Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review 11th November 2021

Kyle is back on his wheels with another Impact Review.........

Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review 11th November 2021

What’s up guys!!!! It's  Kyle back again for another Wheely Good Impact Wrestling review for you all.

As we are less than nine days away from Impact's Turning Point pay-per-view, and there are still a few matches to be decided for the event things should start really heating up.

With that being said, let’s roll on with the review shall we???

As always Impact opens up with a recap of last week’s events focusing on the impending Mickie James/Mercedes Martinez Knockouts Championship match and the Six Man Tag main event from last week.

#1 Contenders Match for the Impact Tag Team Titles
The Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & Chris Bey) w/ Hikuleo vs. Finjuice

Bey & El P are joined by Hikuleo for their big number one contender’s match. Bey and Finlay kick things off and Bey locks in a headlock but Finlay shows his strength, lifting and holding Bey in the air. Bey drops Finlay with a running shoulder tackle. Finlay with a quick roll up for two and follows with a snapmare almost immediately after. Finlay tags in Juice and we get some tag team action on Bey. Finlay exits the ring and Juice drops Bey with a scoopslam and follows it with a senton onto Bey.

Juice tags Finlay in and he’s immediately on the offensive. Finlay with the stomps to Bey as he crawls to the corner. Finlay tags Juice in and hits him with a suplex and Juice follows with a splash onto Bey. Juice with a delayed suplex on Bey but Bey reverses out. El P with the distraction on Juice and Bey drops him outside of the ring with a dropkick. The ref is distracted with Finlay and Bey so Hikuleo takes this time to lift Juice up and drop him on the barricade outside of the ring.

El Phantasmo tosses Juice in, Bey with the cover for one. Bey tags in Phantasmo and we get some fast paced tag team action on Juice ending with a lionsault pinfall attempt from El P. Juice kicks out at two but El Phantasmo lifts Juice up and tags in Bey. Bey to the top rope and hits a HUGE top rope back rake onto Juice. Bey tags El Phantasmo back in and he hits a HUGE top rope frog splash back rake of his own on Juice.

Juice gets to his feet and we get a strike exchange between Juice and El Phantasmo. Juice loads up for a big punch but El Phantasmo blocks it with a double titty twister. Juice with a straight right hand to El P to break up the submission and both men drop to the mat. Bey and Finlay both tag in, Finlay takes the offense quickly with a running uppercut to Bey and then dives to the outside on El Phantasmo. Finlay gets back into the ring and catches Bey in the corner with a splash Finlay with a cover but Bey kicks out at two.

Juice tags in and we get some tag team action on Bey and Juice follows with a cover for two before El P breaks up the pin. Juice tags Finlay in and drops Bey across his knee with a backbreaker. Finlay with an elbow drop onto Bey and follows with a cover. Finlay with a two count after El P breaks up the pin. Juice and Finlay take out El Phantasmo and set their sights on Bey. Juice tags in and hits Bey with a cannonball splash in the corner.

They lift Bey up for the doomsday device and El Phantasmo breaks it up. Finlay dives off onto Hikuleo on the outside. Bey and Juice exchange roll ups, El Phantasmo catches Juice with a pretty superkick and Bey rolls it into a pinfall. Bey gets the three count for the win!

Winners: Chris Bey & El Phantasmo

Post match: The Good Brothers come out and try to catch Bullet Club off guard but Hikuleo evens the odds. Gallows and Hikuleo exchange strikes before Hikuleo gets the advantage. Bullet Club stand tall as the Good Brothers make their way to the back.


My thoughts:  Impact’s openers are always impressive, these two teams are really great together, I think the finish was a bit sudden but it was still good and I have a feeling we will all see more of  Bullet Club, with them picking up the win it definitely makes a lot of sense.


Gia’s backstage now with Scott D’Amore and asks what we’ve all been asking; Why isn’t Josh Alexander in the #1 contenders match. Scott tries to make some lame excuse and Josh walks up. Josh asks why Scott can’t pick up his calls and asks why he’s not the number one contender. Scott says they’re great friends, he broke his wife into the business, so Josh should trust him. Scott says he needs to keep his emotions in check, of course he’s in the hunt but he says Suzuki is in his head just a little bit. Scott makes Josh vs. Suzuki for next week on Impact. That’s a great match, but what a lame reason to not give Josh a #1 contenders match. Hopefully, this leads to Josh losing his cool on Scott.

We then get a recap of Sam Beale getting his redemption over Brian Myers on Before the Impact. This leads to a lesson from Brian Myers. Myers tells his guys it was the most embarrassing match of his career. Zicky says he won a lot of money off last week’s match and gets slapped. VSK says its embarrassing he lost because VSK beat Beale a few weeks ago. Zicky gets slapped again. Brian gets upset and says he wants Beale


Kaleb with a K vs. Minoru Suzuki

Kaleb seems very uneasy before this match even starts, and let’s be honest, this is the face of a man who knows he is about to die.

The match starts and Suzuki backs Kaleb into the corner as we see Josh Alexander backstage. Kaleb with a kick to the midsection and goes for a suplex but Suzuki reverses and goes for an armbar. Kaleb gets to the ropes but Suzuki pulls him to the centre of the ring and locks in a leg submissions. Kaleb crawls to the ropes for the break.

Suzuki lets Kaleb get to his feet and Kaleb goes for a number of forearms but Suzuki eats them all. Kaleb chops Suzuki and it does nothing. Suzuki hits the Gotch piledriver for the victory and makes quick work of Kaleb.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki 

My Thoughts: This was ok I guess, it was no surprise to me that Kaleb with a K lost…. I've never seen Kaleb wrestle before and I can safely say I wasn’t impressed. I mean come on, if I had Suzuki for just a few weeks I might try to put together a better opponent than Kaleb. I suppose this is to help set up Josh vs. Suzuki, but it could have been done in a much better way.


Gia is backstage with Moose and asks him his thoughts on the triple threat #1 contender’s match. Moose gets it, these guys are all mad at him for different reasons. He has three dangerous men gunning after him, but he’s the champion because he’s the most dangerous man in that locker room. He says the one who should be concerned is the one who wins this match because they’ll have to wrestle the wrestling God. Moose.

I think I just heard Adz throw up in his mouth a little bit...

Decay vs. The Undead Brides

We get a short spooky stare down then Decay wastes little time taking control of this one, choking both the Undead Bridesmaids and sending them outside. The Iinspiration’s theme hits and they make their way out to the ring, they set up some chairs to watch the match as everyone is confused. The Undead Bridesmaids have the advantage early but Rosemary tosses Lauren into the corner and tags in Havok. Havok tosses Brandi into the corner and hits her with a big splash. Havok with a back breaker to Brandi. Rosemary with a spear and Havok follows with a cover for the three count.

Winners: Decay


Post match: Iinspiration make their way to the ring and insult Decay. Rosemary yells something scary into the camera and Decay leave, kind of just ignoring the Iinspiration.

My thoughts: I’m sorry, but in my opinion this match was way too short, I love to see the feud develop between Decay and the Iinspiration and I feel like Impact so far is going to be a very good home for them. I just would have liked to have seen a little bit more in this match because, from my recollection, I haven’t really seen Decay wrestle that much and I just wanted to see what skills they have.


We are now backstage with Heath and Rhino, Heath says the last year has been rough, but he did it to get back and help out his boy Rhino. Heath says he’s got his Rhino back and Rhino has his voice back. Rhino says he remembers the last year and there’s a poison in his mind, body, and soul, thanks to Eric Young. Rhino says he can’t purge the poison alone, but Heath can help. He says at Turning Point he and Heath will help purge the poison from Rhino’s body. He says he’s going to rip all of VBD in half with a GORE.


We have a backstage message from The Iinspiration, they say the Undead Bridesmaids had one job and they couldn’t even do that. They say if they couldn’t iinspire them to accomplish one simple task they’ll take them out of the Impact Knockouts tag team division next week.

Cut straight to a promo where Chris Sabin calls Ace Austin an idiot for his "I beat Chris Sabin" shirt, but he wants to challenge Austin to a match at Turning point. So it seems the shirt worked. He says he’s gonna wipe his ass with the shirt and shove it down his throat.

We recap Scott D’Amore making the match between Madison Rayne and Mercedes Martinez last week.

Madison Rayne vs. Mercedes Martinez 

Madison and Mercedes exchange words for a few seconds before Mercedes hits Madison with a huge forearm. Mercedes with a stalled Suplex and holds it for a bit before dropping and covering Madison for a two count. Mercedes lifts Madison up for a powerbomb but Madison counters out and hits Mercedes with a backcracker and covers for a two count. Madison chokes Mercedes in the ropes before breaking. Madison gets Mercedes in the corner and chokes her with her boot for the entirety of the referee's five count.

Mercedes fights back with a strike to the midsection but Madison locks in a modified cravat on Mercedes. Madison with some knees to the midsection and bounces off the ropes. Mercedes catches Madison with a tiger driver pinfall attempt for two. Madison kicks out and both women get to their feet. Martinez with a number of forearms to Madison and then drops her with a short DDT. Mercedes lifts Madison up for a suplex but Madison with a roll up for two.

Enziguri from Madison and follows with a neckbreaker to Martinez. Madison on the top rope and hits the blockbuster on Martinez and goes for a cover. Mercedes kicks out at two. Madison covers again, and again Martinez kicks out at two. Mercedes takes control with a running knee dropping Madison to the mat. Mercedes lifts Madison onto her shoulders and Madison goes for a roll up. Madison with a ripcord, looking for a cutter, but Martinez ends up rolling up Madison for the victory.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez


Post match: Madison attacks Martinez and connects with the ripcord cutter. Madison then exits the ring and grabs a chair. Madison looks to continue the attack but Mickie James hits the ring and makes the save, sending Madison running. Mercedes is thankful initially but follows that with an attack of her own on Mickie. I guess she’s not that thankful after all...

My thoughts:  This match was really good; this is what I have come to expect whenever I see these two in the ring. My only criticism is I would like Mercedes to get a more decisive victory going into her match with Mickie James but alas.


Steve Maclin is backstage and he recognizes he’s lost but no-one on the roster has been able to beat him. He says he deserves to be in the X Division title match. Trey Miguel interrupts him and says if he wants to be pinned or submitted all he has to do is ask. Scott D’Amore just happens to be there and asks what’s wrong, Trey says he likes Maclin’s attitude and wants to make it a triple threat match. Scott says he likes Trey’s moxie but he makes the matches. He says if Maclin can beat Laredo kid next week it’ll be a triple threat for the title at Turning Point. It’ll be a good match but why would Maclin even be interested in a multiperson match if that’s why he always loses?

Sam Beale is backstage with Swann and Willie Mack. He says he couldn’t thank Myers enough but next week when he faces Myers face to face with no notes it’ll be the true challenge. He says he’s seen Myers up close and personal, he was ringside for Myer’s Impact World title match. He has to do it on his own, he can’t have Rich Swann or Willie there for him. It’s him vs. Myers, Teacher vs. Student. Beale says he’s bringing everything Myers taught him and maybe, just maybe, he will be the one to teach him a lesson.

We get a recap from Rohit Raju yelling at Rocky Romero last week, setting up a match between the two for this week.

Rohit Raju vs. Rocky Romero

We get a lockup to start and Raju drops Romero with an arm drag takeover. Raju with a headlock on Romero and bounces off the ropes with a shoulder block to drop Romero. Both men to the outside and Romero jumps off the stairs onto Raju and does the Eddie Guerrero shoulder shake taunt.

Rohit and Romero exchange strikes, Rohit tosses Romero into the corner with such force he falls directly to the mat. Raju lifts Rocky to his feet but Romero counters with strikes of his own. Rohit Raju hits a suplex on Romero continuing to maintain the advantage in this match. Raju chokes Romero in the ropes as the ref makes his usual five count. Singh gets in on the action, choking Rocky and slapping him to the mat. Raju slams Rocky’s arm right onto the mat. Raju locks in a submission on the arm looking to make Rocky submit.

Rocky gets to his feet and fights out sending Raju into the corner. Rocky runs at Raju but runs right into a boot. Rocky drops Raju with a clothesline. Rocky regains control and tosses Raju onto the apron and kicks him right in the chest. Rocky goes for a sliced bread but Raju with a roll up. Raju with a flatliner on Rocky and goes for the cover and gets a two count. Raju to the top and goes for a double stomp but Rocky moves. Rocky looks for an armbar but Raju fights it initially. Rocky locks in the arm bar but Raj Singh distracts the ref and Rocky breaks the hold.

Raju tosses Rocky into the ropes and Rocky dives to the outside taking out Singh. Rocky on the apron and hits Raju. Rocky hits the running sliced bread on Raju and covers but Raju kicks out at two! Rocky and Raju exchange strikes as Raju looks for the jumping knee, but Rocky dodges it and hits a strike of his own. Rocky looks for a tornado DDT but Raju reverses out and hits a running knee to Rocky. Raju with a drive bye knee/kick and covers Rocky for the victory.

Winner: Rohit Raju


My Thoughts: This was a solid match and a significant victory for Raju who I have to say impressed me in this match. I look forward to seeing a lot more from him.


Johnny Swinger is backstage with Hernandez who says he can help Swinger with his problems, and Demon is his problem. He has a match set for next week against Demon and two others. Swinger says a two on three match isn’t much of a favor. Fallah Bahh says he wanted Swinger to owe him for once so he’s willing to team with them. Sweet.

Chelsea Green talks about how she should be the #1 contender for the Digital Media Championship. She announces a #1 contenders match that she’s in with Matthew Rehwaldt, Jake Something, and Alisha Edwards. Chelsea warns Jordynne Grace that she’s coming for her title and she better watch out.


Impact Wrestling World Championship #1 Contenders Match
Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey vs. Matt Cardona

Eddie and Cardona have their sights on Morrissey and both take their shot and eat big boots from Morrissey for their efforts. Morrissey goes after Edwards in the corner and eats a forearm. Morrissey and Edwards exchange shots and Morrissey chokes Edwards before tossing him out of the ring. Cardona looks to take advantage but eats a right hand from Morrissey for his efforts. Cardona off the ropes and runs into the brick wall that is W Morrissey. Morrissey with a right hand to Cardona.

Morrissey tosses Cardona into the corner and follows but eats two knees from Cardona. Morrissey runs into the corner again and this team eats a kick from Eddie Edwards. Cardona and Edwards work over Morrissey for a moment but he fights back and drops both Cardona and Edwards with a double chokeslam.

Morrissey is still in control. He drops Edwards off the ring apron and chokes Cardona on the ropes as the referee counts to five. Moose is watching this match from the rafters and we get a Moose chant. Morrissey with a splash on Cardona in the corner and tosses Cardona into the centre of the ring. Morrissey lays into the grounded Cardona with right hands. Morrissey with a chinlock on Cardona until Cardona fights out. Cardona off the ropes and looks for a crossbody but Morrissey catches him and tosses him over his head. Cardona on the apron and Morrissey drops him onto the guardrail with a big boot. Edwards back into the ring and rolls up Morrissey for a two count.

Morrissey and Edwards exchange strikes. Edwards off the ropes looking for a spear but he takes Cardona off the apron rather than Morrissey. Morrissey with a fall away slam to Edwards and follows up with right hands to Edwards. Cardona on the apron but Morrissey drops him with a HUGE uppercut. Edwards in the corner and Morrissey chokes him out with his boot. Morrissey mocks Eddie Edwards fans and hits him with a forearm to the back. Edwards is fired up and they exchange strikes until Morrissey smacks the taste out of Eddie Edwards mouth.


Morrissey with a cover but Edwards kicks out at two. Morrissey continues to choke Edwards in the corner. Morrissey asks the crowd "Who’s the man?" as he waits for Edwards to get up. He gets a pretty good ‘Morrissey chant’. Morrissey drops Edwards with a big boot. Cardona climbs back onto the apron yet again. Morrissey goes to take him out but Cardona hits him with the shoulder block. Cardona with a codebreaker on Morrissey and he turns around into a blue thunder bomb from Eddie Edwards.

All three men are down and we get a ref count because we might get a triple count out. All men get to their feet and we get a triple strike exchange until Cardona and Edwards set their sights on Morrissey and we get some boos for the double team. Morrissey fights out with a double suplex. Morrissey hits both Edwards and Cardona with splashes in the corner, before he goes for another on Eddie but eats a boot for his efforts. Edwards to the top rope but Morrissey smacks him in the mouth and climbs up for a suplex. Cardona gets involved and powerbombs Morrissey and Edwards off for a powerbomb suplex tower. Cardona covers Morrissey but he kicks out at two.

Cardona goes after Morrissey but eats a black hole slam. Morrissey covers but Cardona kicks out. Morrissey looks for a powerbomb but eats an enziguri from Edwards. Morrissey looks for a double chokeslam again but gets hit with a double suplex instead. Morrissey chases after both men and gets dumped to the outside. Edwards and Cardona exchange strikes and Edwards looks for a dive on Morrissey but he’s caught for a chokeslam. Cardona drops him with a baseball slide. Edwards drops Morrissey and they get back into the ring. Eddie Edwards hits the knee party to the back of Cardona’s head and covers for the victory.

Winner: Eddie Edwards


My thoughts: this this was an amazing triple threat match between these men, I was a little worried at first judging by how the match was going to start, thinking W Morrissey was going to pick up the win. It’s safe to say that I’m glad that didn’t happen as I am not Morrissey’s biggest fan, and in all honesty, it made perfect sense for Eddie to win as he already has some history with Moose.

I can guarantee that our very own Adz hopes that Edwards beats Moose at Turning Point, and as much as I would like to see that too, unfortunately Moose hasn’t held the title for very long and it’s unlikely he will lose it at Turning Point unless Josh Alexander gets involved somehow.


Well, there you have it guys. Another Impact review is in the books, and all in all, it wasn’t too bad. Most of the wins we have seen this week were to be expected and I think the show itself was just average.

The only thing I was really disappointed by was the match between Kaleb with a K and Minoru Suzuki, purely because having a wrestling legend like Suzuki on your show, you would probably pick someone with a higher wrestling calibre in order to compete with such a legend. Well, I would  have anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s review and will join me for the next one straight out of the Impact Zone. Thank you very much for reading, and I will see you guys next week.