Impact Wrestling Review October 21, 2021

Kyle is back with another review from the impact zone, and this is the go-home show before Bound for Glory! But will it be wheely good?...

Impact Wrestling Review October 21, 2021

Whats up guys! I’m back again for another review of Impact, this is the go home show 2 days before Bound For Glory.

Just as a reminder of what you will see at the pay-per-view (or have seen by the time this review has gone live): the culmination of the X-Division tournament as well as the match between Josh Alexander and Christian Cage for the Impact World Heavyweight title, not to mention the crowning of the inaugural champion for the Digital Media Championship, where both male and female wrestlers can compete.

With that being said let’s get this impact review rolling shall we?

Now, we start off the show as we always do with a Impact recap. But this time, as this is the go home show for Bound For Glory, we have a recap of what has been going on over the past couple of weeks on the build-up towards the pay-per-view. We see all of the X Division tournament winners. We see W. Morrisey win the battle royal last week. The recap ends with a replay of last week’s tense moment between Christian and Josh Alexander.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders match
The Bullet Club (Hikuleo & Chris Bey) vs. FinJuice
Bey and Finlay look as if they will start off the match but Bey tags Hikuleo in instead. Finlay starts with the headlock on Hikuleo, but gets tossed into the ropes and runs into a huge shoulder block from Hikuleo.

Bey tags in, Finlay takes advantage of the brief reprieve and tags in Juice, Juice hits with a senton onto Bey who taunts quickly before covering for only two. Juice gets into the refs face, he seems pumped up for tonight’s match.

Juice has Bey in the corner and sends him head first into the turnbuckle 9 times before running to the other side for a huge 10th shot!  Juice looks for another shot in the turnbuckle but Bey reverses out and tags in Hikuleo.

Juice gets the advantage and tags in Finlay, they hit a double bulldog on Hikuleo and Finlay covers for a count of two. Finlay has a headlock on Hikuleo, who goes for a backbody drop but Finlay lands on his feet. Finlay runs into a sidesuplex from Hikuleo who covers for a two count of his own.

Hikuleo stomps on Finlay’s body using the ropes.

Bey tags in and Hikuleo holds Finlay as Bey hits a springboard on Finlay. Finlay fights his way back but Bey drops him with a stiff enziguri.

Bey goes for a cover but Finlay kicks out at two, Bey rolls him right into a chinlock. Juice cheers on Finlay saying ‘we dont lose to chinlocks’ and honestly who does?

Finlay tries to fight's out but Bey is back on the offensive and nails a combination of strikes, but Finlay tosses Bey into the ropes and drops both men down in the center of the ring.

Bey grabs Finlay to prevent the tag but Finlay manages to make the tag to Juice, anyway. Juice tosses Bey into the ring and hits him with a huge backbody drop. Juice drops Hikuleo and gets Bey in the corner for the patented ten count punches but stops at eight and ends it with a bite to Bey’s forehead.

Juice drops Bey in the corner and hits a cannonball on Bey in the corner. Juice tags in Finlay and they hit a combination move on Bey, Finlay goes for the cover but Hikuleo breaks it up. Hikuleo and Juice fight outside the ring as Bey recovers and gains the advantage.

Finlay lifts Bey up and he drops the referee. Finlay goes for the cover but the ref can’t make the count. Hikuleo in the ring and chokeslams Finlay tossing Bey on to cover. We wait a bit and a new ref runs in. Bey gets a two count and Finlay kicks out in a shocker.

Bey goes for art of Finesse on Finlay but Finlay reverses it into a jumping neckbreaker. Both men make a tag and Juice nails Hikuleo with some combo strikes but Hikuleo goes for a chokeslam. Juice breaks out and goes for move off the ropes but is hit with a powerslam. Hikuleo with a pin but Juice kicks out. Juice and Bey with simultaneous pins as both refs counted on a pair of roll-ups.

Winner: Both teams, (can’t really see how but yes both teams win)

After the match, The refs and both teams are arguing over this ludicrous finish.

The arguing continues as Scott D’Amore comes out, he has to know Bey was not legal and this should be easily solved. Scott is quite annoyed and says that he will make the decision by the end of tonight. Apparently, he didn’t see that Bey was not the legal man and has to figure it out. (For some unknown reason..)

This was such an exciting match to start the show, but unfortunately, it ended in the most obscene way possible. I was confused as to why we had an unnecessary ref bump, I didn’t like it at all for the match to lead to both refs making a pin. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just have a double count-out, or literally anything else to get a triple threat title match? Any non-wrestling fan could clearly see that Bey was not the legal man, therefore, there was no need for the double pen whatsoever I guess this is wrestling and sometimes awkward a lot of the time things don’t really make sense do they? 

Josh & D’Lo run down the card for Bound For Glory and mix in some stuff we have on tap for tonight.

There is a Josh Alexander vignette video, he’s a guy who comes from nothing and wrestling has helped save him. He discusses his life story and getting into professional wrestling. He breaks down his injury and potential retirement. He discusses how it eventually motivated him to return to wrestling and take it more seriously.

He credits Low Ki and the early X Division for inspiring him to chase the X Division title. He said it will be historic to beat someone like Christian to become champion and thinks he checks at least 4 of the 5 necessary boxes to do so.

Jordynne Grace & Fallah Bahh vs. Crazzy Steve & Chelsea Green vs. John Skyler & Tenille Dashwood
Jordynne and Chelsea kick this one off and Chelsea has Jordynne in a headlock but is tossed off and hit with a shoulderblock. Jordynne tags in Fallah, he said he doesn’t want to hit a girl and Chelsea slaps him.

Chelsea dodges Fallah before slapping him on the butt. Chelsea goes for a roll-up but Fallah drops down but Chelsea moves. Chelsea goes for a pin but Fallah tosses her off.

Crazzy Steve tags in and hits Fallah with a couple of strikes sending him into Skyler and Tenille’s corner. Steve bites at Bahh’s head before Skyler pulls him off the top rope, hanging him up on the rope. Skyler tags himself in and lays into Steve with nonstop punches to the head. Skyler tosses Steve into the corner chest first and follows up with a side leg sweep before going for a cover for two. Skyler tags in Dashwood who drops Steve with a kick to the guy and then chokes him on the rope in the corner.

Tenille tosses Steve into the corner and tags Skyler back in who hits Steve with a strike to the stomach. Tenille tags back in and hits Chelsea off the apron. Steve bites Tenille, then Skyler. Skyler reverses sending Steve into the corner tagging in Jordynne Grace.

Grace hits Tenille with a spinebuster and tosses Skyler into the corner but he reverses and tosses her but is hit with a kick to the face. Jordynne hits a huge combination of strikes on Skyler in the corner. Grace with a splash on Skyler and drops Tenille with a backfist. Jordynne pins Tenille for a two count before the pin is broken up.

Fallah has all four of his opponents in the corner and splashes all four of them, Fallah has Tenille set up in the corner going for a splash but Kaleb with a K distracts him long enough for Skyler to make the save.

Steve gets back into the ring, he knocks Skyler off the apron and drops Bahh with a DDT off the middle rope. Skyler pulls Steve out of the ring and Tenille drops Bahh with a running knee before going for a pin. Tenille gets the three count for the win!

Winners: John Skyler & Tenille Dashwood 
This entire match was all over the place and are very confusing at times, luckily it never got into a car crash. It still didn’t flow as well as you may expect a match like this to flow, I think it would be much better if all six members can do what they do best whilst not being hindered by the tag team rules.

Now we have Rhino in the ring and asks for a mic. Rhino barely start speaking as Heath’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.

Heath says it’s been a little while and asks Rhino how he’s doing. Heath and all the fans are confused, they’ve been through hell or high water and all this none communication stuff doesn’t work for him what so ever. Heath says he’s been watching and knows it’s all down to VBD and Eric Young. He pleads with Rhino to say something… anything.

Maybe if he waited Rhino would’ve answered his questions?

Heath tells Rhino he loves him and he’s his best friend. His kid's miss Uncle Rhino, Rhino smiles a little bit and Heath says there you are but Eric young’s music hits.

Violent by Design comes out and Eric takes the mic out of Rhino’s hand. Eric says VBD is forever, it’s not something you can walk away from.

He says Rhino made a pact with him, this is his family now. Heath says this isn’t family, this is a crazy bald-headed man, and his followers who want him to be with them.

Eric says he made Rhino into his purest form. Heath says the truth is Rhino’s brain washed and can’t even think for himself. He begs Rhino to open his eyes and remember.

Eric tells him not to listen to Heath or these people, Heath then shoves Eric and Deaner drops Heath, Doring and Deaner start beating down Heath as Rhino stands alone, watching.

Rhino grabs Deaner and thows him off Heath, Rhino backs into the corner and Eric says he’s ready to prove himself and take what’s yours, he tells Rhino to cut Heath in half but Rhino rolls out and exits ringside.

Eric yells at him and tells him not to quit on them. Heath is back to his feet and drops Deaner but Doring drops him with a huge clothesline. Deaner and Doring hang Heath up on the ropes and Eric chokes him out with the VBD flag. Eric whispers into Heaths ear and then breaks the pole over the back of Heath as he cries out for Rhino. Eric drapes the flag over Heaths head and Josh Matthews exclaims how disgusting this is and wishes Rhino would’ve just helped his friend.

This whole segment fell a bit strange to me, it would have been a lot better if they just had Rhino come out and help Heath at Bound For Glory, rather than doing it this way. It would have been a lot simpler rather than this crazy turn of events but again, I’m not running the promotion.

Minoru Suzuki hype video to remind us the legend is on his way to Impact. Which is awesome because I did forget, very smart of them to get him involved in the Vegas shows with him being stateside.

Mickie James vs. Savannah Evans
As Mickie is standing in the ring the fans chant welcome back!!! This is Mickie’s first match on Impact in over six years.

Mickie and Evans lock up and Evans sends Mickie into the corner. Tasha talks trash to Mickie from the outside. Mickie goes for a single leg takedown but Evans manages to shake Mickie off. Mickie starts to fight back which seems to annoy Evans more than hurting her. Mickie goes for a sleeper hold but Evans backs into the corner to break the hold.

Evans goes for a splash in the corner but Mickie moves, Mickie rallies with some chops in the corner. Mickie tries to run the ropes but Tasha grabs her leg and Mickie eats a big boot for getting distracted.

Evans locks Mickie up on the ropes and chokes her as the ref begins to count, Evans drops some stiff boots to Mickie in the corner before stomping directly on her face.

Mickie fights back with some forearms but Evans drops her with one swift shot.

Evans sends Mickie back into the corner and follows right up with a big splash, Evans then locks in a bearhug in the centre of the ring but Mickie tries to fight out with forearms but is right back in the bearhug.

Mickie with some forearms and then bites Evans right on the face. Evans goes for a big boot but Mickie ducks and gets her leg stuck on the rope. Mickie follows with a number of strikes and follows with a kick to leg. Evans fights back and sets Mickie up on the top rope. Mickie fights back and hits a top rope splash. Mickie follows with a pinfall attempt but Evans kicks out.

Deonna’s music hits and she comes to distract Mickie. Mickie covers again but another two. Evans whips Mickie into the corner once again and follows with a splash.

Evans tries to lock in a full nelson but Mickie tries to slip out, Evans just hits Mickie with a full nelson slam. Evans goes for the cover and we get a very close fall with Mickie kicking out pretty much after the refs hand hit the mat. Mickie fights back with some roundhouse kicks. Mickie with the jumping DDT and follows it with the cover for three.

Winner: Mickie James
At the end of the match Deonna shoves Mickie and Josh says that it breaks the non-compete clause.

Deonna tells Mickie to turn around and Matthew Rehwoldt drops Mickie. Deonna gets in the ring and pulls Mickie’s hair to talk trash to her. Deonna slams Mickie’s head onto the ground as Josh continues to point out she’s breaking the non-compete clause.

This was a good match for both Savannah and Mickie, but it felt a bit rushed to the pinfall victory and there was no need for Deonna to cause the distraction because it didn’t really lead to anything until after the match. Also definitely feel like Savannah had the three count thereafter the full nelson slam. 

We are backstage now where Deonna is asked about the no contact clause and she states she did nothing wrong, she didn’t hit Mickie, her drama king did it for her. Scott D’Amore walks up and Deonna says he can’t yell at her because she didn’t do anything wrong. Scott says yeah it was Matt not her. Scott says she made contact with Mickie and she should be stripped of the title. Scott says he hopes she loses the title in two days and if Rehwoldt is at Bound for Glory they’ll both be suspended forever. Which I highly doubtful as he didn’t even strip her of the championship there and then.

We now get a video package from Brian Meyers, Brian is with the learning tree and tells them about consequences. He says last week was an epic failure. He says VSK lost to Rich Swann, Manny Lemons says VSK is on the chopping block now.

Brian tells Manny he’s completely uncoachable and makes some WWE references before cutting him.

Brian looks at Sam and says he’s going to be cut, Sam tries to play it off like Zicky Dice is going to be cut but Sam’s the guy. This was cute, Sam asked for an autograph and Brian had VSK sign it for him.

Now the IInspiration send a representative to talk for them, Decay show up creepily and we begin our official contract signing. Scott says we just need a few signatures and everyone can be on their way.

Rosemary is unhappy with the ink pen as she’d rather sign in blood. Rosemary tells the lawyer that they’ll be at Bound For Glory to bite the IInspirations face’s off!!!

Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne
Lockup to start the match and Trey gets hand control locks in a wristlock slamming away at Zaynes hand. Zayne rolls through and locks in a wristlock of his own.

Trey dances out of it and drops Zayne with a smooth armdrag. Zayne then goes for a takedown on Trey and shows off his amateur wrestling skill before taunting sitting on the back of Trey.

Both men exchange a few words before we get a test of strength. Trey drops Zayne and goes for a cover but Zayne kicks out. We get a couple of pin attempts from Trey but Zayne kicks out of all of them.

Both men continue to exchange pins before Trey smashes Zayne with a european uppercut. Zayne off the ropes tosses Trey onto the apron but both men do a few high flying moves before landing in the center of the ring together. Miguel to the outside, Zayne goes for a moonsault, Trey moves and Zayne lands on his feet. Trey follows up with a moonsault of his own taking out Zayne.

Trey has a sleeper hold locked in on Zayne in the centre of the ring. Zayne drops Trey with a clothesline. Trey to his feet in the corner and pushes off Zayne with his foot to get on the top rope. Zayne rushes at Trey and hits a front flip into a hurricanrana tossing Trey off the top rope. Zayne goes for his front flip bodyslam but Trey reverses out and rolls up Zayne who kicks out at two.

Zayne gets to his knees and eats a number of kicks from Trey but Zayne ducks one and goes for a roll up for two. Trey to his feet and eats a running knee from Zayne. Zayne with a forearm to Trey on the top rope. Zayne looking for a superplex and Trey frontflips over looking for a powerbomb but Zayne holds on. Trey tucks Zayne’s head into the corner and hits him with the cheeky nandos kick. Zayne stays in the corner and Trey hits a modified 619. Trey to the top rope and hits a meteora on Zayne for the victory.

Winner: Trey Miguel.
After the match  Steve Maclin attacks Trey with right hands. Maclin hits Mayhem for All on Miguel as El Phantasmo hits the ring. The Bullet Club jumps Maclin. Phantasmo with a superkick to Maclin leaving him laying. They lift Trey and Phantasmo fakes the superkick but hits a low blow right to Trey’s groin and The Bullet Club stand tall.

This wasn’t bad but these two did an amazing job a few weeks ago in a triple threat, I understand showing they both can perform well a traditionally singles match but to me it didn’t matter much, it seemed to take a little while for the match to become the exciting match I come to expect from these two now. 

The commentary team run down the Bound for Glory card and as we all suspected Scott D’Amore decided the tag title match will be a triple threat even though Chris Bey was not the legal man (obviously). I have to admit this had slipped my mind I completely forgot that we had a decision on the tag team match for Bound For Glory with everything that was going on.

Josh Alexander comes out to the ring to speak his mind ahead of his title match, Josh Alexander has the mic. He says in two days he’ll be challenging for the Impact Wrestling World Championship. He says he risked his X Division title for this match, but what is a risk when he thought he’d never take another risk like this again. He thought he’d live a safe life working everyday for his family. He says by the grace of god he got to come back to the business he loves. He scraped and clawed to get where he is right now., He says he’s taking every risk to show his sons that every risk yields the biggest rewards.

Christian’s music hits as the world champion makes his way to the ring. He says here we are, two days away from Bound for Glory. Christian says he understands he’s been here before, he’s been on the biggest stages in this industry. He’s wrestled for and won world championships. He’s been in legendary matches that pay-per-views are named after. He says it comes down to pressure and how Josh deals with it. He says pressure is a fickle thing, some fade under pressure, while others like Christian thrive under pressure and win world titles. Christian says as much as he respects him nothing Josh has done in the last few weeks tells him that he has it in him.

Josh says he’s heard all the criticism and it’s all too familiar. He discusses their comparisons and says Josh has something to prove now just like Christian needed to years ago. Josh says as long as he’s cashing the check of a billionaire who owns a different company he’ll never be the face of Impact wrestling. Josh says at Bound For Glory he’ll bring the title home where it belongs and slam the forbidden door in Christian’s face.

Christian says he’s not even the best wrestler from Canada let alone in this ring. Josh says if Christian thinks pissing him off will work in his advantage we’ll see how that works and these two start to brawl. Security tries to separate them but they can’t keep them away from eachother as Josh and Christian continue to brawl, tossing security out of their way. The locker room clears and everyone is out here to break these two up. Christian holds the Impact world title above his head to close out the show. This was a great promo for Josh and I wish they had started the build this way weeks ago. Josh defending Impact against a champion who is paid by a billionaire from another company is way more compelling than what we’ve gotten so far. Fair to say I'm excited for their match and curious who may win.

As I say every week this was a pretty good showing for Impact overall and as go home shows go it wasn’t too bad, I mean there were a few things that were a bit hit and miss like Deonna causing the distraction when there was no need and also a few matches being a little bit slow to get going. I suppose you can’t really expect Impact to kind of put all their eggs in one basket but nonetheless, it set the scene pretty well for Bound For Glory.

Once again I would like to thank you all for joining me with this week's rundown of Impact and join me again on Thursday for another one see you again soon.

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