Kelly Klein's Lawyer comments on Lawsuit against Ring Of Honor.

Follow up to our earlier article

Kelly Klein's Lawyer comments on Lawsuit against Ring Of Honor.
Image credit: Ring of Honor/Roy Harper

In a follow up to an article we posted yesterday about the Lawsuit against ROH, we have more information about the on-going Lawsuit. 

Klein has filed a discrimination Lawsuit against her former employers, which has sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, and could have major reverberations within the business, according to her attorney Mr Stephen P. New. 

Mr New has since issued a statement to Wrestlezone's Dominic DeAngelo in regards to the Lawsuit, which was filed on 24th February, he had noted that there was one very important aspect that hadn't been reported, and made claims that Klein shouldn't be regarded as an independent contractor but an employee. 

Here's what he had to say below: 

“The one thing the [wrestling news sites] are all missing is the misclassification allegations in the lawsuit as well. We are asking the court to strike down the independent contractor agreement in its entirety,” New said. “This could be revolutionary for the entire industry if the federal judge rules in our favor,” New added. “I’m excited to see how this will go.”

The first claim in the Klein lawsuit that proposes the “declaratory judgement finding the arbitration agreement void or voidable.” Article 73 and 74 under this claim makes the case for the court to consider Klein as an employee under the state of Maryland when factoring in their strong public policy on the matter and therein rendering ROH’s contractual agreement between the company and Klein void.

The two articles are as follows:

“73. The arbitration provisions purport to apply to the determination of whether Klein is, in fact, an independent contractor or an employee and its terms purport to prohibit the determination that Klein is an employee as the arbitration provisions attempt to prohibit the modification of the contract.

“74. The State of Maryland has a strong public policy that employees be paid the wages they are due and a strong public policy to ensure that individuals are not misclassified as independent contractors when, in fact, they are employees.”

The independent contractor status within all professional wrestling has been debated heavily in the last couple of years. It recently gained more attention and was more talked about during mid 2020, when politician, Andrew Yang and television host John Oliver had brought to light after the releases in April 2020 and the releasing of former WWE Superstar, Zelina Vega over the use of third-party promotion and streaming services. 

The long debated Independent contractor status has been something well talked about between wrestling fans, with many believing that it isn't acceptable. Many fans believe that stars shouldn't be punished for using third party sites trying to connect with their fan base and entertain them. 

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