ICW strips Noam Dar of the World Heavyweight Championship

ICW strips Noam Dar of the World Heavyweight Championship

ICW has stripped Noam Dar of the ICW World Heavyweight Championship due to the Covid-19 pandemic affecting his ability to defend it. Dar had held the belt since Feburary 2nd 2020 but despite remaining an active NXT UK wrestler he has been unable to defend the ICW Championship.

ICW broke the news via a tweet on Twitter which stated:

"As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, Noam Dar has been unable to compete for ICW since winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship last year.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty around this, we have made the difficult decision to vacate the ICW World Heavyweight Chanpionship. We hope that Noam Dar can return home to ICW in the near future. When he does, he will be granted a World Championship Match at a time of his choosing.

Two Fatal 4-Way Elimination Matches will now take place on 12 September and 26 September. The winner in each match will enter the main event of Fear and Loathing to challenge for the vacant ICW World Heavyweight Championship."

We did not have to wait long before ICW tweeted the participants in the first of the two Fatal 4-Way Matches. Kez Evans, BT Gunn, DCT and Jason Reed will all battle it our for the now vacated ICW Championship.

It is not yet known who will compete in the other Fatal 4-Way but the decision to give Noam Dar a title opportunity when things calm down a little is very respectful during this difficult time for travel etc.

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