JP's WWE Experience! October 25th-29th

Another week of WWE programming has been and gone! Read here to know what happened on Raw and Smackdown as well as a brief run down of Main event and 205 Live! All in one digestible article.

JP's WWE Experience! October 25th-29th

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s Josh P here with my first review of weekly WWE programming! Those of you who have been around a while know I have been doing Raw and Smackdown reviews weekly for a while, but with time becoming too much of a challenge with various factors creeping in, I’ve decided to condense them both into one, with the subtle inclusion of 205 live and Main Event to complete the ‘WWE Experience!’ These articles will be fairly short and easy to digest so you know what’s happening weekly in WWE without having to watch some of the crap to put it kindly. Anyway, enough wasting time, let’s go! 

Raw 25th October 

This episode was the first Raw following Crown Jewel (which was surprisingly good!) and the first Raw with the happenings of the draft in effect. A lovely 3 hours of action to get through here… so let’s go! 

What you know about Rollins challenging Big E?  

Astronaut in the ocean has got nothing on me! We all know my talents would be better suited to a songwriter! Big E kicked off the Raw after Crown Jewel by issuing an open challenge for the WWE championship. Rollins answered, but after losing to Edge at Crown Jewel he was told to go to the ‘back of the line.’ Rollins was adamant about getting a title shot but was interrupted by Rey Mysterio who also wanted a shot. But before we move on, if you’ve seen the Smackdown reviews, you’ll know what’s coming next… welcome to: 

Name- Arctic Arsehole. Rating- 7/10. Drip game immaculate as always may I say! 

After Mysterio, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens both demanded the same thing. It was inevitable a mass brawl would break out, and that it did! ScrapDaddyAP (Adam Pearce) announced a ladder match would take place to determine the number one contender in the main event. 


Becky was out next and stated that no one wanted to see Bianca Belair in the title picture anymore, and I love when it’s the heels making all the sense! She stated she was glad to be back on Raw and face the likes of Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan (inject that into my veins now!) But of course, after mentioning many exciting matches who answered? Biwanker Belair! Long story short after beating Charlotte, Bianca is owed a title shot. Yay, rematch coming soon! 

Becky said she was bored after beating her at Crown Jewel, before being the amazing face she is, attacked her opponent. Very noble of her I must say! Becky took a spinebuster before being tossed over the announcer’s desk, kinky I must say! Becky came back with a kendo stick, but Bianca took it from her grasps and went to town on her. Becky retreated, stating she accepted the EST’s challenge but at a time of her choosing. I can’t wait to see that again... NOT! 

Christmas is coming as Rudolph have arrived on Raw! 

RK-Bro were defending their tag titles against Rudolph next (I refuse to call them the Dirty Dawgs!!!!!!) However, yet again, if you know my reviews, you’ll know what happens in a Riddle match. Welcome to: 

Every time you light your lighter, it gets lighter until it’s so light it doesn’t light anymore. Actually, he was so stoned have two! Would Lightning McQueen need Car insurance or Life insurance? 

Anyway, the match kicked off with RK-Bro in control for the majority of the early going, including hitting a double team floating bro. Riddle kicked Roode in the corner which was very Roode of him, before Bobby dropped him on the apron, which have you heard IS THE HARDEST PART OF THE GODDAMN RING!!!  

Big Bob sent Riddle over the barricades before teaming with Ziggler to drag him back into the ring. Orton was isolated in the ring after an ad break, before finally getting the hot tag to riddle who ran wild. Roode broke up a pin, before eating an RKO off Orton. He then ate a perfectly placed superkick on Orton, but was oblivious to Riddle who snook up and hit the most devastating move in alllllllllllll of sports entertainment; the surprise roll up to get the win and retain the titles.  

Snakes and Ladders!!! 

You can determine who are the snakes in this one!!! A good main event of Raw? The world is ending people!!!!!!!! Rollins and KO went mad on each other from the get go, reminiscent of their previous bad blood. The match took to the outside, and this is where the ladders came into play. Owens took out both Rollins and Balor with one before heading back to the ring. 

Balor was dropped on a ladder in the ring courtesy of a powerbomb, folding him in half, Before Owens set Rollins up on one. KO went for a splash but Rollins moved and Owens went crashing into the steel. Rey and Balor accompanied each other at the top of a ladder, Owens brought the whole thing down before hitting a white noise before all men were hit with ladders outside the ring.  

Owens got a table out before Rey got him in the 69 positions, I mean 619, as Rollins took him out on the Apron, which I've just been informed by an undisclosed source is the hardest part of the ring!!!!!!! Rey finally managed to hit a 619 assisted by a ladder on Rollins, before dropping it on Owens. 

Rollins sends Finn crashing into a ladder as KO takes out Mysterio off a counter. Rey and Balor met on the ladder before KO hit a stunner on Finn and power bombed Mysterio through a table. Owens nearly grabbed the contract before Rollins sent him crashing through a ladder. Rollins hit a stomp on Balor before climbing up a ladder and grabbing the contract for the number one contender ship against Big E.  

And that brings us to the end of Raw! A decent episode which felt very fresh due to the new addition from the draft. Find below the results from the rest of the show!   

  • Dirty Dawgs def Street Profits 
  • Queen Zelina Vega def Doudrop 
  • Damien Priest def T-Bar via DQ 
  • Carmella def Liv Morgan  
  • Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee def Cedric Alexander 
  • Austin Theory def Dominik Mysterio 
  • RK-Bro def Dirty Dawgs to retain the Raw tag team titles 
  • Seth Rollins def Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Rey Mysterio to become number one contender for Big E’s WWE Championship 

 Let’s move on to WWE Main Event! 

Main Event 25th October 

A very short show with only two matches scheduled, but thought I'd give you the results to complete the full WWE Experience. Some of these matches end up being better than most of those on Raw and Smackdown! So, look below for the results!  

  • Apollo Crews def John Morrison  
  • Jackson Ryker def Veer 

A very short show, but let’s move on to Smackdown!!! 

Smackdown 29th October 

After we’ve been through the first half of shows, it’s time for the second biggest episode of weekly programming. We’ve got another 2 hours to get through so let’s not waste any time!  

Shotzi to the heart, and Charlotte’s to blame, Boss time gives love a bad name 

Charlotte kicked off the show, and declared herself the leader of the women’s division on the blue brand as well as the whole of WWE. The clock must’ve hit boss time, as Sasha interrupted and demanded a title match. Charlotte refused and stated this was a new era for Smackdown and Banks was old news.  

Shotzi made her entrance in her tank and Flair stated she thought it was ‘cute’ before giving her a Smackdown Women’s title match right now!!!! 

The match kicked off and Sasha was cheering on Shotzi from ringside. Flair reversed all of Shotzi’s offence early on before she got caught with a basement dropkick for a near fall. Charlotte dropped her in the corner and got a near fall on Shotzi before the latter reversed a suplex into the most devastating move in alllllllllllllll of sports entertainment; the surprise roll up, but it wasn’t devastating enough as she only got a two count. Charlotte went to taunt banks, but Shotzi hit a huge dive to take her out.  

Back after the break, Charlotte missed a dive and ate a superkick in the ring before missing a big boot. Shotzi kept hitting near fall after near fall but couldn’t get the job done. Banks tried to cause the distraction on the apron, but it only helped Charlotte who hit the natural selection to retain her title.  

Banks tried to help Shotzi up, but the latter attacked her and blamed her for the loss, signalising a heel turn for Shotzi, which is something that a lot of people have asked for and it has definitely turned many heads. We'll have to see how this develops but I drool at the thought of a Shotzi v Sasha feud. 

Lesnar looking fineeeeeee!  

It was revealed through a backstage segment that ScrapDaddyAP had fined Brock Lesnar $1 million after his brutal attack.  

Paul Heyman was being interview and questioned why everyone kept asking him about Brock Lesnar. He nervously denied knowing how Lesnar had reacted to the hefty fine and suspension, and stated Brock Lesnar hasn’t spoken to him at all before quickly walking away. 

Trick or Street? 

A Halloween Street fight featuring Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs facing off against Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss took place next. A very fun match up that used the Halloween theme effectively and to their advantage. Nakamura and Boogs dominated early and the latter went outside to play the guitar for no apparent reason. Shortly after we had some 24/7 crap before Boogs took Moss to the outside and sent him face first into a bucket of apples.  

After a break, Boogs was victim to a vicious kendo stick attack. Corbin and Moss tried to put Nakamura through a table, but Boogs made the save. Nakamura came back with a kendo stick before Moss was taken out by Boogs who took an end of days from Corbin. Shinsuke was setting up for the Kinshasa on Corbin, but Moss stopped him. Back in the ring, Boogs was setting up for the finish but two costumed ghouls came out armed with kendo sticks and battered Boogs with them, allowing Moss and Corbin to pick up the win. 

The masked men removed their masks and it was revealed to be Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo.  

King XXXavier and Sir Kofi face the Bloodline! 

At the beginning of the match, the New Day were in full control, making frequent tags. Eventually, the Usos managed to come back with a double team.  

Kofi went for a trust fall up top, but the Usos caught him and dumped him in the timekeeper's area. Back in the ring, Woods got a near fall on Jimmy before continuing his onslaught, but he had one very important question to ask first... 

Jimmy took a big move from King XXXavier, before being dumped over the ropes, but Jey snook in a tag and got a near fall. Jey was taunting Woods before Sir Kofi was tagged in. Ironically, he had trouble hitting the rouble in paradise and caught a pop-up Samoan drop. Kofi took the double superkicks but managed to kick out.  

King Woods was tagged back in, but the Usos oblivious to the tag went for the cover on Kofi off another superkick. King Woods sneaked in and managed to hit the most devastating move in allllllllllllll of sports entertainment; the surprise roll up for a huge win.  

That finished Smackdown. A decent two hours and once again the freshness of the roster seems to be helping create decent matches, we either haven’t seen before or haven’t seen in a while. Below is a list of all the results from the show: 

  • Charlotte def Shotzi  
  • Drew McIntyre def Mustafa Ali 
  • Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss def Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs 
  • Shayna Baszler def Naomi 
  • The New Day def The Usos 

Let’s move on to the final show of the week 205 Live! 

205 Live 29th October 

Another show that seems forgotten about in weekly programming is 205 Live! This show hasn’t lived up to its initial hype, and it seems like it’s been left behind. However, we still give it the attention here so you know everything that is happening in WWE weekly! Similarly, with not much to scream and shout about, here is a list of the results: 

  • Boa def Jeet Rama 
  • Sarray def Katrina Cortez 
  • Xyon Quinn def Ru Feng 

And that was all from this week’s WWE programming! Raw and Smackdown felt fresh with some new matches and feuds developing, most notably the potential of a Shotzi v Sasha feud. The draft shaking things up is going to make a good few weeks of fresh matches so at least we have that to look forward to! That’s all from now, thanks for reading and I'll catch you on the next review!