JP's WWE Experience 7th-11th February

JP's WWE Experience 7th-11th February

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! It’s JP here back to run you through the events of what happened in WWE programming this week. The past few weeks we have included NXT UK, but these reviews are now back in full being written by our very own body bag maestro James, so be sure to check those out! Anyway, let’s crack on with this week, the week before the go home week for Elimination Chamber… So many premium live events! Still prefer Pay-Per-View. 

Raw 7th February

The Super-Quiz Bowl! 

To kick off Raw this week we had the Quiz Bowl between Alpha Academy and RK-Bro. I’m not going to lie, these silly segments are a good laugh and something different, so call me a curly idiot but I enjoy them! Also worth mentioning, the first hour of this episode was advertisement free, so we got an hour of uninterrupted viewing. However, considering Riddle is in this segment, you know what time it is! Welcome back to:

This week’s thought: When you say scent, is the S or C silent? Ponder that one people! 

This was the culmination of the Academic Challenge that has been running the past few weeks. The two teams were tied early until Randy incorrectly answered a pop culture question allowing Alpha Academy to pull ahead after a right answer. Chad the rad lad, my arch-nemesis then got a question wrong and Riddle answered correctly, meaning the scores were once again tied. He may be rad, but he’s about as thick as dog shit as he once again incorrectly answered a question and Orton made up for his previous mistake and got it right, meaning RK-Bro won the Quiz Bowl and as a result the Academic Challenge have earned a tag team title shot. 

Quick side note here, it’s a short segment so not worthy of one of our three highlight spots to develop on and explain, but the Mysterios were on Miz TV and the A lister asked Rey if Dominik was actually his son, or was he Eddie’s… ahhhh the old school storyline has returned. This is sure to divide some people! 

How much water does it take to drown Becky Lynch… A Lita! 

Lita was out on Raw and stated she enjoyed her time in the Royal Rumble before reminded us of the challenge she made to Becky Lynch last week. As this is a weekly wrestling show, of course the champion interrupted her, and she said she was honoured that a Hall of Famer challenged her, but it also had angered her. 

Becky stated the old-school star was ‘washed up’ and was stealing the real star’s spotlight before saying she will beat her and send her back away. Lita said the fans were behind her before she was attacked by the champion. She broke out a manhandle slam however and hit the twist of fate followed by a moonsault to stand tall over the fallen champion. 

I must say, even though there’s no way Lita will win the title here, it should be a great match and help build Becky even more until the likely one on one with Ronda at Wrestlemania which is a match we are all anticipating. 


Adele eat your heart out love! Rollins faced Riddle, but this match finished in a DQ, which led to a tag team match between Rollins and KO facing RK-Bro, that rhymed! Double duty for RK-Bro tonight which means we’re also on double duty, so I once again welcome you back to:

 This week’s second thought: If they say money is the root of all evil, then why do they ask for it in church? You’ve heard it here first people, the church is actually the devil’s work! 

Rollins and Orton kicked us off, and Orton was sent to the outside but used this to his advantage to send Rollins onto Andy the announce table, which if you didn’t know is the announce table’s name! 

Both men tagged out and Riddle and Owens were in. KO took immediate control hitting a superkick before unloading on the original bro in the ring. Owens got a near fall and mocked Orton on the outside before cutting the ring in half and getting the tag to Rollins, who he hit a double team on Riddle with. 

Riddle was in trouble, as Owens tagged back in once again hitting a double stomp to the chest before he targeted his opponent’s foot… everyone has their weird fetishes I guess! Rollins was once again back in and he immediately knocked Orton off the apron, but proceeded to miss a dive to Riddle. Owens came back in and traded kicks with Riddle before both men made tags and Orton ran wild. He hit snap suplexes on both members of the opposing team before hitting a draping DDT on Seth. 

Rollins blocked the RKO that followed however and took out the viper with a huge superkick. Riddle tagged in, but he received the Curb Stomp courtesy of Rollins and suffered the three count. If we’re going all in on Rollins and KO as a tag team, Rollins should win the WWE title at Elimination Chamber and build to Rollins v KO at Wrestlemania. 

That ended Raw this week and we had some good build to some feuds. The one gripe I have is why isn’t the main world title match properly drilled before the PPV? There’s been basically zero build and I’d have liked to see a bit more effort to hype that match. Regardless, a decent episode. Find a list of results below: 

  • Alpha Academy DEF The Street Profits
  • AJ Styles DEF Damien Priest
  • Dominik Mysterio DEF The Miz
  • Bianca Belair DEF Nikki A.S.H
  • Kevin Owens DEF Austin Theory
  • Doudrop DEF Liv Morgan 
  • Seth Rollins v Riddle - DNF
  • Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens DEF RK-Bro

WWE Main Event February 10th

  • Veer Mahaan DEF T-Bar
  • The Hurt Business DEF The Dirty Dawgs

WWE Smackdown 11th February

Goldberg… You’re next! 

Roman Reigns was being interviewed by Michael Cole next addressing last week’s challenge by Goldberg. Roman stated if he were in WCW then the company would still be there. Cole mentioned Goldberg’s victory over Lesnar but Reigns shot it down and stated it was old news. 

Reigns added two years ago at Wrestlemania, Goldberg might have had a chance, but now, Reigns was about to smash the Hall of Fame, ending the interview by saying “I’m going to Goldberg Goldberg”. I laughed hard at this and don’t think I’ve stopped yet, Roman Reigns ladies and gentlemen, the best thing in the company! 

Roman Reigns… You’re next! 

Follows on nicely from the last title doesn’t it? Anyway, you can guess how boring Smackdown was tonight as two of the three things I've mentioned are interviews hyping the same feud. 

Regardless, Goldberg stated Roman would get what he deserves at the Elimination Chamber. He stated he didn’t care what anyone thought about him and his ‘comeback’ if you can even call it that after the amount he’s done it. Heck, it might be Big Show turning territory; it's been that many! 

Responding to the threats from earlier, Oldberg responded by saying there was only one Goldberg and Roman was in way over his head. That was about it… fairly boring interview from Goldberg, but then again, It’s Goldberg so are we really that surprised? 


I don’t know where that title came from but we’re going to roll with it! In the main event we had Charlotte defending her title against Naomi and as mentioned earlier in the night, Sonya Deville was banned from ringside else her job would be at risk. 

Charlotte took control early, sending her challenger into the corner but Naomi came back by sending the champ to the outside and hit a big dive. Naomi got a near fall off a crossbody for a near fall before Charlotte got a near fall of her own. Charlotte proceeded to lock in a submission before she had her big boot in the corner side stepped.

Charlotte used the ring post to her advantage as she continued her dominance, locking in a stretch assisted by Ricky the ring post, which is it’s official name by the way! Naomi came back and hit a brainbuster off the ropes for a close fall. Flair drove Naomi into Sandra the Steps, which again is it’s official name! Back to the match…

Naomi tried to rally a comeback, hitting a huge springboard in the process but Charlotte stopped this quicker than she gets a title reign. She proceeded to hit a moonsault which resulted in another near fall. Charlotte dodged the Rear End which ironically spelled the beginning of the end for Naomi as Flair hit a chop block followed by the Natural Selection to get the pin and retain her title. 

After the match, Deville got in the ring before Naomi attacked her. Charlotte came back and downed her as Sonya unloaded with kicks. Who made the save though? Ronda Rousey! She cleared house as we went off air with the announcement of Ronda and Naomi taking on Charlotte and Sonya at Elimination Chamber. Women’s tag team match… great! Just get it over with and insert the meme.

That ended Smackdown this week and once again, a very lacklustre show. Smackdown was the A show for the majority of time before the draft, but after the draft it seems Raw has reclaimed that status. Smackdown is very boring as of late, with only Roman Reigns making it worth watching every week. I swear to god… IF I HAVE TO SEE ALIYAH V NATALYA ONE MORE TIME I’M GOING TO IMPLODE WITH RAGE!!!!!!!! IT’S LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, after that little outburst, here’s a full list of results: 

  • Los Lotharios DEF The New Day
  • Natalya DEF Aliyah 
  • Baron Corbin DEF Cesaro
  • Charlotte DEF Naomi to retain the Smackdown women’s championship

205 Live! 11th February

  • Trick Williams DEF Ikemen Jiro 
  • Lash Legend DEF Erica Yan
  • Joe Gacy DEF Xyon Quinn

That brings us to the end of this week in WWE programming and it was underwhelming to say the least. Raw was solid but hardly great and thrilling and Smackdown was very poor. The build for Elimination Chamber thus far has been very poor and I hope this picks up next week in the go home shows. That’s all from me, thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on next week’s review!