Killian Dain currently unable to wrestle in the United States

Visa situation still being resolved.

Killian Dain currently unable to wrestle in the United States

Killian Dain was released in the latest round of NXT cuts some weeks ago, but he has not been able to work for another company yet.

The reason for this is his current citizen status in the US, as he faces the same issues that people such as Bronson Reed, and many other international stars are facing having been released from their contracts.

Despite being in the country legally, US rules state that a company has to vouch for him, despite his legal residency with his wife, former Raw Women's Champion, Nikki A.S.H.

Speaking to Wrestle Zone, the former "Big Damo" said:

"But my main issue is I’m a foreigner living in the USA so there’s still legal hurdles I have to make before I can get anywhere. That could be sorted within a week, it could be sorted within a couple of months and sadly that’s the reality of the situation. I’m here legally, but I won’t be able to work legally just for a little time yet, and that is something that we’re hoping to get sorted ASAP… I’m really excited for what’s next."

The likelihood will be that once he has his visa situation sorted, we will see a lot more of him.

Fingers crossed it is all sorted for him very soon.