Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review 12th May 2022

He's been spinning his wheels for ages,but Kyle is FINALLY back with a new Impact Wrestling Review!

Kyle’s Wheely Good Impact Review 12th May 2022

What's up everyone, after a very lengthy hiatus I am finally back with another impact review for you all. 

In this week's show Impact are set to build to their answer to Wrestlemania, you guessed it, it’s the one and only Slammiversary! We will see Chris Bey and Kenny King will face off in an Ultimate X Qualifying Match. Not only that, we will also find out who is challenging for the Impact World Title as Impact as there will be a Gauntlet for the Gold match, certainly something that makes the show a lot more entertaining than usual I'd say. 

With that being said let's roll on with this review shall we. 

Tom and Rehwoldt are in the ring to open the show tell us that tonight’s main event will feature the return of the gauntlet for the gold and give us a recap on what that match is all about, (for those who may not know I guess) A 20-person gauntlet style match up for a change at the Impact World Championship. We see Moose, Sabin, Morrisey, Edwards, Shark Boy and others speak about their desire to win the Gauntlet.  

Kenny King VS. Chris Bey 

Ultimate X Qualifying Match 

As the commentary team talk about the upcoming battle royale they are interrupted by King making his entrance, as we return to the commentary table and are joined by none other than Maria Kanellis. 

Hannifan wished a belated Mother's Day even though this was filmed on Mother’s Day.  

The match starts with a lockup and King takes control early, Bey counters out momentarily but King regains control with a headlock. Bey manages to fight his way out but King uses the dreadlocks to pull Bey back into the hold, Bey counters into a wristlock but King counters with an arm drag, Bey with an arm drag of his own. King sends Bey into the ropes; he ducks a kick and drops King with a kick of his own.  

King slides to the outside to regroup, Bey teases a dive but King moves just in time Bey hits a kick to King as he heads outside and lays into him with strikes before sending him back into the ring.  

King slides right back out and hits Bey with a forearm. Bey catches King with a dive to the outside, both men back inside, Bey dives into the corner but misses King, Bey climbs to the middle rope but King pulls his leg out from under him dropping him on to the top turnbuckle. King lifts Bey up into a full nelson but Bey counters into a roll up.  

King goes for a powerslam on Bey and covers for a two count, King then goes another scoop slam and follows with a springboard leg drop but Bey moves out of the way.  

King then charges at Bey in the corner again Bey moves and lays into King with a combination of strikes, Bey catches King with a jumping uppercut in the corner. Bey goes up the top with a diving forearm, he lifts King onto his shoulders and drops him, Bey Covers for a two count. King catches Bey, hits him with his chin and then a Tiger driver, King covers for a two count but Bey kicks out.  

Bey tries a springboard off the ropes, King pulls the middle rope from under him dropping Bey right onto the back of his head. King covers and would’ve won but he tried to use the ropes and was caught so he only gets a two count.  

Bey hits with a springboard DDT, he covers King for a two count. Bey hits with a kick to the head of King, he goes for art of finesse but King counters. Bey shoves King off and hits him with a sliced bread. Bey heads to the top but

Maria distracts him, King then catches Bey with a leaping uppercut and goes for a superplex, Bey shoves King off the top rope but he does a moonsault, lands on his feet and nails Bey with a kick. King hits Bey with the Royal Flush and covers for the win. 

Winner: Kenny King 

My thoughts:  I love the Ultimate X Qualifying Match’s 90% of them are always exciting and it is safe to say that this one did not disappoint. The match had some great spots but the outcome of it was to be expected purely because Maria Kanellis was bound to get involved. 

Alisha Edwards is backstage now, knocking on Gisele’s door telling her they’re next. Shaw comes out and asks why she’s so bossy doesn’t she know you can’t rush perfection? Alisha says she knows but they are next and says chop chop and they make their way to the ring.  

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship 

Alisha Edwards & Gisele Shaw VS. The Influence 

Madison and Alisha start off with a lock up and go right for the roll up exchange neither actually gaining the upper hand. Alisha hits a neck breaker to Rayne and covers for two, Shaw tags in and they go for a double suplex but Tenille steps in with the save. Shaw and Alisha take control both dropping Tenille and Madison with thesz presses and some strikes before they head to the outside.  

Shaw and Tenille are in the ring trading holds. Shaw has a headlock and tags in Alisha who hits the double axe handle and covers for a two count. Tenille gets to her feet and kicks Alisha in the midsection, Alisha sends Tenille into her own corner. They don't make a tag allowing Alisha to drop Madison off the apron instead. Tenille still inside, Rayne grabs the foot of Alisha and Tenille with the neckbreaker and covers Alisha for a two count.  

Tenille backs Alisha up to the corner and chokes her with her foot, Tenille goes for an elbow to the back of the head.  

Madison tags in and stomps at Alisha before choking her in the corner. Rayne distracts the referee allowing Tenille to choke Alisha. Madison covers but again Alisha kicks out at two. Alisha fights back but Rayne drops her with a knee to the midsection, once again Rayne with another cover but only getting a two count. Rayne taunts Alisha holding her arm telling her to reach for the tag but holding her back to prevent it. Rayne with a headlock on Alisha, Alisha fights out but Rayne sends her face first into her knee and immediately follows with a neck breaker, Rayne covers for two.  

Rayne tries to drop Shaw off the apron but she doesn’t manage it.  She’s now mad and tries to come back in but the ref stops her. Alisha fights back and drops Madison with an enziguri. Rayne prevents the tag but Alisha kicks her off and Shaw in with the hot tag. Shaw lays into Madison with uppercuts then a kick to the midsection of Tenille, she ducks under a kick from Tenille with a split then kicks her in the face.  

Gisele with a DDT to Madison and covers for two, she slaps the mat and sets Madison up in the corner. Madison sends Shaw faces first into the middle turnbuckle but Alisha is there for the tag. Alisha catches Rayne with a flatliner and covers for a two count but Tenille breaks it up.  

Shaw is mad and distracts the ref allowing Tenille to hit her from behind. Madison uses Alisha and sends her into the midsection of Shaw like a spear. They drop Alisha with the Collab and Tenille covers for the victory. 

Winner: The Influence 

My thoughts: This match wasn't exactly brilliant and it felt like some spots were a little bit off. It was like everybody got slightly confused and some of the corner spots especially looked as if they were in the wrong place, which made the whole match seem a little sloppy and awkward at times. 

VBD are backstage to cut a promo stating that they will recapture the tag team championships that they lost to the Briscoes and they’ll do it quickly. 

Gail Kim is in the ring and she tells everybody that Impact will be celebrating 20 years at Slammiversary, she announces the first ever Queen of the Mountain match that will take place at  Slammiversary.  

Gail announces the five competitors for the match Tasha Steelz, Chelsea Green, Jordynne Grace, Deonna Purrazzo  and before she can announce the final participant Tasha Steelz comes out to interrupt of course. Tasha says WOW multiple times before telling Gail she’d do anything to take the title off of her.  

She asks if it’s because she beat the last of her generation not once but twice. She says Gail was going to announce the fifth person before she so rudely interrupted.  

Tasha says Gail doesn’t have to announce the final competitor because Tasha will do it. Tasha announces Savanah Evans as the final entrant.  

Gail denies Savanah an opportunity because all of the competitors are former Knockouts World champions. Gail announces Mia Yim as the final competitor for the Queen of the Mountain match. Tasha says once again she brought someone off the street to cut the line and get an opportunity and she thinks she’s taking things personally.  


If Gail wants to get personal, they can get personal Tasha says before getting in Gail’s face. Mia interrupts to make the save and a brawl breaks out. Mia takes out Tasha and Savanah. She celebrates momentarily before Deonna comes out to attack her. We get a three on one beatdown until Jordynne and Taya come out to even the odds. Jordynne with the final shot dropping Tasha with a spine buster.  

Rich Swann is backstage with Gia and he says the opportunity to win the Gauntlet for the Gold doesn’t come every week. He’s a champion who lost and never got a rematch so he knows how hard it is to become champion. Swann talks trash to Cardona for calling his title the Digital Media World Championship, because it’s not a world title but he’d love to have it. Swann says when it comes to tonight, he’s ready to fight. All. Night Long. 

Jay White & El Phantasmo vs. Josh Alexander & Ishii 

Jay teases starting this before tagging in El Phantasmo instead. Phantasmo locks up but he’s sent right to the corner. Phantasmo tries to grapple with Josh but is unsuccessful and he quickly counters and takes Phantasmo to the mat with a wrist lock. Phantasmo escapes and makes the tag, Jay calls for Ishii so Josh makes the tag.  

Jay and Ishii exchange strikes, Jay drops him with strikes to the back then a forearm to the face but Ishii fires up and sends him to the corner. Jay with another forearm and Ishii drops Jay to a knee with a shot of his own.  

Ishii with a forearm sending Jay to the mat, Ishii drops Phantasmo with a lariat and goes for the brainbuster on Jay but he counters, Ishii goes again but Jay counters with a DDT right onto the top of the skull of Ishii. Phantasmo attacks Josh on the outside after taking him off the apron while the ref is distracted with Jay.  

Phantasmo tags in and heads to the top. Jay holds Ishii in position and he comes down massive back rake not once but twice and he covers Ishii for two.  

Jay tags in, and he lays into Ishii with a back rake. Jay chokes Ishii in the ropes and another back rake. Phantasmo tags in, wristlock then spring boards around just to hit another back rake. 

Jay tags in Ishii is focused on Phantasmo, Jay with a back rake once again, Ishii lays into Jay and Phantasmo, they duck under Ishii and both men with the back rake.  

Jay backs Ishii into the corner and hits some toooo sweet chops in the corner, Jay goes for one more and Ishii no sells it.  

He ducks another chop, Ishii counters another, both men to the mat after chops and Josh and Phantasmo tag in. Josh on fire lays into Phantasmo with a forearm in the corner. Phantasmo runs into another forearm.  

Josh hits with the Germans on Phantasmo but he counters on the third, he goes for one of his own Josh counters into an ankle lock. Phantasmo counters out, Josh with a C4 spike on Jay Phantasmo goes for the diving cross body he covers for two.  

Ishii tags in and hits Phantasmo with a clothesline in the corner. Ishii ducks a clothesline, Phantasmo goes for a suplex but Ishii counters and hits a German suplex. Ishii goes for the basement lariat, Jay catches him and trips him up, Phantasmo heads off the ropes but he’s tripped up by Josh.  

Josh sends Jay to the outside. Josh and Ishii lay into Phantasmo. Josh lifts Phantasmo up and Ishii hits the basement lariat. Josh prevents Jay from breaking the hold, Ishii with the brainbuster and he covers for the win. 

Winner: Josh Alexander & Ishii 

My thoughts: this match was full on from start to finish, in my opinion this is the match of the night. What a way to build up to the main event. 

The Briscoes respond to VBD and they say they aren’t afraid of Joe Doring, they’ll knock the cowboy hat off his dang head and cut him down like a big ass tree. They say the titles aren’t going anywhere as Mark barks at the camera. 

The Gauntlet for The Gold 

20 man battle royal #1 Contender 

(Disclaimer this is going to be difficult to keep up with so I apologise if I mess up). 

We got Sabin and Shelley kicking this one off. Grappling early. Pretty slow start as Sabin and Shelley just exchange holds neither really angling for an elimination. Sabin with an arm drag as we await the third entrant. Representing Honor No More we get Eddie Edwards.  now there is someone else to focus on and they do but Eddie takes control laying both men out with a poke to the eyes and a headbutt.  

Eddie with another headbutt before the Guns regain control with a tag team attack on Eddie. Eddie again fights off both men, Rehwoldt says he’s going to need backup and immediately we get a countdown, Vincent comes out. Shocker. Vincent and Shelley exchange strikes as Eddie works over Sabin in the corner. Shelley runs into a knee from Vincent. Vincent with a leg sweep on Shelly and follows with an elbow. Eddie screams that’s what he’s talking about right before Shelley counters, sending him into Vincent allowing Sabin to assist him with the tag team manoeuvre. Shelley and Sabin with combination strikes to Vincent inspiring a response from the crowd. The countdown begins again, and Steve Maclin is out next. Maclin gets in the face of Eddie and Vincent, Vince whispers into his ear and Maclin lifts Shelley up, setting him up in a tree of woe in front of Sabin.  


Maclin with the double spear on both men in the corner. That’s sick. Vincent to the top and hits the Swanton on Shelley. Vincent and Eddie go to eliminate Shelley while Maclin tries to dump Sabin but it’s unsuccessful as we get the next entrant. AND IT’S!!! Shark Boy! Shark Boy hits the ring and runs wild on everybody with a stunner for Maclin. Eddie and Vincent catch Shark Boy from behind, he counters a corner attack allowing the MCMG to hit their wonderful combination moves on Eddie Edwards. Sabin and Shelley send Eddie and Vincent into a double stunner from Shark Boy. Shark Boy and the MCMG hug it out as we go to break. Back from break and somehow no one has been eliminated. Rahj Singh is in the ring after making his entrance during the break. Of course, Gujar is out now and he catches Rahj. Gujar with a slingblade to Maclin and a clothesline to Eddie. I stand corrected as Shark Boy got eliminated and  

Trey Miguel also made his entrance with a really sweet spot but of course it was during the break. Gujar has Singh on the apron looking to eliminate him but Singh counters, Singh looks to jump into the ring but he’s hit with a superkick and eliminated. They say Rahj could’ve used back up so of course Shera comes out. Shera and Gujar exchange strikes. Shera backs Gujar into the corner and eats from forearms and rights for his effort. Shera has Gujar in the corner and hits him with a shoulder to the mid-section. Macklin and Sabin in one corner while Shera continues attacking Gujar. Maclin hangs Trey up looking for the elimination but Trey hangs on. BIG MAN W.  

Morrisey is on his way. Morrisey drops Vincent and Eddie, he catches Maclin with a chokeslam, SHEESH. Black hole slam to Vincent. Shera chokes Morrisey but Morrisey sends him into the rope and eliminates him. Morrisey then eliminates Vincent. Trey nearly dumped by Sabin as the next entrant is out and it’s Eric Young. I never care much for Eric, but I will admit in terms of Impact legends who have been here for a long time it could be worse. Eric goes right for Morrisey and hits him with a piledriver after hitting him with his mask. Gujar ducks a mask shot as referees check on Morrisey, hopefully he’s not really hurt. Eric looks to dump Gujar but he manages to hang on and tries to eliminate Eric, Eric counters and there goes Gujar. I must say if they really wanted to get Gujar over, he needed a longer run probably even final four. Morrisey continues to be checked on in the corner. That piledriver did look a bit stiff. The next entrant is Swinger Daddy. Zicky Dice has a makeshift entrance cart and it’s freaking brilliant. Swinger in and Swinger dumped out. Right back into the cart as Zicky pushes him out. Heath made his entrance during the break as did Black Taurus. Rhino is out as we return and he gores Eddie Edwards right away. Wow Alex Shelley eliminated during the break, a big reason why a royal rumble style match on tv may not work. Trey also eliminated during the break. Not to be too picky but boy it makes no sense to see certain people eliminated by not them just poor pacing.  

MOOSE has arrived! Black Taurus tries to eliminate him but instead Moose eliminates him, then Rhino. I notice Morrisey is just gone with no explanation or I missed it, always possible. Heath trying to eliminate Moose but he counters and eliminates Heath instead. I see Morrisey on the outside with refs now, so it’s safe to say it’s probably not that bad. Swann enters and he breaks free of a Moose chokeslam and nails him with a kick, Swann with another kick then to the middle rope and a dropkick takes down Moose. Swann with a super kick then a handspring cutter on Moose. He doesn’t bother trying to eliminate Moose instead turning his attention to Eric Young. Out comes Matt Cardona, nope we got bamboozled it’s Rehwoldt in place of Cardona and he eliminates Rich Swann. Rehwoldt now leaves Hanifan to do all the work alone, what a heel. 

 Rehwoldt now looks to dump Sabin but he hangs on. That took all the air out of the crowd as they were excited to see Cardona and Rehwoldt is a massively underwhelming replacement, I get the heat but it makes little sense why not Brian Meyers? PCO is here and he runs wild on the participants that are still in the ring. We have PCO, Rehwoldt, Maclin, Eric, and Sabin with Morrisey outside and Moose also rolling under to the outside. Rehwoldt challenges PCO and gets tossed to the outside. Suddenly Morrisey is fine and back in the ring, he and PCO exchange strikes then both look for chokeslams, this allows Maclin to eliminate BOTH Morrisey and PCO. Maclin/Morrisey is a great next step for both guys who could easily be championship contenders.  

Moose back in the ring and he works over Eric but the lights go out and Sami Callihan is here with a bat in hand. Callihan hits Moose in the back, dumping him to the outside. Sami does the thumbs up and down before exiting the ring. We are down to the final three with Eric Young, Maclin and Chris Sabin. Maclin and Eric align to attack Sabin, he ducks a double clothesline and drops both men. Sabin with a kick to Maclin while he drops Eric with a tornado DDT. Maclin dropped to the apron he struggles with Sabin and finally he is eliminated by Sabin. Now the final two with the winner decided by pinfall. Thats not how it's supposed to work come on!!!!!  Eric with a cover on Sabin and nearly picks up the win. Eric lifts Sabin up and lays into him with forearms. Sabin fights back with a tornado DDT and covers Eric for a two count. Sabin goes for the Cradle shock Eric counters, Sabin with a rollup, again for the Cradle shock, Eric rakes the eyes and hits the piledriver on Sabin he covers and picks up the win. 

Winner: Eric Young  

Final thoughts: all in all, this was a pretty good show but The Gauntlet for The Gold was mad and very difficult to keep up with, but I thought it was supposed to be an over-the-top rope battle royal, but it seems when you get to the last two it turns into a singles match 

That’s all from me for this week, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week for more Impact Wrestling action!