Killer Kelly won’t be wrestling for the rest of 2021

Killer Kelly won’t be wrestling for the rest of 2021
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Independent wrestling star Killer Kelly has announced on Twitter that she will be stepping away from the ring for the rest of the year.

The Post on Twitter states:

Unfortunately, I’m writing something that really annoys me and I wish I could avoid."

“Since coming back to wrestling I’ve noticed that something was off. I tried my best to hide it, mainly because I wasn’t understanding what was happening. And because I wanted to keep on wrestling. Thankfully none of you picked up on it, and only my opponents knew what was happening."

“I’ve been having a lot of trouble breathing to the point I couldn’t take a breath. And no, this isn’t COVID related, because I’ve never had it/don’t have it, it’s ‘just’ me not being capable of breathing.

“So, with that said, I pulled away from all my wrestling commitments for the year and I’m going to take some time away to fix my nose and my breathing."

"didn’t want to do this but health should come first. Ate já [Have a nice day].”

for those who maybe unaware Killer Kelly has wrestled for a number of promotions throughout her career, such as WWE, NXT UK, impact Wrestling, and Evolve.

We here at Real Rasslin hope that Killer Kelly gets well soon after a well earned break and won't be away from the ring for too long.