and the MCMG make their entrances and still no Eric.

Commentary doing a good job selling Eric’s displeasure with his group, the bell rings and we officially have a handicap match, but wait…Eric Young comes out at the last minute.

He makes a full entrance like the true heel and leader he is, Deaner and Doering are still confused, Eric avoids Deaner who is yelling at him as the match starts.


Josh and Deaner grapple and Deaner hits with a knee to the midsection and slap to the face for good measure, Josh counters with a suplex into a wristlock. Josh goes for a slap to the back of the head as Shelley tags in dropping Deaner with a series of chops.


Shelley hits a shoulder breaker and has Sabin do the same from the apron. Sabin tags in shot to the shoulder and then slams it into the mat.

Sabin has a wristlock applied, Josh tags in uppercut to the arm, Deaner delivers a chop Josh returns with a stiff one and the second one drops Deaner. 

Deaner is in the corner, Josh goes for an ankle lock, Deaner clambers to the outside to force the break with help from Doering, Eric Young hits a cheap shot to Josh.

Deaner backs Josh into the corner, Doering tags in and pulls of a body slam elbow drop combo.

Doering sets Josh in the corner and Deaner tags in, Deaner with an assisted dropkick to the back of Josh. Deaner locks in a choke to Josh as the referee counts for the break. Eric Young tags in and they both nail Josh with a kick to the head. Eric covers and pulls Josh to the corner tagging in Doering. Doering has a wristlock, Josh attempts to break free but Doering hits him with a shot and tags in Deaner. Deaner hits with a stiff kick to the midsection and suplex into a cover.

Shelley breaks up the pin. Deaner hits another shot to Josh as he tags in Doering. Eric walks away from the group allowing Deaner and Doering to do most of the work. There’s Another elbow drop from Doering. Doering twists the neck of Josh who fights his way to his feet but takes a big boot for his efforts.

Josh fights back with strikes to Doering and tries to lift him onto his shoulders but Doering fights free. Josh hits an elbow to the face he bounces off the ropes and runs right into a cross body from Doering. Shelley checks on Josh.

Sabin tags in and he drops Doering with a dropkick allowing Deaner to tag in, Sabin goes for an armdrag to Deaner he runs into a right hand from Shelley, one from Sabin another from Sabin, Deaner gets sent in the corner he takes a double team from the MCMG, Shelley with a diving crossbody to Deaner. Sabin with a neck breaker to Eric Young who rolls out of the ring.

Shelley hits the flatliner, Sabin also hits with the dropkick off the top rope, Sabin covers Deaner for two. Sabin lifts Deaner up for the cradleshock, Deaner counters they run into each other with a double cross body and both crawl for tags.

Eric and Alexander tag in and they stare each other down. They exchange forearms, Josh with a back body drop to Eric, Josh with a spear to Eric in the corner and a northern lights suplex, Josh covers for two. Josh goes for the C4 Spike but Deaner breaks it up.

Eric goes for an enziguri Josh catches him and locks in an ankle lock, young sends Josh into the corner Shelley tags in, Deaner into the ring he hits Shelley with a neck breaker sending him into Eric who drops Shelley with another neck breaker and covers for two. Sabin tags in they hit some classic MCMG tandem offense on Deaner, Eric Young tags in but they drop him with a double superkick.

Doering is now in the ring, he drops Sabin, setting Shelley up for a powerbomb, Sabin breaks it up, Josh clotheslines Doering out of the ring. Josh assists Sabin onto the apron and he hits Doering with a dive onto the outside. Shelley rolls Deaner into the motor city stretch, Eric tries to make the save but he gets caught in an ankle lock from Josh Alexander. Deaner finally taps just before Eric does as well.


Winner: Josh Alexander & The Motor City Machine Guns


My thoughts: What a great tag match to open show, both teams delivered here and then some. I’m really in to the story between Eric and VBD they did a good job building on it in this match. Josh and the MCMG worked really well together, I could see them teaming up again in the future and I can’t wait to see how this story will develop.


We now get a Killer Kelly promo video; this didn’t get me interested in her debut like the un like the one from last week.


Steve Maclin Vs. James Storm

 It seems as though Steve Maclin has aligned with Moose as he helped him defeat Sami Callihan, now Storm has taken exception to this and wants to take Maclin out before he gets his hands on Moose, I’m not a 100% as to why but the commentary team speculates about old issues.

They lockup to start things off, Storm breaks it. Maclin goes behind and hits with shot to the back. Storm is backed into the corner takes a chop from Maclin, Maclin sends him into the ropes and nails him with an elbow to the face before slapping away at the back of his head taunting him.

Storm fights back, he’s sent into the ropes and returns with a toss to Maclin who regroups in the corner. Storm sends Maclin into the corner and follows and hits with a sling blade but didn’t get all of it by the looks of things.

Maclin is on the outside to regroup before getting back in at count of 7. Storm with some right hands to Maclin before winding up with a final one as Maclin’s backed up into the ropes. Maclin goes for a thumb to the eye as the referee is in the way, Maclin hangs storm up on the top rope and stomps away at Storm into the corner.

Maclin hits a backbreaker, he drops the knee across the back of Storm, Storm fights back and sends Maclin into the corner but Maclin counters with a modified running urinage. Maclin covers for two and then hangs up Storm on the middle rope.

Maclin runs and drops the knee across the back of Storm. Maclin sends Storm face first into the top turnbuckle, again on the other side of the ring. He does it again and Storm is hyping himself up as Maclin watches on. Storm turns around into a right hand from Maclin but he blocks it and Storm runs wild Maclin hits with a number of strikes.

Is now in Maclin in the corner, Storm with the neck breaker and covers Maclin for two. Storm with the huricanrana to Maclin off the top rope, Storm up top and hits an elbow drop onto Maclin, he covers but Maclin kicks out at two. Storm with an ugly codebreaker, Maclin dodges a superkick, Storm rolls up Maclin but Maclin kicks out and sends Storm face first into the exposed turnbuckle. Maclin with the DDT and covers for the win.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Post-match: The lights go out and Sami appears but Maclin is the smartest man in wrestling and runs up the ramp while the lights are out to avoid Sami at all costs.

My Thoughts: This was a good match a bit slow, the outcome was to be expected Maclin aligning himself with Moose it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Chris Sabin is backstage and tells Scott to please take him into consideration when considering the next number one contender. He tells Scott he felt something when he held the Impact Wrestling World Championship.

Scott tells Sabin he will allow him to earn his World Title shot he says he noticed Shelley helped them win the tag match earlier tonight so next week they will square off to determine the number one contender. That’s a hell of a match and a solid selection for the next #1 contender.


Chelsea Green Vs. Mickie James

On last weeks Impact we saw Deonna lose her #1 contenders match against Mia Yim, now her friend Chelsea looks to settle the score with Mickie James who has recently aligned herself with Mia, let’s see what happens here.

Chelsea a kiss to Mickie to start this one off, Mickie with one of her own. Both women looking to play mind games in this one.

They both exchanging strikes as Mickie backs Chelsea into the corner. They exchange more strikes and Chelsea rolls into the ropes. Mickie tries to grab Mickie and Chelsea dumps her onto the outside and it’s a rough landing.

Chelsea tells the ref to count as Mickie is slow to get up. Mickie is on her feet and Chelsea attempts a baseball slide, Mickie moves and catches Chelsea, Mickie sends Chelsea into the ring post then drops her with a seated senton. Mickie tosses Chelsea back into the ring and heads up to the top rope as Chelsea dumps her off and covers for two.

Chelsea hits with a dropkick to Mickie and again covers for two. Chelsea locks in a camel clutch but Mickie fights her way out. Chelsea tries to go with a ripcord strike but Mickie ducks. Mickie with a huricanrana out of the corner then a running kick to the face, Mickie covers for two.

Chelsea back is on the attack and lays into Mickie with some strikes. Chelsea goes with a knee to the back and pulls back on the arms of Mickie, Mickie bridges to counter and send Chelsea into the corner. Mickie kicks the midsection she bounces off the ropes and runs right into a pump kick from Chelsea. Chelsea hits with a stomp to the back of Mickie’s head sending her face first into the bottom turnbuckle.

Chelsea tells Mickie to get the hell out of her ring, Chelsea holds the ropes open for Mickie allowing Mickie to hit a kick to the back of the head. Mickie hits a second kick that drops Chelsea onto the ramp.

Mickie crawls up the ramp after Chelsea, but is sent face first into the Tron. Chelsea slaps Mickie and sends her into the ring, Chelsea runs right into a neck breaker from Mickie. Chelsea goes for a forearm to Mickie, Mickie hits one of her own then drops Chelsea with a clothesline, then two more. Mickie up top and hits the seated senton onto Chelsea and covers for two.

Mickie hits the mick kick and covers Chelsea for two but she gets the bottom rope. Chelsea goes for a shot to the knee, Chelsea then hits a curb stomp and covers but she had a handful of Mickie’s gear, stupid girl, Chelsea covers again but of course Mickie kicks out.

Chelsea goes for the imprettier but Mickie counters and rolls her up for two. Chelsea again with a curb stomp attempt but Mickie move, Chelsea misses an enziguri but Mickie sells anyway, Mickie hits a kick.

Chelsea rolls up Mickie and gets her feet on the ropes and picks the pin fall.

Winner: Chelsea Green

My Thoughts: This match had some good and bad points but the match was just average for me. It shows what a professional Mickie is by selling moves that don’t even look convincing or hit to make Chelsea look good here.


Rosemary is hesitant about taking Taya to the undead realm but she finally agrees and tells her they get in to get Havok and get out before they transport to some really dark room with scary sound effects.

Rosemary tells Taya her rules don’t apply as she asks about directions and as she’s on a tangent Taya walk into some light. Taya is in an all-white room and says this is totally more her vibe. Taya backs up into Havok as Rosemary realizes what has happened and follows Taya into the light.

Rosemary of course much less interested in the light but finds Havok and taps her on the shoulder. Taya tells Rosemary she’s so happy to find her and she says “I see you’ve met Jessica” who smiles big at Rosemary to end the segment.

We get a recap of Gujar beating Swinger on BTI and he tells Meyers he won so what’s next. Meyers tells Gujar he’s on his way but he can’t challenge until he has that blue checkmark. Does he even have social media?


Tenille Vs. Masha Slamovich

Masha with a spinning backfist early sending Tenille to the outside. Masha pulls Tenille back into the ring and hits her with a dragonscrew then a big boot in the corner. Masha lifts her up and hits the snowplow before covering for the win.

Winner: Masha Slamovich
My thoughts: Another Masha squash nothing more to add really.

 We get a recap of the attack on Bailey last week before Gia asks him about the assault. Bailey says he’s been thinking about Deaner a lot. He says his open challenge for his championship has gotten a lot of attention. He tells Deaner if he wanted his attention all he had to do was ask. Bailey says he will have a match with Deaner next week before thanking Gia and walking off.

Gia is now with Mickie and asks what’s next for her and Mickie says you’re only as good as your last match, Gia asks Mickie where she’s going and she says she’s going home.

Honor No More Vs. The Bullet Club

While Honor No More are making their entrance Heath attacks Vincent from behind taking him out on the ramp and dipping out through the crowd, Honor No More spent the last five minutes in a state of confusion waiting for the Bullet Club.

Bey and Eddie start Edwards with a headlock, sent into the ropes by Bey, Eddie with a shoulder block. Bey fights back and hits Eddie with a springboard armdrag then a roll up for two. 

Eddie tags in Kenny King and he runs right into a kick from Bey, Bey tags Ace in and they hit King with some tandem offense. Ace looking a bit more confident or serious, Taven tags in and talks trash to Ace and eats a forearm for his troubles.

Ace with a dropkick to Taven. Taven gets to his feet and drops Ace with a right hand. Bennett tags in and sends Ace into a boot from Taven, Taven looks to dropkick Ace but Bennett gets hit instead. The Bullet Club all enter the ring and all hell breaks loose. All members of Honor No More sent to the outside and the Bullet Club stand tall.

Karl Anderson tags in and lays into Taven in the corner before launching him into the opposing corner. Gallows tags in and then send Taven into the ropes dropping him with a double shoulder block.

Gallows hits a series of strikes to Taven in the corner. Taven fights back but bounces off the ropes into a clothesline from Gallows. Bey tags in and uses Gallows for the assisted legdrop. A little too slow on impact as Taven kicks out at two.

Taven runs into a kick to the face from Bey, Bey with a spinning kick and Bennett grabs Bey but he’s sent off into the mat. Bey drops all of Honor No More off the apron and hits a dropkick to Bennett through the ropes.

Bey on the ropes King then holds onto his feet holding him up allowing Taven to hit a backdrop off the ropes.  King lays into Bey in the corner. King is then sent into the corner but Bey counters for a roll up King counters into a Boston crab and tags in Eddie Edwards.

Bey tries to make a tag but Eddie prevents it and hits Bey with a belly-to-belly suplex. Bennett tags in and hits Bey with a kick to the chest, Bennett hits a clothesline and covers for two.

Taven tags in and they hit Bey with a forearm followed by a splash and DVD from Bennett. Taven with a running knee and covers Bey for a two count. King tags in and lays into Bey before tagging in Edwards, they’re keeping Bey separated.

Bey with a spinning kick to Edwards, both men down. Bey makes a tag to Karl and the referee is distracted so it’s not legal. Honor No More with the beat down on Bey while the ref is distracted.

Taven lifts Bey into a powerbomb from Eddie but he counters with a rana then a kick to the face of Taven he dodges Bennett and tags in Karl this one is legal. Karl takes out all of Honor No More on the apron and hits Taven with a scoop slam he bounces out of the turnbuckle and hits a senton onto Taven. Karl with a neck breaker to Taven and he plays it up. He tags in Doc and calls the magic killer.

Eddie slides in and breaks it up. Gallows drops Eddie, King drops Gallows, bey drops King, Bennett drops King, Ace drops Bennett, Taven drops Ace, Gallows with a big boot to Taven. Karl slides in they attempt a Magic Killer to Taven Bennett distracts the ref allowing Maria to hit Gallows with a low blow. Blockbuster to Karl, Eddie with the Boston knee party. Taven off the top and he covers Gallows for the Win.


Winner: Honor No More

My Thoughts: A typical eight-man tag but finally Honor No Longer get a victory in my eyes it needed to happen because you can’t have them lose all the time.

Another great episode of Impact this week with many of the matches delivering and only one falling a little disappointing. The only thing I will say is Impact improvement with their production especially when it comes to the backstage segments.

I may be being a little over critical but I feel this is something they need to work on, with that being said ill se you all next week.