Jon Moxley announces Renee Young's Pregnancy on AEW Dynamite.

Fantastic news for the reigning AEW World Champion.

Jon Moxley announces Renee Young's Pregnancy on AEW Dynamite.

During last nights AEW Dynamite, World Champion Jon Moxley announced that his wife, former WWE announcer Renee Young (now Paquette) is pregnant with their first child.

Mox announced the news to the world during a promo about his father, hyping up his match against Kenny Omega on 2nd December edition of Dynamite.  During the promo Mox said the following:

"And now the whole world is bearing down on me," Moxley said. "My body feels like hell, I can't even get out of bed in the morning. I have a pregnant wife at home. I'm holding two titles on two different continents. I got challengers coming from every which way, what do I do? I know what to do. We're the good guys."

This was confirmed later in the evening with commentary mentioning it several times. 

AEW bigwig Tony Khan immediately took to Twitter to congratulate the couple on their news, posting the following:

We here at Real Rasslin wish them the best with their pregnancy. Congratulations. 

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