Jon Moxley Entering Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program

In a shocking announcement Tony Khan informed wrestling fans that Former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley is entering a Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program.

Jon Moxley Entering Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program

In a shocking turn of events All Elite Wrestling’s Owner and President Tony Kahn has taken to Twitter to formally announce that AEW Wrestler and former AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, will be entering an Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program. Khan shared the announcement in a string of tweets via Twitter on November 2nd.

Khan showed great respect and honesty in approaching such an important health issue for someone as popular and admired as Jon Moxley. Khan followed up by commending Moxley for making the  brave decision to seek out help to move past this most serious of issues.

Khan went on to call Jon a friend and himself a fan of Mox before stating he is looking forward to the future when his friend is well and ready to step foot back in the ring again. Khan thanked the fans on behalf of Moxley for their support and asked them to respect the privacy of Moxley and his family during this hardest of times.

Khan then encouraged fans that if they or someone they know needs help to seek out help by calling SAMHSA’s National Helpline.

It was refreshing to see the owner and president of one of the largest wrestling promotions in the world approach this important issue with honesty, respect and humility. Usually with such an announcement wrestling fans will receive a very generic, and quite honestly manufactured, response to such an issue. Khan, whether you like him or not, approached this matter in a way that respected the fans intelligence and showed respect to a man he thinks very highly of.

Moxley released his autobiography, titled “MOX” on November 2nd, which has already seen several pages released online ahead of its release. Moxley was set to face Orange Cassidy in a Semi Final Match in the World Title Eliminator Tournament this coming Wednesday on Dynamite. Obviously, plans that will now no doubt need to be changed. AEW have yet to announce alternate arrangements to how they will move forward with the tournament in Moxley’s absence. Moxley also currently holds the GCW World Title that he won at GCW’s "Art of War Games” event which was held on September 4th.

It is currently unknown just how long Moxley will be out of action as he participates in the rehabilitation program, but one thing is for sure, Moxley’s fans will be waiting with bated breath for any information relating to his recovery and his future return to the ring. Real Rasslin will provide further details as they become apparent.

The Real Rasslin team extend their well wishes to Jon Moxley and his family in this difficult time and hope he has a full recovery. We all look forward to the day MOX can step back into the squared circle in the only way he knows how, with a ring-shattering Paradigm Shift.