Impact Wrestling Review 30th September 2021

It's Kyle's debut review of Impact Wrestling, and by his own admission, it was "Wheely good"...

Impact Wrestling Review 30th September 2021

What’s up guys! It’s Kyle here for your weekly Impact review. So, let’s get these wheels rolling shall we…?

As there is only three weeks to go until Bound for Glory, it seems as though things are heating up in the Impact Zone! We had a brief recap from last week where the fallen angel Christopher Daniels returned to save Josh Alexander and Christian from a beat down at the end of the match and now, he’s set to face Madman Fulton on this week’s show.

Also, in the recap Josh Alexander relinquished his X-Division Championship to utilize Option C and challenge Christian for the Impact Wrestling World Championship.

There are also two tournaments set to take place over the coming weeks in the lead up to Bound for Glory, the Knockouts tournament set for Knockouts Knockdown next Saturday and the X Division Title Tournament qualifier set to begin tonight. Exciting right?!

X-Division Title Match Qualifier
Trey Miguel vs Laredo Kid vs Alex Zayne 
This was the Impact debut for Alex Zayne and sure to be a high-flying return to the X-Division. Trey and Laredo start the match teaming up against Zayne but he quickly reverses out of the action. Zayne launches Kid into a powerbomb from Trey Miguel. Miguel and Zayne exchange some words.  Laredo pops up and hits a double rana on Zayne and Miguel. Zayne hits his patented shooting star senton but only receives a one count due to a lackadaisical cover.

Trey hits a step-up rana on Laredo and sends him to the outside. Miguel takes in the response from the crowd before hitting another rana to Laredo Kid on the apron sending both to the outside. Trey taunts after hitting his rana but is caught off guard by a moonsault from Zayne out of nowhere. Zayne tosses both men back into the ring.

He leaps over the back of Trey Miguel to drop Laredo with a drop kick. Trey catches Zayne in the corner and hits him with a cheeky kick. Trey climbs to the top but gets caught by Laredo who goes for a superplex. Trey blocks it and drops Laredo on his face. Laredo gets to his feet and Zayne launches himself off the back off Laredo into Miguel in the corner. Miguel catches Zayne in an inverted stfu. Laredo Kid hits a 450 onto Miguel and Zayne to prevent the submission. Laredo covers Trey but only gets a two count.

Zayne, back on the offensive, locks hands with Miguel and goes for a springboard but is caught by Laredo Kid who hits a springboard moonsault on Trey instead. Laredo follows this up trying to hit Zayne with a rana but he reverses it into a powerbomb on Laredo. We see Matthew Rehwoldt (AKA Aiden English) backstage observing the match, paying special attention to Laredo Kid. Trey Miguel to the top and hits the meteora on Laredo Kid and follows up with the pin to get the victory.

Trey Miguel wins and moves on to the next stage of the tournament.

This was an awesome high-flying match that was difficult to keep up with as everyone was giving their all. All three are great for the X Division and Trey has already been a standout star for me, he was a solid choice to go for the Championship.

It would be great to see more of Laredo Kid and Zayne on Impact in the future as both add a lot of excitement and high-flying skill to the X Division.

Next up we go backstage and have a promo from Matthew Rehwoldt setting up a match with him and Laredo Kid.

There was an update on Sami Callihan as he was attacked earlier on in the evening. It looked as if he had suffered a broken ankle and was taken to a medical facility.

As a result of the attack, W. Morrisey vs. Eddie Edwards will now be a street fight with Adz’ all-time favourite wrestler, Moose, banned from ringside.

Eddie Edwards cuts a promo on the current situation involving W. Morrisey, Moose and Sami. Edwards tells Morrisey he’s “gonna get what’s coming to him” in Impact Wrestling. He calls Impact the land of misfits and Edwards is the biggest misfit of them all.

He says tonight their fight ends once and for all. He warns Moose that he’s coming for him.

Next, we have the recent run down the card for the rest of the night and also hype for the Knockouts Knockdown pay per view on 9th October

Knockouts Tag Team Title #1 Contendership
The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) vs Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering
Both teams were looking to earn a title shot against The Decay. Ellering and Dashwood start off the match. But before the match even starts the Influence decide to take a selfie. Ellering and Grace mock Dashwood taking a selfie to members of the crowd.

Ellering and Dashwood tie up to open the match. Dashwood with a dragon twist momentarily in control before Ellering gets into position to take control of Dashwood’s arm instead.

The match continues with more classic chain wrestling before Dashwood gets tossed into the ropes, and slides outside the ring. Kaleb threatens to get involved. Grace makes her way over to prevent him from doing so and is caught off guard from Rayne. Rayne drops Grace.

After a while Ellering is back in control. She drives Dashwood into the corner and tags in Jordynne Grace. Grace and Ellering with the quick tags and consistent tag team work. Grace tosses Ellering into Dashwood in the corner before delivering a splash of her own. Ellering with the cover for just a two count. Grace tags back in and goes for a roll up, Dashwood tosses her off into the ropes as Madison hits her with a surprise boot to the head. Dashwood goes for the cover and also only gets a two count.

Rayne tags in and goes for a pinfall of her own but only gets a one count. She tosses Grace into the corner and nails her with multiple shoulder blocks. Madison tags in Dashwood and tosses her into Grace in the corner. Grace drops to the ground as Dashwood hits a crossbody to her in the corner. Grace back on the offensive and manages to make the tag to Ellering. Ellering with a spinebuster and goes for the cover. Two count before going for the tag again. Grace back in and hits the corner splash on Rayne and goes for the cover. She gets a two count before Kaleb makes the save putting her foot on the bottom rope.

Grace tags in Ellering, who drops Rayne with a stunning suplex and goes for the cover, getting a two count as Dashwood breaks up the pin. Kaleb then distracts Jordynne outside who hits him with a right hand. The Influence take advantage of Grace being distracted and hit Ellering with their finish for the 1,2,3.

The Influence wins

This tag match was great with both teams putting on a clinic. There was an interesting dynamic by having Kaleb getting involved with his #shenanigans, I can understand how some fans may not like him getting involved so much. I think that Grace and Ellering are a great team who work well as a true tag team. This can sometimes be missed in many wrestling promotions when it comes to their own tag team divisions. I can see the reasoning for the Influence winning but would like to see a title run for Ellering and Grace.

Now we head backstage to talk to Daniels. He said, “he doesn’t need to knock on the forbidden door when you built the house”. He goes on to say, “I’m here to handle business with Madman Fulton”.  Then Josh Alexander greets Daniels and says he appreciates his assistance last week before being interrupted by Christian who blames Josh as the reason why they needed help in the first place.

Daniels tells them both that he’s “happy to help” but he’s not here to be buddies with everyone, and maybe they’ll find out his intentions soon before walking off. Christian tells Josh he made the save because he doesn’t want any excuses at the pay-per-view. He tells Josh if he wants to be champion, he’s gonna have to start acting like it before walking off.

Now comes a vignette from Brian Myers who critiques his trainees. He calls Zicky disgusting and makes fun of all of them except VSK. He gives VSK credit for completing his workout quick. They say there are fears that he’s playing “favourites” with VSK, he says if they want to continue sitting under the learning tree, they need to be more like VSK. He says if they want to stay under the learning tree, they better take notes as a roster cut is coming. Sam Beal doesn’t realize that he is also up for a roster cut. These guys are all entertaining and hopefully we can see a bit more of them in ring very soon.

Now we get to hear from The Good Brothers who are discussing all the cool things they’ve been doing including beating up Jon Moxley. Gallows says they’ve been spending time watching Impact on YouTube. Gallows asks Karl what he thinks of a number of wrestlers including Rich Swann, Bullet Club and FinnJuice. They say FinnJuice will face off with Bullet Club in a number one contender’s match for a shot at the tag titles with the Good Brothers at Bound for Glory.

Next, we have Deonna Purrazzo going to the farm Mickie James owns. She finds Mickie working in the barn and we get some scary music before the two start brawling in the barn. Mickie takes the upper hand tossing Deonna into a wall. Deonna grabs a bucket and smashes it over the head of Mickie. She then dumps a wheelbarrow full of hay on Mickie. Deonna goes to lock Mickie in the barn before Mickie hits her with a bucket of her own. Mickie screams “YOU WANNA COME TO MY HOUSE” as she fights back. Mickie grabs a fan (an electrical one) but is unable to use it as a weapon as she was dropped by Deonna. Deonna says “I will F’in kill you Mickie” and tries to hit her with a pitchfork. Mickie dodges the pitchfork and drops Deonna with a bucket. Mickie asks Deonna if she wants to see Hardcore Country?

She smashes her head off a larger bucket then goes to hit her with it again before getting kicked in the stomach. Deonna takes the upper hand, trying to choke Mickie out on the post for the horses. Mickie uses a hose and sprays water at Deonna to get her off. Deonna tells Mickie she hates her before trying to drown her. Someone screams and asks what’s going on over there so Deonna stops trying to kill Mickie and just talks violently to her. 

Let’s head backstage where FinnJuice aren’t happy about Bullet Club using their numbers against them. They say that they’ve finally found their plus one to help fight Bullet Club and Chris Sabin walks up. Sabin says he thinks it’s Bullet Club beating time and next week they’ll handle their issues with Bullet Club.

Madman Fulton vs. Christopher Daniels

Yes, it is true the Fallen Angel is back in Impact Wrestling for the first time in seven years and has his eyes set on one of Impact's largest athletes first. Fulton was initially on the offensive but Daniels quickly turns that around. Daniels bounces off the ropes and goes for a shoulder block but is dropped by Fulton quickly. Fulton lifted Daniels right up and hits a delayed suplex on Daniels, holding him up long enough for the crowd to count to 15.

Daniels goes for a crossbody and is caught. Fulton goes for a body slam but Daniels shimmies out and drops Fulton to his knees. He hits him with a huge kick. Daniels tosses Fulton in the corner and drops him out of the ring with a clothesline. Daniels to the apron and hits an Arabian moonsault on Fulton. He slides Fulton back into the ring and goes for a springboard elbow. Daniels with the cover and gets a two count.

Daniels tosses Fulton into the corner and goes for the ten punches but is stopped at eight with a chokeslam. Fulton then catches Daniels with a big boot and big splash. Fulton with the cover and gets a two count. He gets up and hits Daniels with two running headbutts on the ground. Fulton with another cover for a two count. He tosses Daniels into the corner and tries to lock in an elevated sleeper hold. He lets Daniels go and nails him with a diving crossbody. Fulton with another two count. Commentary is confused and so am I.

Fulton tosses Daniels into the ropes and he reverses, nailing Fulton with a huge jumping DDT. Both men are slow to their feet as Daniels nails Fulton with a flurry of forearms. He has Fulton in the corner and nails him with a kick. Daniels hits Fulton with a broken STO and gets a two count for his efforts. Fulton nails Daniels with a huge body slam for another two count. Fulton gets the refs attention as Ace Austin nails Daniels with some illegal blows from the outside. Josh Alexander feels the need to make the save and attacks Ace Austin. Fulton is distracted by the fighting and is nailed with an Angel’s wings. Fulton kicks out at one! Daniels is shocked. He drops Fulton and goes for the BME. He hits it for the three count and the victory.

Christopher Daniels Wins

This was a really great match and Fulton looked great despite the loss. I would like Josh to move away from Ace but I understand he needs to repay the favour from last week. Daniels still looks really good. I would rather they continue to build young stars like Fulton, but I get that Daniels needed to win in his return match to the roster. This match hit home how good Fulton looked in this bout. Despite Johnny Swinger being backstage, he looks more nervous now than ever. Scott D’Amore appears and Swinger says he has a deal for him. He says don’t take Impact to Vegas and Swinger can keep his Casino. D’Amore says there’s nothing in that deal for him. Swinger says to think about it.

Ace and Fulton go backstage looking for D’Amore. He finds him and Ace says the inmates are running the asylum around here. He says that Josh Alexander and Daniels keep getting involved in their business. D’Amore compliments Fulton for his work in the match with Daniels but says next week Josh will team with Christian to take on Ace and Fulton. He states they can handle their own problems and Ace seems pleased with this match-up.

We now have Violent by Design heading to the ring and Eric Young says they had all the power and control before someone made a mistake. He states someone let the sickness back in. Someone let the sickness take control. He goes on to say that someone was Rhino. Young knows that Rhino knows he made a mistake. He now understands he forced their hand. They had to leave him lying so he could see the truth and be his purest form. Now what Rhino has is a decision to make. He says he’s either with them or he walks away, and Rhino knows no one walks away. Eric says what’s it going to be? Rhino needs to make the right choice. The crowd chants for Rhino to walk away before he finally makes his way to the ring.

Rhino gets in the ring and Eric asks if he’s going to do the right thing. He says don’t listen to the crowd, listen to him. Eric says his voice is the only thing that matters. He asks what’s it going to be? will Rhino do the right thing? Rhino is hesitant to decide but Eric insists he decides before forcing their hand again. He says don’t make them be violent again. Deaner and Doering surround Rhino. Eric Young says this is it, the crossroads he created, Rhino brought this on himself.

Eric repeats that you’re either with Violent by Design or you walk away. Before Rhino can decide what to do, who should return? None other than Heath!

Yes everyone, Heath is back and he’s looking built like a brick sh*thouse. He drops Deaner with some stiff shots. He clotheslines Doering out of the ring and Eric dips before he can get caught up in this mess. Rhino still hasn’t given an answer and he’s staring down Heath. Heath opens his arms for a hug but Rhino just leaves. They play up Rhino being conflicted but I’m very happy that Heath is back.

We have a big announcement from Impact as they unveil their new Championship. The new champion will be crowned by having a single-elimination tournament. They are now creating a Digital Media Championship, and the tournament will be seen on YouTube and Impact Plus. This champion will be crowned in a six-way championship match at Bound for Glory.

If you want to get more info on the new title click here, and for news on the tournament click here

Street Fight Main Event
Eddie Edwards vs W. Morrissey
The two of them waste little time hammering each other with lefts and rights. Eddie bounces off the ropes and into a big boot from Morrissey. Edwards rolls out of the ring (here comes the weapons, my favourite bit) and grabs a bin lid from under the ring. He hits Morrissey with the lid not once but twice.

Morrisey recovers from the offense and pulls the remainder of the bin from under the ring. He has a wet floor sign and smashes it over the head of Eddie Edwards. Morrissey tosses Eddie into the ropes but Eddie ducks and drops Morrissey out of the ring.

Eddie goes for a dive and gets hit in the face with that wet floor sign again, sending pieces flying into the crowd.

Morrisey tries to attack Eddie but is once again dropped outside. This time Eddie successfully hits the dive outside onto Morrisey. Eddie takes a fan's replica TNA Championship and nails Morrissey with that. Eddie brings out a table from under the ring. Eddie sets the table up vertically on the side of the ring and sends Morrissey headfirst into it. Morrissey regains the offense by sending Eddie face-first into the ring steps.

Morrissey sets the stairs on their side before hitting Eddie with a sheet tray. Morrisey slams Eddie face first into the ring steps. Morrissey tries to suplex Eddie onto the stairs but he reverses. Morrissey runs at Eddie but is hit with a drop toe hold face first into the steps.

Morrissey is back up and filling the ring with weapons. We get a recap and see Morrissey drop Eddie with a chokeslam onto the steps outside. Morrissey has Eddie in the corner and drops him with a big splash. Morrissey lays Eddie out with a number of shots to the head with the trashcan lid. Morrissey goes for another corner splash but Eddie moves. Eddie goes for the blue thunder bomb, but Morrissey blocks the attempt. Eddie nails Morrisey with a flurry of trashcan shots himself. He nails Morrissey with a blue thunder bomb right onto the trashcan. Morrissey screams out in pain but Eddie is too tired to make a cover.

Eddie checks under the ring and pulls out a barbwire covered chair. He swings for Morrissey who moves out of the way. Eddie turns around and is immediately dropped by a Morrissey big boot. Morrissey now has a chair of his own, but for some reason doesn’t want the barbed wire chair. He sets a chair on Eddie before grabbing another regular chair and hitting the stomach of Eddie. Morrissey sets Eddie up on the top rope. He sets up four chairs near the corner and hammers Eddie with another sheet tray shot. Morrissey is looking to superplex Eddie into the chairs but Alisha Edwards makes the save. She blasts Morrissey with a kendo stick to distract him.

Edwards drops down and powerbombs Morrissey onto the set of chairs. He goes for a cover but Morrissey kicks out at one. Eddie uses the kendo stick on Morrissey dropping him. Eddie in the corner and calls for the Boston Knee Party. Alisha stops him and says wait. She grabs the barbwire chair and holds it up in front of Morrissey’s head. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party on Morrissey with the barbwire covered chair. He goes for the cover and gets the victory.

Eddie Edwards Wins

This was an entertaining match. I love a good street fight and I can see why Edwards won by the use of interference. I also don’t mind the loss for Morrissey because it seems a great way to develop the story judging by the end of match beatdown.

Morrissey is huge and stands out on the Impact roster and seems to me to be a star so this feud has been good for him by the looks of things. Eddie Edwards shines especially in these specialty matches.

Moose hits the ring before anyone can celebrate. Alisha tries to fight him off but she’s no match for the man that is Moose.

Moose drops Edwards and spears him through the table set up in the corner. Alisha enters the ring and checks on her husband. Moose and Morrissey were planning to leave but they have their eyes set on Alisha. Morrissey holds Alisha back while Moose continues the assault on Eddie Edwards. Moose wraps the chair around Eddie’s neck and tosses him throat first into the ring post outside the ring. Moose tells Eddie “I told you I was different” and crashes Eddie two more times with a chair while his neck is still wrapped with another chair. Morrissey finally lets Alisha go so she can go check on Eddie.

This was by far the match of the night for me and put the cherry on top of a great show. I’m so happy that this was the show I got to see in order to get me back into the promotion.

Overall, this was a great show, with the X Division going back to their high-flying roots. It was great to see the "Fallen Angel” back in Impact, as it was a good use of the forbidden door.

I really enjoyed the mini cinematic fight with Deonna Purrazzo and Mickie James, it made me think of the Broken Matt Hardy storyline, which if I remember rightly this is what helped Impact’s viewership improve in the first place.

Of course, I cannot forget the best match of the night, which for me was the street fight, I'm always up for things to go extreme, this one match was better than the whole “Extreme Rules” PPV that WWE had come up with. I think WWE can learn a thing or two from Impact in this respect that's for sure.

Thanks for joining me, and I’ll back with another wheely good review very soon!