Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review 4th November 2021

Kyle rolls in with another Impact Wrestling review!

Kyle's Wheely Good Impact Review 4th November 2021

What’s up guys! Welcome back once again to another wheely good Impact review.

As always Impact opens with a quick recap of what happened last week, But this time it focused more on the promo Moose had cut from last week, as well as a quick glimpse of what happened in some of the matches.

As you may remember from last week, Impact seemed to focus heavily on promos and backstage interviews rather than in ring action.

This was most likely to start building more feuds and storylines as some of the previous feuds had ended at Impact's biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory.

Now I know what you have all been waiting for, so let’s roll on with the review shall we?

X-Division Championship #1 Contenders Match
Steve Maclin vs. Rohit Raju vs. Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus

Raju charges at Laredo in the corner to start and both men exchange strikes as Maclin and Taurus watch. Maclin and Taurus drop Raju and Laredo sending them out of the ring. Maclin drops Taurus with a back elbow and knocks Laredo and Raju off the apron with forearms. Black Taurus off the ropes and drops Maclin with a slingblade. Raju back in the ring and hits Taurus with a bicycle kick and follows with a dive on Maclin

Laredo Kid from the top takes Taurus down with a hurricanrana. Taurus back to his feet and dives onto Raju and Maclin on the outside. Laredo Kid to the top rope and hits a moonsault onto all three opponents outside of the ring. Laredo tosses Raju back into the ring but Raju counters and drops Laredo with a superkick and follows with a cover for one.

Raju sends Laredo into the corner and follows but eats a hard palmstrike from Laredo Kid. Laredo Kid lifts Raju onto his shoulders but Raju reverses out and hits a suplex and follows up with a cover but Maclin breaks it up and goes for a cover of his own and Raju breaks that up. Raju and Maclin exchange strikes in the centre of the ring and Black Taurus stops them both with a top rope moonsault onto both men. Maclin in the corner and Taurus hits him with a running forearm followed by a combination of strikes. Black Taurus with a lifting Samoan drop on Maclin and follows with a cover that Laredo Kid breaks up.

Laredo Kid goes after Taurus and drops him with a hurricanrana to the outside and follows with a diving hurricanrana outside of the ring as well. Laredo Kid tosses Taurus into the ring and hits a springboard splash for the cover but Raju and Maclin break up the pin. Raju back iin control rolls up Laredo Kid and grabs a handful of tights but Laredo kicks out. Maclin with the distraction, Laredo Kid tosses Raju into Maclin and hits his finisher on Rohit Raju. Laredo Kid goes for the cover on Raju and picks up the victory.

Winner: Laredo Kid

Post Match: Trey Miguel comes out and offers a handshake to Laredo Kid but Steve Maclin drops both men with a clothesline. Miguel and Laredo team up on Maclin and send him running with a double drop kick before showing a mutual respect between each other.

My thoughts:  This was a good  X-Division match, Laredo Kid  is a great talent but all four men delivered and ether of them could have won the match. I like the way the story is going with Maclin, it seems to be developing nicely and i’m excited to see an amazing triple threat involving Trey, Laredo and Maclin in the future.

We are backstage with Gia now interviewing Madison Rayne. Gia asked if this match with Mickie is a completely different challenge despite the history between the two of them?

Madison said it doesn’t matter, they’ve had cage matches, last knockout standing matches, and one thing never changes. When she challenges for the Knockouts Championship she walks away as champion.

Kaleb with a K lets us know as soon as Madison wins he’s going to get his “clap back” on Mickie. Madison goes to walk away before Gia asks her about her scheduled interview with the Iinspiration later tonight and if it’ll get in the way of her match?

Madison said she has no idea what she’s talking about and they walk away.

We’re back with Gia again and she is talking to Ace Austin & Madman Fulton….

She asks Fulton about his match with Sabin, but Ace reminds us all that last week he defeated former World Champion Chris Sabin, Ace goes on to say it’s important and should be celebrated.

Ace says naturally his jacket is not zipped up because he likes to show off his chest (rolling of my eyes). He said this week he wants to show off his new shirt that says “I Beat Chris Sabin”.

He carries on by saying he’s been getting dirty looks for his honest shirt. Fulton says tonight he’s going to pick Sabin apart.

Eric Young comes out to the ring with Violent by Design in tow and demands a mic. Eric says Rhino made the wrong decision; Rhino learned, like we all learned, that with choices come repercussions.

Eric says he hasn’t had to get his hands dirty in the last six months, but it’s time for him to re-enter the fold. It’s time for the master designer of violence to get his hands dirty, but he’s ready to get back to business and that will begin tonight. This brings out Las Vegas native Jai Vidal seemingly setting up a match and the crowd surely knows who Jai is but D-Lo doesn’t, I have to admit I didn’t either….

Eric gives Jai an opportunity to tell the people who he is and he says “My name is Jai Vidal”. Eric asks Jai where he’s from and the Vegas native gets a cheap pop from the home crowd. Eric says this is probably your first time on television, Jai confirms. Eric asks if he’s excited and Jai says yes sir, Eric says he knows and it’s a dead giveaway that he’s sick, that he has the disease. Eric says he has the cure for that.

Eric Young vs. Jai Vidal

The match opens with a clothesline. Eric lifts Jai up and sends him into the ropes for another stiff clothesline, Young stomps on Jai’s face before ripping at his arm.

Eric gets Jai in the corner and hits him with a right hand and follows with a huge powerbomb into the centre of the ring.

Eric lifts Jai up and drops him with a piledriver that bounces Jai off the canvas. Eric goes for the cover and picks up the victory in a squash.

Winner: Eric Young

My thoughts: judging by the promo that Eric Young had cut the outcome was inevitable, this was a short match and I feel Jai o…k.

I hope we see more Jai as he really didn’t get a chance to shine, he just bumped like a champ. I’d love to see more from Impact's younger stars and less of the same old faces personally, but I know people like Eric and VBD so it works..

The Iinspiration are backstage for their interview with Madison Rayne but they’re clearly being tricked as they’re stuck in some scary room and can’t find their way out.

Finally they see a picture of the Decay as they find a way out. As they leave we see writing on the mirror that says “Turning Point”, indicating we’ll likely see these two teams face off again.

The Iinspiration say they’re not interested in being ghostbusters and Gia said if that’s the case they better stay away from Kim and Brandi. They ask who they are and she says they’re the undead brides. The Iinspiration seem to have a plan for them and ask where to find them before walking off.

The Good Brothers vs. FinJuice

This is a non-title match but it seems that if FinJuice win they’ll be getting a title shot in the near future.

Finlay and Anderson kick this one off with Anderson taking control initially with a wristlock. Finlay rolls out and locks in a wristlock of his own brining Anderson to his knees, Finlay lifts Anderson to his feet and tags in Juice.

Juice jumps off the top rope with a double axe handle onto Anderson, Juice then locks in a wristlock of his own and we get a Finlay double axe handle tag combination.

Finlay continues to control Anderson with a wristlock and tags Juice back in who kicks Anderson in the midsection, Anderson counters with a kick of his own to Juice and follows with a number of strikes.

This short distraction gives Anderson time to recoup and he rakes Juice’s eyes. Anderson tosses Juice to the outside and Gallows drops him with a big boot on the outside.

Gallows sends Juice into the corner and lays into him with some body shots and ends it with an uppercut that drops Juice to the mat. Gallows stands tall  taunting for a moment before hitting Juice with a splash in the corner. Gallows goes for the cover but Juice kicks out at two. Juice tries for a tag but Gallows drops Juice to the mat and lays in some shoulders to the chest before locking in a rear chinlock on Juice. Juice gets to his feet but Gallows slams him down to the mat by the back of his hair. Gallows lays on Juice with another chinlock. Juice back to his feet and drops Gallows with a jawbreaker. Gallows goes for an elbow drop on Juice but Juice rolls out of the way.

Juice and Gallows both make tags and Finlay drops Anderson with two clotheslines then hits a rotating European uppercut onto Anderson. Finlay follows with a dive to the outside on Gallows. Anderson in the corner and Finlay hits him with an uppercut in the corner. Juice goes for a cover but only gets a two. Finlay tags Juice in and Juice lifts Anderson on his shoulders looking for a doomsday device but Anderson reverses out. Gallows gets in the ring and drops Juice with a roundhouse kick but Finlay off the top rope hits Gallows with a cross body. The Bullet Club hit the ring and beat down Finlay and Juice causing a disqualification.

Winner: FinJuice

Post Match: Bey, Hikuleo, and El Phantasmo hit a number of nut shots on all four men in the ring and pose with the Impact tag team championships.

 My thoughts: This tag match was going really well, which is the case for most of the tag matches on Impact these days, but the only downside to this was the end had the some weird finish. I would have preferred there to be a clean clear finish, but this sets up another triple threat, at least this time it makes more sense.

Johnny Swinger is backstage looking to gain some finances for a casino in Vegas. Hernandez shows up and he’s here to help Swinger. Swinger says help from you any day daddy and goes off with Hernandez.

Finjuice are backstage and they’re heated that we got more Bullet Club bullcrap and I don’t blame them. Scott D’Amore says we’ll see The Bullet Club face off with Finjuice for a number one contenders match and next week there will be a winner. Hopefully that’s true because we did this a few weeks ago and that wasn’t the case.

Knockouts Championship Match
Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne

The match starts with a lockup and neither woman can gain control immediately but Madison manages to lock in a wristlock on Mickie, Mickie cartwheels into an armdrag and goes for a cover but only gets a one count.

Mickie locks in a full nelson until Madison gets to the rope for a break of the hold, Kaleb motivates Madison as she gets to her feet and regains her composure.

Madison goes for a kick to the midsection; Mickie catches it and hits a kick of her own sending Madison to the mat. Mickie with a kick right to Madison’s face and goes for a cover.

Kaleb tries to pull Madison out to recover but Mickie grabs her and we get a tug of war before Kaleb finally let’s go. Madison charges at Mickie but Mickie hits her with a flapjack in the centre of the ring. Mickie to the top ropes but Kaleb shoves her off as the ref is distracted, Madison goes for the cover but Mickie kicks out at two.

Madison is irritated so she slams Mickie face first into the mat and sets her in the ropes choking her. Kaleb talks some trash from the outside as Madison lifts Mickie up and slams her face first into the mat yet again.

Madison locks in a submission but Mickie rolls out relatively easy, Madison continues control and locks in a full nelson but Mickie drops down into a roll up for two.

Madison stays in control sending Mickie into the corner and follows looking for a splash but Mickie moves and hits Madison with a forearm in the corner instead. Madison drops Mickie to the outside with a baseball slide. Mickie crawls to the corner and Kaleb goes to slap her but Mickie ducks out of the way and Kaleb slams his hand into the ring post before being tossed into the stairs by Mickie.

Mickie back into the ring climbs to the top and dives onto Madison Rayne with a top rope Lou Thesz Press followed by a cover for the victory.

Winner: Mickie James

Post Match: Mercedes Martinez comes out to congratulate the champion but remind her she won a tournament that gives her a championship opportunity and she’s ready for that match.

My thoughts: This was an average match, Mickie has always been great and Madison is not bad, Kaleb’s outside interference was what you come to expected…. Impact definitely has had some better women’s matches in the past. 

We are backstage with the Iinspiration have found the undead brides and ask if they’d be interested on facing The Decay next week on their behalf.

The undead brides laugh and walk away without giving much of an answer and The Iinspiration seem just as confused about their response as I was.

These two are by far the best characters to utilize within Impact’s women’s division which does have so much potential, the Iinspiration characters can add a lot of humour and fun to that world. I definitely enjoy what they are doing currently……

Gia is backstage with Matt Cardona, Josh Alexander and Eddie Edwards. Josh says they all want the same thing but for different reasons. He talks up his opponents but says nothing will take his focus off Moose. Josh gets a bit too heated and Edwards tells Josh not to let his emotions get the best of him. Cardona says they all want the same thing, but they have to stick together, focus and kick their ass. Josh says tonight they’re on the same page but whatever happens next, happens next. I will say the Josh Alexander hot head stuff is really quite compelling now that I see it’s a deeper part of his character than I initially thought.

Madman Fulton vs. Chris Sabin

Fulton goes for a lockup but Sabin dodges and goes for some forearm strikes but eats a big knee from Fulton for his efforts, Sabin goes for a crucifix roll up but Fulton again counters.

Sabin to the top looks for a crossbody but Fulton catches him fortunately for Sabin he fights out. Sabin with a hair pull and eventually drops Fulton with a hurricanrana.

Sabin bounces off the ropes and flies to the outside for a diver but Fulton catches him and chokeslams Sabin on the apron. Ace Austin shows off his sweet shirt.

Fulton is in control of the matchup, Fulton slams Sabin’s body and head into the top turnbuckle. Fulton in the corner and climbs to the middle rope while holding Sabin in a sleeperhold choking him. Fulton from the middle rope with a clothesline to Sabin. Fulton lifts Sabin up and Sabin smacks Fulton but he lifts Sabin up and drops him with snake eyes in the corner.

Fulton chases Sabin on the apron but Sabin pulls down the ropes sending Fulton to the outside. Sabin follows this up with a dive to the outside dropping Fulton. Sabin tosses Fulton into the ring and hits him with an enziguri. Sabin follows with a cover for a two count. Sabin lifts Fulton up and calls for a cradleshock but Fulton counters. Fulton tosses Sabin into the corner who tries to reverse but is caught and slammed by Fulton. Fulton with a cover for two but Sabin kicks out at the last minute.

Fulton taunts before lifting Sabin up, Sabin counters and has Fulton hung up on the ropes. Fulton back inside the ring and Sabin hits a step-up DDT on Fulton and follows up with a roll up for the three counts.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Post match: Austin and Fulton go to attack Sabin but he counters out and heads to the back.

My thoughts: This was a pretty solid match but kind of short and the finish came quick. Sabin is great and Fulton has seriously been impressive me over the last few months he’s a great big guy in Impact.  

Moose, W. Morrisey, Minoru Suzuki vs. Matt Cardona, Eddie Edwards & Josh Alexander

Josh and Moose look to start but Suzuki calls for the tag before things can begin. Suzuki and Josh chain wrestle for a moment with neither man gaining a clear advantage before breaking. Suzuki and Josh exchange strikes in the centre of the ring and Suzuki takes control dragging Josh back to his corner and tagging in Morrisey. Morrisey looks for a big boot but Josh ducks and locks in an ankle lock.

Eddie Edwards with the tag but Morrisey takes control sending Edwards to the corner. Moose tags in and he begins exchanging strikes with Moose. Moose sends Edwards into the corner and he drops Morrisey and Suzuki as this one start to break down. Eddie Edwards hits a dive to the outside on Moose.

Cardona is in control until he turns his attention to Minoru Suzuki who locks Cardona in an armbar in the ropes and the ref is distracted. Suzuki tags in and continues his assault on Cardona. Suzuki with a crossface on Cardona and then lays in some kicks before tagging in Morrisey. Morrisey chokes Cardona on the ropes and lays into him with a forearm to the back before tagging in Moose.

Cardona fights for a tag but Moose cuts him off. Moose slams Cardona into the corner with enough force to drop him to the mat. Moose lifts Cardona up but Cardona with the jaw breaker to Moose and goes for a tag but is once again cut off. Moose pulls Cardona to the corner and tags in Morrisey. Morrisey with a big right that drops Cardona to the mat again. Suzuki tags in and drops Cardona with kicks in the corner but Cardona fights back before getting dropped with a stiff right from Suzuki.

Moose tags in and kicks Cardona in the midsection. Cardona fights back and drops Moose with an enziguri. Cardona gets a tag but the ref is distracted by Morrisey. Moose pulls Cardona to the corner and tags in Morrisey. Morrisey drops Cardona with a right and Suzuki attacks him from the outside. Cardona is pretty much out in the center of the ring and Morrisey taunts over his dirty work. Cardona hits a codebreaker on Morrisey. Morrisey tags in Moose but Cardona makes a tag to Josh Alexander. Alexander with an ankle lock then a trio of German suplexes from Josh Alexander. Moose tags in Morrisey in the middle of the third but Cardona catches Morrisey as he enters the ring.

Alexander goes for the C4 Spike but Morrisey reverses out. Morrisey off the ropes and Eddie Edwards catches him with a kick to the back. Edwards and Alexander double team Morrisey and Edwards covers Morrisey for two. Alexander and Suzuki find each other in the center of the ring and exchange strikes before Moose and Morrisey get into the ring. All six men in the ring and begin exchanging strikes and the ref has lost all control of this one.

Alexander goes for the C4 Spike on Moose but Suzuki makes the save. Suzuki hits the gotch style piledriver on Alexander. Everything breaks down some more and Morrisey drops Edwards with a HUGE big boot dropping him in the centre of the ring. Morrisey lifts Eddie up and nails him with a big time powerbomb and follows with a cover for the victory.

Winners: W. Morrisey, Moose, Minoru Suzuki

My thoughts: This was a great six man that broke down a couple times and when it did it was kind of hard to follow but overall, not a bad match at all. The right team won and this should set up some interesting match ups over the next few weeks as we lead to Turning Point. I do wonder if we see Alexander face Suzuki in singles action who will get the title shot vs. Moose.

My thoughts overall: This show was pretty good, nothing to complain about, though personally I’d really rather see just about any of the newer Impact talents getting an angle that gets attention like this Eric Young/Rhino angle.

All of the matches were great and the X-Division openers always deliver but I would suggest maybe changing the order a bit and limiting the abouts of triple threats. I do think that impact are going though a phase of repeating themselves with the same backstage segments and repeating similar matches, all in all it was a good.

Thank you for joining me for this week’s instalment of impact!!!!!