Jarrett & Conrad tease new promotion?

Jarrett & Conrad tease new promotion?
Image credit: wrestlingnews.co

This week, a rumor has been spreading that Jeff Jarrett and Conrad Thompson could be starting a new wrestling promotion.

This is all following another huge batch of releases by WWE, including stars like up and coming stable Hit Row, Tegan Nox and Drake Maverick.

Conrad replied to numerous tweets with GIFs that hint toward their own promotion. This would be the second business venture he starts with Jarrett, the first being their "My World" podcast which they host together. On Jarrett's side of things, he has recently been asked by The Wrestling Inc. Daily if he would ever promote again, Jarrett confirmed that he is still open to the possibility:

“I think there’s much more of an opportunity, an exponential more of an opportunity… So the ability to create good high-quality compelling content has never been more readily available. Then pair that with all the talent around the world that is working consistently, then yes, the opportunity is there for me and a lot of others.”

We could very well see a new and fresh promotion in the wrestling world, and considering the releases from WWE and the sad hiatus of Ring Of Honor, this doesn't have to be a bad thing, at all.

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