Jordynne Grace Has Signed Multi-Year Extension Deal With IMPACT.

Thicc Momma Pump is staying in IMPACT

Jordynne Grace Has Signed Multi-Year Extension Deal With IMPACT.
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As reported by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Jordynne Grace has signed a Multi year deal with IMPACT Wrestling, further extending her contract.

After the confirmation of the news, Grace had spoken with Kevin McElvaney and Brian Solomon of PWI of her excitement about her future and what persuaded her to re-sign with the company. 

Here's what she said: 

Just like you said, I feel like I’ve done a couple of cool things in IMPACT. I have the Knockouts Tag Team title, and I had the Knockouts Championship, but I feel like there’s more for me to do here. I feel like there’s a lot of potential for growth, and I feel like at IMPACT I have opportunities to do things that I might not be able to do with other companies,” Grace said, “so it’s one of the main reasons that I decided to stick around.”

She would go on to talk about being placed in the Knockouts tag team division and her being put in a team alongside recently retired Jazz. After her separation with Jazz, she'd later team with Rachael Ellering which would lead them to win the Knockouts tag team championships. 

“Honestly, I love it. I think it’s because I wrestle such an intense and explosive style that I love being able to tag out whenever I need a break. That’s kind of a big plus for me, so I really love it. That’s why I wanted to go after the Knockouts Tag Titles and I’m very blessed to have had opportunities with multiple people.”

Quote credit: Pro Wrestling Illustrated and h/t Wrestlezone

I’ve been teamed up with Jazz, now Rachael Ellering, so I feel really blessed and lucky to have been able to have those opportunities here at IMPACT.”

Grace and Ellering are set to defend their titles at the Under Siege special which will take place on May 15th against Fire N Flava. 

It's good to see Grace re-signing with the company and will be good to see how her future with IMPACT will play out, she's a great athlete and a great asset to them. 

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