Independent wrestler intentionally cuts off opponents finger!

Independent wrestler intentionally cuts off opponents finger!

Some interesting news has come to light from The Squared Circle Reddit page, on an independent deathmatch wrestler known by the name of Blaine Evans.

Evans himself has admitted on his Facebook page while competing in the IWA Deep South’s Carnage Cup, he intentionally cut off his opponent John Rare's finger.

According to Evans, this was payback for a previous incident where his opponent had stabbed him with a box cutter as he was quoted in saying "it was an eye for an eye".

This is a disgusting misuse of the trust put in him by his opponent and given his admission this could, and should, result in legal ramifications for Evans.

We know that injuring your opponent intentionally in the ring can carry legal convictions given the result of Real Rasslin's own Rob getting justice for what happened to him in early 2020.

Hopefully John Rare was able to have the finger reattached and is able to fully recover.