King Switch Lays Down the Gauntlet!

The time October 2th and the place is NJPW’s Rumble on 44th Street. Get the details below!

King Switch Lays Down the Gauntlet!

Two wrestling kings are now on a collision course and the battleground is at NJPOW’s Rumble on 44th Street at the end of October. The two kings in question are King Switch, Jay White and the Mad King himself, Eddie Kingston!

King Switch has been known to take to the microphone to lay a verbal smackdown on a lot of opponents in his time with New Japan and on a recent episode of NJPW Strong. King Switch took to the microphone again and threw out a challenge at AEW’s Eddie Kingston, something that even the most diehard fans were not even expecting. After King Switch and Karl Anderson defeated Homicide and Wheeler Yuta on Strong, White took to the microphone and called out Eddie Kingston, who had been removed from the card due to contracting COVID-19.

King Switch claimed that the Mad King "didn't have the balls" to compete against him in trios action, so King Switch made the decision to throw out the challenge for New Japan's Rumble on 44th Street event on October 28th as the setting for the two men to finally come face-to-face. This event is notable as it will take place in Kingston’s hometown of New York City. While NJPW has not made the match official it appears a one-on-one encounter between the two men is definitely in the works. Along with some harsh words the Mad King took to twitter to mock the current IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and has little concerns or issues about facing King Switch on October 28th.

If this match is officially confirmed, it will undoubtedly be the biggest singles match in NJPW to date for the Mad King since he has been appearing on NJPW Strong since joining AEW. Kingston’s recent win over Tomohiro Ishii at the AEW All Out pre-show has in fact given Kingston a shot of momentum within the Japanese promotion. At this time it is still uncertain what the match and match conditions for the encounter at Rumble on 44th Street will look like between the Mad King and King Switch, one thing is for certain and that is this will be a crucial battle for Kingston as he goes on the hunt for his first World Championship.

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