Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review October 7th 2021

Kyle is back with another Impact review! Was it wheely as good as last week? Let’s find out...

Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review October 7th 2021

What’s up guys! Here we go again with another review for Impact Wrestling! Let’s hope that this episode from the impact zone is going to be just as entertaining as the last one was.

We are approximately two weeks away from Bound for Glory, and as always when it comes to building up a PPV things do tend to get a little bit more hectic closer to the time. So let’s roll along with the review, shall we?

This episode of Impact opens again with a recap from last week’s show, the recap itself was heavily focused on the return of the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (which I would consider a good thing as he said himself, he was one of the ones that built the house), also in the recap it focused on the main event from last week which was the street fight between W Morrisey and Eddie Edwards. Which I still maintain to be one of the most entertaining and hard-hitting street fights I have seen in a while.

The Bullet Club (El Phantasmo, Hikuleo, and Chris Bey) vs. FinJuice & Chris Sabin

To kick-off the match, Bullet Club start by doing their patented too sweet salute, the match itself seems to have a kind of big fight feel and not only that, we also have Josh Matthews back on commentary (which is something he hasn’t really done in a while). Matthews says that this match has a big fight feel (called it!) because Bullet Club and Finjuice have had a long-standing feud for a while all the way back in New Japan.

Bey and Sabin start off this match, Bey backs Sabin in to the corner and taunts to the crowd in the process, once that is done we actually get into some wrestling action with a patented Bey sunset flip into an attempted cartwheel head scissor. The crowd begin to chant wrestling combined with another round of applause for the exchange between the two competitors.

Juice and El Phantasmo tag in and Phantasmo seems to want to call for a test of strength. Phantasmo fakes-out and stomps on Juice’s foot, then proceeds to toss him into the ropes before dodging a moonsalt attempt by Juice.

Phantasmo on the other hand hits with a springboard moonsault, somehow after that exchange Juice regains control and drops Phantasmo with an Atomic drop. Juice tosses Phantasmo into the ropes and drops him with an elbow. Juice tags in Finlay who almost loses his balance on a springboard double axe handle but it connects suprisingly. We get tags from Sabin then they all hit the Axe handle.

Phantasmo with a finger poke to the eye to Juice in order to regain control. He tags in Bey who goes for an axe handle of his own but Juice reverses and control is with the good guys.

Juice starts nailing Bey and Phantasmo with strikes before the numbers game gets too much for him. Bey hits Juice with a huge kick but Juice manages to kick out at two.

Hikuleo tags in and teases a top rope maneuver but pops down and hits a back rake instead. Juice rolls through to tag in Finlay who drops Hikuleo with a running dropkick to the knee. Finlay drops Hikuleo into the corner with a drop kick and goes for a cross body but Hikuleo catches him. Finlay slips out but runs into a big boot for his troubles.

Bey tags in and Finlay regains control and tags in Sabin. Sabin drops Hikuleo off the apron before dropping both Bey and Phantasmo with a double cross body. The two men get to their feet and Sabin drops both with a step up DDT assisted by Bey’s face. FinJuice and Sabin hit the triple dive outside the ring onto all three members of Bullet Club outside of the ring. They toss Bey back into the ring. Sabin goes for the cover but it’s broken up at the last second by Phantasmo.

During the match, we cut to the Good Brothers, who seem to be on holiday and are enjoying watching the match unfold. We cut back to the ring where we see chokeslam, splash from Phantasmo and Bey goes for the cover. Sabin kicks out at the last second for a two count. Bey goes for Art of Finesse but its countered into a backslide for another two. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Phantasmo hits Sabin in the groin while the ref is distracted. This is enough for Bey to hit Art of Finesse on Sabin for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club

This was a great opening match to start off the show, it seemed to give you a taster as to what is to come for the rest of Impact so far this week. I really love seeing how the feud develops and evolves between Bullet Club and Finjuice.

After seeing an adverisment for Knockouts Knockdown (Saturday on Impact plus) we now head backstage where Josh Alexander is there for an interview regarding his tag team main event match. He said the dynamic between himself and Christian is interesting because it should be an honor to team with Christian, but there seems to be an issue between them because they have a match on the horizon. Josh says he’s studied Christian’s career, making him the wildcard in their match. He promises to take care of Fulton and Ace tonight, giving Christian a front-row seat to his Bound For Glory future.

Here we go, it's now time for the man with too many kids to make his way to the ring! It's Heath everyone! As Heath makes his way to the ring, we get a recap from last week.

Heath grabs a mic, the crowd seemed excited to see Heath return and he’s humbled by their reaction. He says he’s been out for a year and everyone has had a bad year. Everyone has a story about this year and he does too. He said a year ago at Bound for Glory he was ready to get his Impact contract “but the rug got pulled out from underneath me” because of his injury.

He goes on to say the saddest part of this is he lost his best friend. Heath says that his friend was there for him for about a month before going off the radar.

Heath went on social media trying to reach out to Rhino but he never even got a phone call. He's not putting the blame on Rhino, because that’s not the man beast that we know. Heath blames Eric Young for abusing Rhino and it’s been really pissing him off. He’s out here today to kick some ass if he has to, as well as call out his best friend Rhino so they can talk.

But instead Eric Young and Violent by Design make their way out, Eric Young asks Heath what part of this he doesn’t understand, the Rhino he knew before is gone. Eric says “I made Rhino better, stronger, and more pure”. Eric asks how many times they have to get rid of Heath? Eric continues by saying Heath can’t speak to Rhino anymore because “I speak for Rhino”.

Eric says Rhino belongs to him but Heath cuts him off saying Rhino doesn’t belong to anybody. Eric tells Heath to listen to him and he tells Heath to “leave my ring and never come back”.

Heath tells Eric he doesn’t hold his head down for anybody. He said “I’ve busted my ass to get here and I’ll be damned if I’m going to walk out”.

Eric tells Heath he has to leave or he’s going to force their hand. Heath says who wants to try me before nailing Joe Doering. He gets the upper hand at first but again the numbers game gets to Heath. Deaner and Doering lift Heath up as Eric tells the crowd Rhino isn’t coming before dropping Heath with a huge right hand to the gut. They hold Heath on his knees as Eric breaks the VBD sign over the back of Heath’s head. Eric leaves the flag over the fallen body of Heath as commentary asks where the hell Rhino is.

Backstage once again this time for an interview with Willie Mack, as he is asked about his chances in the X-Division tournament He starts to give a Scott Steiner-esque promo before getting into a discussion about his opponents next week. He gets interrupted by Zicky Dice and Manny Lemons. Rich Swann continues by saying if they think they can beat him then he’ll get the match set up with Scott for tonight. Zicky and Lemons go tell Brian Meyers and VSK the good news. Brian calls them idiots for thinking they can beat Swann and Mack after Meyers and VSK lost last week.

Kimber Lee Brandi Lauren & Lady Frost vs. Mercedes Martinez, Tasha Steelz, & Savannah Evans

This was a preview for Knockouts Knockdown this Saturday as a way to encourage people to tune in to the tournament.

Mercedes and Frost start things off with a lockup. Mercedes sends Frost into the corner before the ref calls for the separation. Mercedes hits Frost with a huge forearm and goes for another as Frost ducks and tags out. Brandi tags in and Mercedes tags in Tasha all because Mercedes doesn’t want to face-off with Brandi at this moment in time. Tasha is also nervous about Brandi so she tags in Savannah right away. Savannah shows no fear and drops Brandi with a big boot. She continually hits the grounded Brandi with some firm lefts and rights.  

As the action continues, Brandi drops Tasha with a big boot in the corner.

Then comes Tasha with a running penalty kick dropping Brandi and goes for the cover. Tasha with a knee to the stomach and tosses Brandi into the corner. Savannah and Brandi exchange tags, keeping Brandi separated from her teammates. Brandi fights back with some forearms. Brandi and Tasha drop each other with a simultaneous clothesline. Tasha refuses to tag in Mercedes as Brandi tags in Kimber Lee. Kimber Lee hits Tasha with the spin kick, dropping Tasha to the mat.

Tasha gets to her feet before being tossed into the ropes and runs right into a tilt a whirl back breaker! Savannah comes in without a tag and drops Frost, Brandi locks in a sleeper on Savannah to get her out of the ring. Mercedes Martinez jumps into the ring and drops Kimber Lee with a butterfly suplex. Mercedes goes for the pin but the ref says she’s not the legal woman. Tasha hops in and steals the victory.

Winners: Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, Mercedes Martinez

The match itself wasn't actually too bad but in all honesty, It didn't really make sense, I understand that they want people to be interested in the pay-per-view but it was just an odd way to go about it.

 In my opinion. I don't think everybody really understood what they were meant to be doing in this match because it just seems like total confusion towards the end but it'll be interesting to see what will happen going forward because it seems like they are trying to build a feud between all three of these female competitors.

At the end of the match, we see the winners arguing as Mercedes is mad that Tasha took her spotlight. Alisha Edwards hits the ring and beats down Brandi Lauren and Kimber Lee. Security separates the two.

Backstage we see that Alisha is angry and said she wants a match with Kimber Lee. Gail Kim says if she wants to face Kimber Lee it’ll have to be in a Monsters Ball match this Saturday at Knockouts Knockdown and it’ll also feature Savannah Evans and Jordynne Grace. Alisha says bring it on.

We now head to the All About Me show with Tenille Dashwood. Madison Rayne is here with Kaleb with a K as always. They talk about how The Influence are number one contenders for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. They’re giddy over their new tag team move ‘The Collab’. They bring in the hosts for the day, The Decay. Tenille has a lengthy censored statement about her new hosts and Kaleb says we have a mature content warning.

Rosemary says she must have a little darkness inside her soul after all. Rosemary asks Tenille and Madison if they feel lucky going into their match on Saturday. Tenille says thanks for coming but let's end this early. Rosemary says they’re taking over the show and they’re quite fond of this host body but they could use an upgrade. Tenille is confused as Rosemary touches her, Kaleb starts yelling to get the Decay out of her. Madison tells Kaleb to look up how to exorcise a demon. I was in stiches after watching this.

We now get a promo from Adz’s faverate wrestler in the whole world, Moose! He is with W Morrissey and they say in this story the heroes get sent to the hospital. Morrissey says none of this is about friendships. What he and Moose have is an alliance. Moose says they’re taking this alliance to the call your shot gauntlet at Bound for Glory. Moose says when they’re the last two competitors he’s gonna look Morrissey in the eye and say he’s gonna kick his ass because he knows Morrissey is going to do the same.

Now it is time for the match that I have been waiting for! It’s X- Division Qualifier Time….

Black Taurus vs. Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams
Maclin goes right after Taurus and Petey early but only has control for a short time. Black Taurus takes over with a slingblade to Maclin. Petey catches Taurus not paying attention and sends him into the corner, Petey hits a huge head scissors to Taurus and drops him into the ropes with a drop toe hold. Petey with a dropkick to the back of the hung up Black Taurus. Taurus runs at Petey for a spear in the ropes but Petey moves. Taurus keeps running and dives out of the ring onto Maclin. Petey drops Taurus with a dropkick and then drops Steven Maclin. Petey goes to get back in the ring but Black Taurus goes for a powerbomb on the floor. Petey regains the advantage and hits a leg drop to Taurus on the apron.

All three men are back in the ring and Maclin drops Taurus with a vertical suplex. Maclin gets Petey in the corner and runs in but gets a forearm for his trouble. Petey and Maclin exchange strikes. Taurus gets involved and sends Maclin into the ropes. He hits an uppercut in the corner then a bodyslam onto Maclin. Taurus with the cover for a two count before Maclin kicks out and rolls out of the ring.

Petey catches Taurus not looking and takes control. Maclin is back in the ring trying to catch Petey off guard but Petey drops Maclin with a running kick. Maclin tries to regain control going for a powerbomb on Petey who reverses it into a DDT. All three men are down and the ref is counting for some reason. All three men up and begin a strike exchange. Black Taurus comes out on top and goes for a crucifix bomb and only gets half of it. He goes for the cover and only gets a two count. He turns his attention to Petey who hits a codebreaker onto Taurus. Petey goes for the Canadian Piledriver but can’t get the upper hand.

Taurus sets Petey up in the corner for a tree of woe. Maclin takes advantage and dumps Taurus out of the ring. Maclin spears Petey who is still hung in the tree of Woe. Taurus spears Maclin but Petey hits Black Taurus with the Canadian Destroyer. Maclin hits Mayhem for All on Petey Williams for the Victory.

Winner: Steve Maclin

This was another outstanding triple threat match for the X-Division tournament with all three men doing an absolutely amazing job. The match itself had all the thrills and spills you would expect from highflyers, but in my opinion would have preferred it to go a little bit longer as this is the type of thing I like to see, it seems like Impact is doing a much better job at having this type of match then WWE. Maybe they should take a page out of Impact's book.

We are now backstage was Christian to discuss the main event for tonight, he tells Fulton and Austin that they already know what is yet to come, and Josh has the best seat in the house (with a little bit of help). He says Josh will see first-hand he is not in Christian's realm and he tells Josh to keep his emotions in check and walks away, but  he is cut off by Christopher Daniels who explains his reason for returning isn’t to relive past glory but to right the wrongs of his past and get the one thing he never held, before pointing at the Impact World Championship. He says they’re both men and he wanted to tell him to his face, he said they can do it anywhere Christian wants but he wants an opportunity at the Championship.

The Learning Tree (Manny Lemons & Zicky Dice) vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

The Learning Tree try to take advantage early but Rich Swann and Willie Mack quickly regain control as the match gets under way.

Rich Swann sends Manny into the corner and tags in Willie Mack who hits Manny with a massive chop in the corner. He throws Manny into another corner and teases another chop before hitting a twister instead. Big "squeeze the lemons" chant. Manny back into the opponent’s corner and we see Swann tagged in and Swann nails Manny with a huge kick in the corner.

Willie Mack tags in and they double team Manny for a second before Zicky tries to make the save. Zicky tossed outside the ring as Willie lifts Manny up in the air. Rich Swann nails a huge elevated neckbreaker and covers for the victory.

Winners: Willie Mack & Rich Swann

This match to me seemed like it was just put together to kind of fill a gap because it was too short. Another reason why they put it together is so that they can develop and extend the feud between the Learning Tree but there was just no point to it. It just seemed like a waste of time.

We’re outside the Impact executive board room as Scott D’Amore is talking to Deonna Purazzo about last week’s incident. Mickie James shows up at the perfect time and starts assaulting Deonna. Mickie says she was going to kill her and Scott said he knows this has gone too far. He says from now until Bound for Glory there’s a no contact clause. He tells Mickie if she breaks the clause she will lose her title shot and Deonna if she breaks it she will lose her title. Mickie says that’s not good enough and Gail Kim says that they can pick each other’s opponent over the coming weeks starting this Saturday at Knockouts Knockdown Mickie can choose Deonna's opponent. Deonna says this is a conspiracy against her and has been for a long time.

-Set for Knockouts Knockdown
Monsters Ball match, The Influence vs. The Decay for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles, The Knockouts Knockdown Tournament, Deonna Purazzo vs. ???

 Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander & Christian Cage

Christian and Fulton start things off with a lockup and Fulton slams Christian right on his face. Fulton allows Christian to get to his feet and gets him into the corner. The two exchange strikes before Fulton takes advantage sending Christian from corner to corner. He runs into the corner but gets booted in the face from Christian. Christian tags in Alexander and they toss Fulton into the ropes, going for a clothesline, but he drops both men with a double clothesline of his own.

Austin tags in and immediately has the advantage over Alexander. Alexander manages to throw Austin into the corner who bounces out into an insane back body drop. Alexander lifts Austin to his feet who nails Alexander with a forearm. Austin goes for a suplex but takes one from Alexander instead. Austin tosses Alexander onto the apron and Fulton goes for him. Alexander gets hit with a dropkick from Austin after he had been distracted by Fulton. Austin drops out of the ring and throws Alexander back in.

Austin and Alexander then begin exchanging forearms before Alexander takes the upper hand. He hits the ropes but is again distracted by Fulton and eats a huge kick from Austin, he then goes for the cover but only gets a two count.

Austin has Alexander in the corner with a boot to his neck. Austin tosses Alexander into the other corner but eats an elbow. Alexander goes for a kick but Austin ducks just in time and drops Alexander with a kick of his own. Austin goes for the cover and gets a two. Austin whips Alexander into his corner but doesn’t make a tag, Alexander fights his way out of the attack. Austin gets thrown from the ring, but Fulton tosses him back in to keep the match going.

Christian is tagged in and gets Austin in the corner for the coveted 10 count punches, he runs at Austin in the corner and eats a boot.

Christian drops Austin with a reverse DDT but can’t maintain the advantage for long as Austin wrestles him down and tags in Fulton. Fulton drops huge boots onto Christian in the corner, Fulton chucks Christian into the corner with such force he immediately drops to the mat. Fulton lifts Christian up before dropping his entire weight onto the lower back of Christian as he was getting up.

Fulton lifts Christian to his feet and Christian fights Fulton off with some strikes but Fulton keeps control, Fulton locks in a vice grip style submission on Christian, but Christian fights out pretty quick.

Christian fights for the tag but Fulton goes for the chokeslam, Christian fights out and goes for the tag again but is caught just before the tag. Fulton takes Christian back to the corner and tags Ace back into the ring. Fulton and Austin continue their beat down on Christian, Ace drops Alexander off the apron with a forearm then goes for a double springboard DDT but eats a spear for his effort.

Both men get a tag and Alexander is on fire. He nails Fulton with a number of shots but Fulton goes for a sidewalk slam and Alexander slips away. Alexander in the corner and Fulton goes for the big boot but just misses.

Fulton is caught in the ropes. Alexander goes for the trio of German suplexes but Fulton presses him into the corner and tags in Austin, they go for a double team chokeslam on Alexander but Christian breaks up the assault. Outside of the ring Christian tosses Fulton into the stairs. Alexander goes for the C4 but Austin fights out, Austin goes for a superkick but is caught in an ankle lock. Austin fights out but is hobbling and goes for a springboard, landing on the injured ankle. Alexander hits Chaos Theory on Austin as Christian gets the blind tag. Christian with the Unprettier on Austin and shrugs at Alexander before going for the cover. Christian picks up the win!

Winners: Christian Cage and Josh Alexander

This was a great match to end the show on, and I can see the animosity building between Christian and Josh Alexander. I can’t wait to see what the culmination is going to be at the end of this feud when it comes to Bound for Glory, it’ll be very interesting.

All in all, although this week's episode of Impact was very entertaining, there was still bits that seemed as if it was out of place, but from the jampacked episode we had last week I suppose you can’t have that type of show every week can you?

I have to say I am really enjoying what I have seen these past two weeks from Impact and with the Association with AEW and New Japan things can only get better, I’m really looking forward to next week as it will be the second to last show before Bound for Glory.

What did you think of Impact this week? Let us know down in the comments below!

Tba is for reading, and I'll see you next week!