HUGE names released by WWE! List ongoing! *UPDATED*

WWE have announced the release of several superstars and some of these names are HUGE!

HUGE names released by WWE! List ongoing! *UPDATED*

WWE are once again at it with releasing talent, exactly one year to the day since "Black Wednesday." This seems to be an ongoing situation and new names that have been released seem to be being announced fairly frequently. We will keep you updated with all the released names as they come out.

As of now the there are some HUGE names who have been released and some of these names may shock you, while others haven't been seen on TV in a long time.

The list is as follows:

  • Billie Kaye
  • Peyton Royce
  • Mickie James
  • Samoa Joe
  • Bo Dallas
  • Chelsea Green
  • Wesley Blake
  • Kalisto
  • Tucker (Heavy Machinery)

The biggest surprise on this list has to be Samoa Joe. He was removed from the raw commentary team this week, with speculation of him making an in-ring return, obviously that will still more than likely happen, just not with WWE. Joe has a lot of viable options available to him with obvious links to Impact and ROH, however you would be foolish not to think that AEW wouldn't have their eyes on him.

Another couple of names that were surprising are those of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Billie Kay has had considerable TV time as of late, with the gimmick of handing out CV's to other stars as if to apply for a position of tag team partner, she even competed as recently as WrestleMania this weekend just gone! Peyton Royce is also a wasted oppurtunity by WWE, hopefully the two will find new homes soon. Billie Kay has links to some big promotions such as ROH and CHIKARA, but I think these two could be potential prospects for AEW to help give their 'slow to start' women's division a much needed boost, and lets be honest, these two girls as a team know how to work and work a crowd.

Mickie James is also another big name to get released. She has a huge history with Impact and a major tie to NWA in the form of her real-life husband, Nick Aldis, being the current NWA World's Heavyweight Champion.

A sore subject for this writer is Bo Dallas. He has had a ready made angle to walk straight into for years with the Wyatt Family and the Firefly Fun House, with many fans clammering for WWE to pull the trigger, myself included, but sadly it never happened and it really is a damn shame. Bo showcased his huge potential and talent in NXT, where he became their NXT champion and did some really great work. It really is a shame it ended this way for him. Hopefully now we can see him elsewhere and doing big things.

This also gives the smaller names such as Wesley Blake, Kalisto, Chelsea Green and Tucker go out and make a name for themselves.


Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful select has stated that John Laurinaitis is the one making the phonecalls and delivering the news. They are reporting that he is citing "budget cuts" as the reason for the releases. A simillar story as last year, ecen though it was WWE's nost profitable year!


The next name in the firing line is Mojo Rawley. The former Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner hasn't been seen on TV in quite some time, and his name was one that popped up a lot in fan speculation.

WWE released a statement on wishing them well in their future endeavours