James' Raw Recap 29th November 2022

The WWE Reviews are back, and in a brand new, slimmed down format. Check out James' debut as our new WWE reviewer!

James' Raw Recap 29th November 2022

What’s up guys and girls, James here with a brand-new look and feel to your WWE reviews! We have also implemented a new grading system which is purely based on personal feelings and thoughts on each segment, promo and match!  

So, without further ado, let’s get down to the action!  
This week Monday Night Raw comes to you from Norfolk Virginia. The Bloodline makes an appearance after their epic win Over Team Brutes at the Annual PPV this past Sunday at Survivor Series War Games!  
All talk was on the victory and the returning Becky Lynch!  


Opening Segments - As the show opened, we saw the Bloodline fresh off their win at Survivor Series enter the arena, all smiles and joy as they talked about their emphatic win inside War Games!  

Segment Grade: A.

 In ring promo - We also see The Man; Becky Lynch makes her return to Monday Night Raw to a great ovation from the fans. Lynch informs the crowd she’s missed them at it’s great to be back. She then goes into the crowd to get reacquainted with the WWE Universe. This is a really good thing to see, never would have happened under the Vinnie Mac Regime.  
  Lynch seems to be really lapping this up and states she’s ready to enter the danger zone once again!  
She’s interrupted by Bayley (Side note Bayley looks so good in leather) Bayley then expresses the fact The Lynch has had one match whereas she’s been in ladder and last women standing matches, while Lynch has been away licking her wounds. The as the two were about to get into it, Dakota Kai and Iho Sky attack Lynch and a brawl ensues which leads to the backstage area. Lynch puts up a good fight until Bayley makes it a 3-on-1 affair. Lynch stands tall as refs and security try to separate the four women.  

Gotta hand it to WWE here, that was a great way to open the show! Great promos from both Lynch and Bayley, best promo I've seen in WWE for a while!  
Segment Grade: A+  
Mia Yim vs Rhea Ripley. - Turned Eight-Person tag match The OC vs Judgement Day.  
Winners: Judgement Day.  

The match starts out as a 1 on 1 match, which soon escalates into a war as superstars from both stables get involved in the match! The ref calls for a DQ finish but the stars had other ideas.  it quickly turned into an 8-person tag match
Started out slow, but the action picked up, fun, quirky and I must be honest, I did enjoy this little match. The Judgement Day pick up the win. 
Match Grade: B+  

In ring promo – The Bloodline came down to the ring to bask in their glory over their victory on Sunday. This promo got epically better as Kevin Owens came to stage and said that he was done with Sami Zayn and that he no longer wants to be affiliated with him. This was an epic promo from Owens, the raw emotion from him.  
He ends the segment by challenging Jey Uso to a match later in the evening.
Segment Grade: A+

The second match of the evening - Tag Team match between the returning Street Profits vs Chad Gable and Otis.
Winners: Street Profits. 

Pretty good match, solid showing and it’s good to see the Street Profits back!  The chemistry between the Street Profits is always good to see! 
Match Grade: B 
In ring segment – The new United States Champion Austin Theory came to the ring to celebrate his win on Sunday. He was soon joined by Seth Rollins (I have no earthly idea what the man is wearing, and I don’t really want to question it either!) 
A short and sweet segment as Rollins does a Rollins and tried to antagonize Theory. Nothing noteworthy here, just to let us fans know their feud isn’t over.  

Segment Grade: C.
Match 3 of the evening – Dexter Lumis vs The Miz.  
Winner: Dexter Lumis  
If Lumis could win this match he gets a WWE contract, it was supposed to be an anything goes match, which is WWE speak for a NO DQ match. Miz being the Miz tries to get out of the match but fails.  
I wasn’t a fan of this one in all honesty, it just felt flat, even Gargano's help couldn’t save this match from doom. Nice to see little kids getting money just to watch it!  
I would grade this a D, but i'll bump it up to B purely because of Corey Graves Hush money remark! Pure gold! 

Match Grade: B

Match 4 of the evening – Dakota Kai vs Candice LaRae  
Winner: Candice LaRae  
The match was centred around an injury angle involving Kai and Larae with the latter being injured after an attack by Damage CTRL.  
Solid match in fairness, nice and competitive. Great to see them have enough airtime to be able to put on a good match!  
Match Grade: A-  
It’s main event time –Kevin Owens vs Jey Uso.  
Winner: Kevin Owens.  

Pretty entertaining main event this was, Uso had his brethren with him while Owens was alone. Pretty even throughout the match with a back and forth feel.  
Owens eventually managed to get the win by nailing a Stunner for the win!  
Escaping the ring before the gang attack could happen!  
Match Grade: A. 

James’s Final Thoughts.  
Pretty good show this week I thought. Nice to see WWE on the up and up! I can’t wait for the inevitable turn involving the Bloodline, great to see Lynch back as a face!  
Show Grade: A+ 
I’ve been James, you’ve been awesome, and I'll catch you all for SmackDown on Saturday!