James' All Elite Assessment 17th October 2022

James' All Elite Assessment 17th October 2022

What's up guys and girls, James here once again with you AEW weekly review!  
Once again, we’ve had to release Adam for this week, due to him thinking he’s a legend.... 
So, with that been said, let’s get straight into all the action!  
We start the week off with Dark Elevation.  


1- Hikaru Shida vs Erica Leigh

Winner: Hikaru Shida

2 – Lance Archer vs Papadon

Winner: Lance Archer

3 – Emi Sakura vs Trish Adora

Winner: Emi Sakura  

4 - Josh Woods & Tony Nese w/Mark Sterling vs Action Andretti & Myles Hawkins

Winners: Josh Woods and Tony Nese 

5 – Nyla Rose w/Vicky Guerrero & Marina Shafir vs Jordan Blade

Winner: Nyla Rose

6 – ROH 6-man Tag Team Champions Dalton Castle & The Boys vs Brett Waters, Goldy & Logan Laroux.  

 Winners: Dalton Castle & The Boys.  
Okay, so pretty good show this week, I enjoyed it. However, the ROH champions against essentially what we call jobbers? Hmmm not sure about that. Nice set of matches 


Now we move onto AEW: Dark Elevation.  


Match 1 – Lance Archer vs Alec Odin

Winner: Lance Archer – who else would it be.... 

Match 2 – Penelope Ford, Serena Deeb & Jamie Hayter vs Trish Adora, Jordan Blade & Brittney Blake

Winners: Penelope Ford, Serena Deeb & Jamie hayter

Match 3 – Hikaru Shida vs Marina Shafir w/Vickie Guerrero & Nyla Rose

Winner – Hikaru Shida  

Match 4 – Brian Cage w/Prince Nana vs Papadon

Winner: Brian Cage 

Match 5 - Athena vs Gia Scott

Winner: Athena the Moon of Ember! 

Match 6 – QT Marshall vs Action Andretti

Winner: QT Marshall  

Match 7 – ROH 6-Man Tag Team Champions Dalton Castle & The Boys (Brent and Brandon Tate) vs Joe Keys, BK Klein & Josh Fuller.

Winners: Dalton Castle 7 The Boys

Match 8 – Kip Sabian vs Brandon Cutler

Winner: Kip Sabian.  
Match 9 – AEW Interim Women’s Championship Eliminator Match.  
 AEW Women’s Interim Champion Toni Storm vs Emi Sakura.  

Winner: AEW Interim Women’s Champion Toni Storm 
Match 10 – Matt Sydal & Dante Martin vs Cole Karter & Aaron Solo (The Factory)  

Winners: Matt Sydal & Dante Martin.  
Very good show this week for Elevation, decent number of matches, very good for those in the crowd. Nice to see new talent get a spot on the show, nice to see the ROH 6-man tag champs getting showcased too!  
Next up is AEW Dynamite! 

We kick off the show with wait... is that.... RENEE PAQUETTE IS ALL ELITE BAYBAY!!  
Coming out to quite the ovation from the fans, glad to see her back on TV. She starts by welcoming Christian Cage to the Toronto crowd, Cage being the hometown legend come out and states that Jungle Boys victory over his former tag partner Luchasaurus will be as predictable as the Maple Leafs loss in the first round of the play offs.... classic heel tactics, I love it!  
Match 1 – Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage  
Luchasaurus dominates the early going here, using his massive size and strength advantage. Luchasaurus is in firm control as he takes the fight to Perry. The match spills to the outside and after multiple attempts, Perry avoids being put through the announce table.  
(Props to Cage here at ringside, playing the heel perfectly and riling up the fired-up crowd!)  
Perry managed to fight back long enough to hit a sunset flip powerbomb which was amazingly impressive I might add, from the apron through the table.  
A flurry of near falls follows as both men are giving everything they have for the fans, I’d argue this is the best match of both men's singles careers.  
Luchasaurus managed to regain his bearings and hit the Chokeslam followed by a Burning Hammer to pick up the win!  
Winner – Luchasaurus.  
Excellent way to start the show! great opening match and the crowd were on fire throughout!  
Match 2 – Tag Team Match – War Joe (Wardlow & Samoa Joe vs QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto. 
(The Factory) 
Ah Marshall, will you ever learn not to talk trash before a match, especially against Wardlow and Samoa Joe, tut tut, safe to say your mouth cashed a check your ass couldn’t cash buddy...  
Well, this was nothing more than a squash match, and I can’t lie, I loved it. Joe and Wardlow showed great teamwork in the match that was more one sided than my marriage was.... 
After the match, the rest of the Factory came out to try and make the save but to no avail.  
Winners – War Joe  
Promo – After the match FTR came out to a huge pop, the crowd were amazing this week! Harwood stated that they would be teaming up with the chairman of AEW Shawn Spears to take on Brian Cage and The Gates on Fridays episode of Rampage.  
Although FTR are in heel mode, they’re super over! They're such a great tag team, they really do try to bring back the meaning of tag team wrestling.  
Match 3 - ‘Bad Ass Billy Daddy Gunn’ vs Swerve Strickland.  
Even at the age of 58, Billy Gunn is still in amazing shape! Great to see.  
Strickland starts fast here, working the legs of the legend, smart move if you ask me. This was the case throughout the ad breaks. When back from the break, Gunn had managed to gain some momentum and fought back but Swerve kept the big guy down with a flatliner, 2 count.  
The match goes on, with a weird ending, I mean okay so, Strickland feeling confident goes for the ever-unsurprising roll up and.... wins? Albeit with the help of the ropes.  
Erm... not sure I feel about that if I'm honest, I mean Billy Gunn is a great athlete, always has been but damn this match was just not for him, and that ending was questionable to say the least. Not a fan of how this one finished.  
The post-match promo with Mark Sterling and Tony Nese saying they’ve bought the rights to the Scissor Me trademark was kind of weird if you ask me but hey, I'm just the viewer here... 
I will say the Oh Scissor me Daddy chants were awesome, even I was singing it *Face Palm* 
Winner – Swerve Strickland  
Promo – AEW World Champion Jon Moxley arrives in the arena, he makes his way to the ring and talks about the obstacles he has to get over as champion. He vows that it will remain that way after his title match against Hangman Adam Page next week.  
Page interrupts the promo he goes on to say that he's had to watch his friends leave, losing his title and he’s ready to become world champion once again.  
Not going to lie, but this was an amazing promo from both men, the emotion, the anticipation and the feeling involved, this is what Page needed and Moxley is a master of this kind of intensity.  
Page made the crowd believe he can actually beat Mox next week; I’m looking forward to this match!  
MJF was watching from the luxury box, don’t forget he still has his poker chip for a future title match.  
Epic promo, this one of those promo’s that makes wrestling awesome!  
Match 4 – Ring of Honor World Championship Match Chris Jericho (c) vs Bryan Danielson.  
It’s the 3rd match between these two tremendous athletes, and the previous two matches have been nothing short of amazing, in my own personal opinion!  
The match was physical, intense and everything you’d expect it to be. It’s a back-and-forth affair with hard hits and big moves.  
After Danielson collided with the referee The Ring of Honor Pure Champion, Daniel Garcia made his presence felt and stopped Jericho from using the championship as a weapon to take out the challenger, aww isn’t that nice, a good Ol’ face turn....  
You’d think, right. No, instead we saw Garcia turn on Danielson by laying him out with a thunderous strike with the Pure Championship allowing Jericho to pick up the win and retain his championship.  
Okay, I have to question the booking here, I'm not sure where they’re going with this story, Garcia has realigned with Jericho as a sports entertainer, I get that, but is there an end game. I mean if they’re going to continue this story then something needs to change, maybe Garcia will be the one to take the strap off Jericho, I hope so but as of now, I'm not a fan of this decision.  

Match 5 – AEW Interim Women’s Champion Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida vs Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D & Jamie Hayter.  
Shida has had a busy week this week in AEW, but the former Women’s Champion returned to Dynamite to team with Storm.  
The majority of the match say Baker and Hayter distance Storm from her tag partner, and beat down the interim champion. Classic heels tactics, love it.  
Storm manages to battle back and make the hottest of hot tags allowing Shida to burst into life and take the fight to Baker and Hayter. It's like watching a child roar into battle when they see a free chocolate bar!  
Near fall after near fall and a really impressive Storm Zero in which Hayter just barely manages to break up only getting a two count. The match spills all over the ring and to the outside, with Storm and Hayter on the outside.  
Honestly, so much action is happening it’s hard to keep up! Back in the ring, Shida and Baker are going at it, with reversals, near falls, hard hits and hard moves. Eventually it was Shida who got the better of Baker and picked up the win!  
That, was a great match to watch, I do however feel, that the women’s division is feeling a little slack, unless they character build, it’s still a bit of an issue. I really hate to admit it, but I feel Cargil is the more credible champion, even though she’s holding the TBS championship.  
Winners – Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida.  
Maiiiiiiiiiin Eveeeent of the evening! All Atlantic Championship match -  
‘The Bastard’ PAC (c) vs ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy.  
Here we are guys and girls, main event time! The Bastard taking on the Orange one! Over the last two years, these guys have squared off so many times, so it’s only fitting that it ends with a title match!  
The champion dominates the early going by making Cassidy look like he can lose at any moment. The match follows to the outside with PAC still in control and setting the pace! Cassidy barely manages to break free and make it back into the ring after a Tombstone on the stage area.  
PAC follows promptly, not letting up and locking in the Brutalizer. PAC is brutal in this match, which is not surprising, I wonder whatever happened to his twin brother Neville, I miss that guy...  
Cassidy manages to break the lock, with the crowd firmly behind him, he fires a comeback which lights the crowd on fire! I mean with chants of ‘This is awesome’ and let me tell you, I fully agree!  
PAC clearly pissed off by this point, locks in the Brutalizer again but Cassidy break it yet again. The match continues, with PAC becomes increasingly frustrated, tries to grab a hammer from the ringside area in hopes of using it to win the match.  
But the cursed one Danhausen stops him, with the distraction, Cassidy hit the Orange Punch, leaving PAC in a heap, Cassidy goes for the pin and we have a new champion!  

Well, that was an amazing main event to end the show! So good to see Cassidy finally win a championship, the dude honestly deserves it.  
Been a great show this week, I really enjoyed it. This is why I love wrestling, shows like this is what makes it great! thoroughly enjoyed! This is how you put on and end a show! Great start, great finish and an amazing promo to boot!  
Now we end with RAMPAGE!  

Match 1 – BCC (Blackpool Combat Club) AEW World Champion Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli vs The Butcher and The Blade w/The Bunny.  
The match was insane from the opening bell in fairness, but soon the carnage was tamed and all four men went to their respective corners. As ever, The Bunny intervened in the match but to no avail.  
With Moxley not really being that involved in the match, the hot tag inevitably came which fired up the crowd as he went the way he always does like a bat outta hell.  
As the match went on as if in sync, Moxley and Castagnoli hit their finishes to pick up the win! 
Winners – BCC  
Good match to be honest, nice way to start the show, slightly predictable but the fans loved it so can’t really complain all that much.  
Promo – The Jericho Appreciation Society come out and explained why Garcia had remained with the group instead of turning face. The fans were treated to an appearance by Dalton Castle and The Boys and requested a match for the ROH World championship in which Jericho quickly accepted … now that could be a classic!  
Match 2 – Nyla Rose w/Vicki Guerrero vs Anna Jay A.S  
Jay started the match quick by taking the fight to rose, however, it was the Native Beast who managed to subdue her opponent, utilizing her size and strength advantage.  
I have to admit here, that Anna Jay has vastly improved between the ropes and it’s refreshing to see if I'm honest. The match goes on with Rose being a bit too enthusiastic in taking damage if you get my meaning.  
Rose ends up gaining control and nails Jay with the Beast Bomb to pick up the win.  
After the match, Jade Cargill along with The Baddies (sounds like a very bad film villain gang) Cargill took out the entire security team who tried to stop her (damn, they’re really making her look legit, she still needs to improve in my opinion)  
Rose and her cronies manage to escape up the ramp.  
Winner – Nyla Rose  
Match 3 – Ethan Page vs Isiah Kassidy w/Matt version broken 1 Hardy.  
As soon as the bell rings, Page is all over Kassidy using his power advantage.  
Why do I always feel that stopping to taunt Hardy at ringside is a bit of a stupid move, I never get that however, Kassidy did manage to use that to his advantage but it didn’t really work did it, Page ended the match with hitting the finisher to pick up the win.  
With Page winning, it means that The Firm now own Private Party and Matt Hardy’s contracts.  
Not sure what to make of this, I mean I feel as though they have no idea what to do with this scenario.  
Winner – Ethan Page  
Match 4 – MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! The Pinnacle (FTR & Shawn Spears) vs Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony.  
The match starts with the chairman of AEW, Spears and Cage, but a quick tag in by Kaun soon turned the tides. Spears was majorly impressive here by outwrestling Kaun, the fans loved this as chants of his name echoed through the arena! 
The match was decent in fairness, but it did follow the traditional rout of the heels having the control throughout.  
One thing I will say is, that AEW makes you feel that Tag Team wrestling is becoming more important these days and I'm fully on board with it!  
In the end it was Spears who hit the C4 on Kaun to pick up the win for him and his team. So good to see Spears perform, the guy in my opinion is seriously underrated... I guess that Superkick from Shawn Michaels helped him....  
Wait, what’s this?? Is that... is that Mike Bennet?? Holy shit that’s Maria Kanellis along with Matt Tavern! I guess they’re All Elite BayBay!  
They beat down the Pinnacle as the fans watch in horror, until War Joe come out and make the save!  
Winners – The Pinnacle.  
What a show that was! I mean great from start to finish. That ending was not only a shock but a huge surprise! Loved it!  
well, that concludes this week's review of the world of AEW! I enjoyed this week quite a lot, this is why I love rasslin’  
as always, I've been James, you’ve been amazing and I'll catch you all soon! Stay safe folks!