ICW Fight Club: "BARRED" to take place on March 20th on the WWE Network!

Independent wrestling in Britain is continuing its resurgence.

ICW Fight Club: "BARRED" to take place on March 20th on the WWE Network!
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ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) Is making its way to the WWE Network! 

ICW owner Mark Dallas made the announcement on today's episode of ICW Fight Club that on March 20th 
the WWE will be presenting ICW "Barred", 
the event has a major match which will feature a steel cage surrounding the ring during the whole show. 

Dallas has given every male, female and tag team just four weeks to challenge anyone anyone they have/had issues with as part of the show. 

This is the place to settle scores, ignite feuds and showcase what talent they have with careers potentially being changed forever! 

Dallas had spoken about the announcement on the ICW Fight Club episode, here's what he had to say: 

“There’s never been a time when more people were watching ICW on a weekly basis, we’re going to surround the ring with a steel cage for the entire night and let people settle their scores ICW style.”

The announcement came after the end of the inaugural Lionheart league, with the winner being former ICW Tag Team Champion and current NXT UK star, Sha Samuels, after he defeated Stevie Boy. 

Craig Anthony, who will challenge Evans for the Square Go Briefcase, which is the first match to be confirmed for the ICW special, had this to

“A guy like Kez Evans doesn’t deserve an ICW Title opportunity, Kez doesn’t know what I’m willing to do inside that cage"

So, with this news will you be watching the special? WWE have been making a lot of deals lately, so this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! 

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