Jonathan Gresham Requests Release From AEW/ROH Contract; Legendary Manager Gone From ROH

"The Octopus" is not happy and wants out!

Jonathan Gresham Requests Release From AEW/ROH Contract; Legendary Manager Gone From ROH

In something of a sensational twist considering Ring of Honor is coming off the back of a very successful Pay-Per-View, it has now emerged that the now former Ring of Honor World Champion, Jonathan Gresham, has sensationally requested his release from his AEW/ROH contract!

Following his loss to Claudio Castagnoli at Death Before Dishonor, it emerged that Gresham had requested his release prior to his match on Saturday, with sources citing a "lack of communcation between Gresham and the company leading up to the weekend", leaving Gresham to feel disrepsected and undervalued. It is also said that Gresham was severely upset with the amount of time given for the World Title match.

Reports on location state that Gresham met with AEW/ROH President Tony Khan prior to the show, with their conversation reaching boiling point and leading Gresham to "cuss out" Tony Khan (swear at repeatedly for our British followers!)

Several sources backstage have confirmed these reports, and Gresham has since stated he will be "done with wrestling for the forseeable future after this month". Whether he means purely as a performer or withh his own promotion, TERMINUS, is unclear at this time.

Tony Khan has not yet commented on the matter, so at this time it is still unclear if Gresham has indeed been granted his release.

One person we definitely will not be seeing in either AEW or ROH going forward is Tully Blanchard, as it has emerged that he is no longer with AEW or ROH.

In the ROH Zero Hour Pre-show, ROH legend Prince Nana announced that he has "purchased Tully Blanchard Enterprises", this is due to the fact that Tull Blanchard did not catch his flight or show up to work the event as planned, and it seems there are mixed reasons for this.

Stay with us as we will bring you any updates as we get them.