Hev's Revisionist History: WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 - Part One

Today Hev comes with a new article for him here at Real Rasslin, based off an old Fan Fiction idea he had some years ago. Today Hev gets to flex his revisionist chops to see if he could have booked WCW Halloween Havoc in a better fashion during a time when WCW's popularity was seeing a decline, which would eventually lead to their downfall. This first piece will detail the build up to the iconic WCW Pay Per View and Part Two will detail the events that unfolded at the Pay Per View itself. Can Hev right the revisionist ship for WCW? Check out below to find out!

Hev's Revisionist History: WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 - Part One



LOCATION: MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada


Psychosis© vs. Juventud Guerrera
WCW World Cruiserweight Championship - Singles Match

BUILD UP: After defeating Rey Mysterio Jr for the Cruiserweight Championship two months earlier at “ROAD WILD” Psychosis lit the scene of fire with his lucha-libra style putting on electric performances every week, defending the championship with pride and giving it a new sense of importance within the company instead of being a power piece on the war between The Filthy Animals and The Revolution. At “FALL BRAWL” Psychosis successfully defended the title against Billy Kidman and Dean Malenko two members of the stable war between The Filthy Animals and The Revolution. High on a huge Pay Per View win, Psychosis continued to face his opponents and rack up the wins. Juventud Guerrera made his return to Monday Night Nitro after injury and vowed to get back his Cruiserweight Championship officially putting the champion on notice. Over the coming weeks Juventud himself put on some dazzling matches showing that he did not lose a step while out of ring action, while Psychosis continued to shine as the divisions figure head. On the second last Nitro before Halloween Havoc Juventud defeated Rey Mysterio Jr to become the Number One Contender, Psychosis came out after the match to congratulate him, but Juventud slapped his handshake away and reminded him that his days as champion were numbered. The week after Psychosis competed in singles competition against Chavo Guerrero Jr which saw him win the match. After the match Juventud came out and caught the World Cruiserweight Champion by surprise and lifted him up for the Juvi-Driver, but Psychosis slipped out behind. Both men then turned to each other and threw their fists up ready to fight but the two men stared down for several moments, waiting for the other to make the move before Juventud cracked a cocky smile and said “Seeya Sunday Vato!” before leaving the ring.


Diamond Dallas Page, Kanyon & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Sid Vicious, Scott Steiner & Rick Steiner
6 Man Tag Team Match
(Winner’s Get United States Heavyweight & World Tag Team Title Shots)

BUILD UP: After being defeated at “FALL BRAWL” for the United States Heavyweight Championship by champion Chris Benoit, Sid Vicious become agitated and very aggravated. He became obsessed with gett8ing another shot at the gold and went as far as threatening WCW President Eric Bischoff and the announcing team at ring side saying that he deserved another shot. When Eddy Guerrero got that shot it sent Vicious over the edge and he Powerbombed Tony Schiavone threw the announcers table at the end of the show. The following week WCW President Eric Bischoff tried to reprimand Vicious for his assault last week, but he too was Powerbombed by Vicious, this time threw his desk. Vicious said that he was going on the warpath until he got what he wanted, also sending out a message to anyone who wanted to join him. Former WCW World Television Champion Rick Steiner heard his call and after losing his title to Perry Saturn some weeks earlier decided to join Vicious on his mission to get the company’s attention and to get their titles back. This caught the eye of the Jersey Triad (DDP, Kanyon & Bigelow) who saw the carnage left behind by Vicious and Rick Steiner. DDP tried to reason with the two men saying that it is not everyday someone loses a title, but all this got him was a beat down which saw him get saved by Kanyon and Bigelow. DDP now irate said that if it was the last thing, he was going to do it was going to be stopping Vicious and Rick Steiner from tearing WCW apart with their greed and resentment. Kanyon and Bigelow stood by DDP as he took the fight to Vicious and Rick Steiner. The next week DDP attacked Vicious and Rick Steiner while they were on the way to the ring for a tag team match, they were going to interrupt. DDP knocked both big men down with a chair shot to the back each, the crowd went nuts as The People’s Champion of WCW stood up to the two crazed men. As he did Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner came out and turned the tables back into the favour of Vicious and his brother by attacking DDP with his trademark Lead Pipe. Scott Steiner then pledged his allegiance to his brother and Vicious and their crusade to get what they wanted. Scott said he was ready to cripple anyone that stood in their way and that DDP was an example of that. The following week the Jersey Triad, along with DDP who had a bandaged mid-section, were livid and out for blood as they searched the arena over the duration of the show for Vicious and the Steiner’s before eventually finding them and getting into a massive brawl in the parking lot. The brawl saw cars being damaged, as this unfolded WCW President Eric Bischoff returned with the security team in riot gear where they separated the men. Bischoff said that since he was gone, he has seen nothing but chaos and anarchy invade his company, stating that WCW was not some bingo hall fed from Philly. So Eric made a decision, that the Jersey Triad and the team of Vicious and the Steiner’s were no longer allowed in the same building as each other. This angered both teams, but Eric finished that they were not allowed near each other until Halloween Havoc where they would face off in a Six Man Tag Team Match. Eric added that the winning team would get a unified United States Heavyweight/Television Title Shot and a World Tag Team Title Shot. Both teams accepted the decision and were not seen again on Nitro leading into the Pay Per View.


Booker T vs. Stevie Ray

BUILD UP: At “FALL BRAWL” Harlem Heat were set to defend the World Tag Team Championship against Curt Henning & Barry Windham of the West Texas Rednecks. Booker and Stevie had been having some minor issues in the months and weeks leading up to the match, Stevie Ray felt like his brother was hogging the spotlight and taking his heat away from him, this was exasperated by the fact that Harlem Heat had not been together for very long after Stevie Ray’s run with the now – New World Order. Both men were beginning to be at odds when Hennig and Windham viciously attacked them and made their intentions known, that they were gunning for the World Tag Team Titles. Harlem Heat came back together to form a strong bond after that tackling their new threat every week until the two teams got into a brawl in the middle of an 8 Man Tag Team Match on Nitro that saw Harlem Heat team with The Filthy Animal’s and The West Texas Rednecks team with The Revolution, that ended with both teams making their way to the backstage area and having to be separated by the security team. At “FALL BRAWL” the two teams collided which saw the finish of the match come when Booker with a head full of steam came in to help his brother from a two on one beating, but instead nailed his brother with a Harlem Side Kick, this led to Hennig & Windham winning the championship. After the match Stevie Ray was livid, Booker tried to help his brother up and reassure him that what went down was an accident, but he wouldn’t have any of it and nailed Booker with a Slapjack and left the ring. In the proceeding weeks Stevie Ray started to show a more vicious side and declared his partnership with his brother over as he was sick of being left in his shadow and that as an ex nWo member he was destined to set the world on fire. Booker returned after a couple of weeks away and told his brother that he couldn’t let what he did to him pass and even though it broke his heart that he wanted him in the ring at Halloween Havoc, Stevie reluctantly agreed and said that once and for all the world will see who the better brother really is!


West Texas Rednecks
(Curt Hennig & Barry Windham)
The Filthy Animals
(Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr.)
The Revolutiuon
(Shane Douglas & Dean Malenko)
WCW World Tag Team Championship - Triple Tag Team Street Fight

BUILD UP: After Hennig and Windham won the titles from Harlem Heat they avoided confrontation from challenging teams when they could and cheated to win when they were forced to fight. One week on Nitro the team took on The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman) in a rekindling of their feud from earlier in the year. During the match The Revolution got involved as well as Eddy Guerrero. The match turned into a warzone and in all the chaos Henning was able to hit the Hennig-Plex on Kidman to retain the titles. The week after WCW President Eric Bischoff announced that due to the chaos that happened last week that the titles would be on the line at Halloween Havoc in a Triple Threat Street Fight that will see Henning & Windham defend against Kidman & Mysterio as well as Shane Douglas & Dean Malenko of The Revolution. This put the West Texas Rednecks right in the middle of a stable war between The Filthy Animals and The Revolution, they went from avoiding whatever challengers they could to being dropped in the deep end in a matter of a week. With their newly won titles in threat of being taken away Hennig and Windham played mind games with the other two teams involved in the match for Halloween Havoc and played on their weaknesses and paranoia of each stable to make sure they were not the prime target. This however backfired on the last Nitro before the Pay Per View as Henning and Windham tried to interfere in an all-out brawl between the two warring stables in the ring, a brawl which they started with their mind games. As both men tried to get cheap shots in on both teams, they were set to face The Filthy Animals and The Revolution members set to face off in the World Tag Team Title Match at Halloween Havoc turned their attention to the champions and laid a beating on them before ejecting them from the ring all together. Henning and Windham were not happy with this and swore that both teams desire to win and thirst for blood from one another would become their downfall at the Pay Per View and enable them to steal the victory.


Eddie Guerrero©(United States) vs. Perry Saturn©(Television)
Championship Unification Match
WCW United States Heavyweight Championship vs. WCW World Television Championship

BUILD UP: The night after “FALL BRAWL” Eddy Guerrero took on Chris Benoit for the United States Championship, which Benoit retained at “FALL BRAWL” against Sid Vicious. Both men fought hard but it was Guerrero who made the upset and won the championship. With Guerrero as United States Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas of The Revolution (who has been feuding with Guerrero and The Filthy Animals) said that anything Guerrero could do his stable mate Perry Saturn could do better and the following week Saturn won the World Television Championship from Rick Steiner in an impressive match. As the weeks rolled on Guerrero and Saturn as well as their stable mates took turns at trading disparaging remarks as well as get in heated brawls with each other. Saturn claimed that he was ten times the champion Guerrero was so Guerrero made him a challenge to put his title on the line at Halloween Havoc, Saturn said he would if Guerrero put his on the line also in a unification match. Guerrero accepted, the match was set but before Guerrero could leave the ring Shane Douglas Came from behind and nearly took his head off with a steel chair shot. Saturn then picked up the United States Heavyweight Championship and posed with both belts signalling to his own believed future.


Chris Benoit vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart
Submission Match

BUILD UP: After losing the United States Heavyweight Championship to Eddy Guerrero, Benoit become withdrawn from The Revolution as he started to realise that he was no longer important to his stable mates as no one came to his aid and that the war with The Filthy Animals was more important. Benoit began to question his allegiances and started competing in singles matches on Nitro notching up some impressive wins. Benoit was on the verge of breaking out when his Revolution Stable Mate Shane Douglas begged Benoit for his help in the war with The Filthy Animals. Benoit was reluctant but agreed to help his friends one last time. During the same episode Bret “The Hitman” Hart returned to WCW from a sabbatical after his brother’s death and in his return, speech made a plea to Chris Benoit to step away from his friends war and concentrate on becoming the star he knows he can be. Later that night Benoit looked to come to the aid of his friends when The Revolution (Douglas, Malenko & Saturn) took on The Filthy Animals (Kidman, Guerrero & Mysterio Jr). Benoit grabbed a steel chair from ringside and entered the ring while the referee was down and lined Guerrero up for a chair shot, who took his title away from him weeks earlier. The crowd were begging Benoit not to do it, the man was fighting with his morals and conscious as Douglas came to it and ordered Benoit to drill Guerrero with the weapon. Benoit was hesitant but before he could Bret Hart came out and pleaded with Benoit again to stop this and walk away. Hart got into the ring, Douglas hurled abuse at him, but Hart paid no attention and told Benoit that he was better than all this. Seconds passed before Benoit lowered the weapon, Douglas angered by this snatched the weapon and swings at Benoit as he went to turn, but Hart shoves him out of the way and eats the chair shot instead. Benoit then spun around and took Douglas down with the Crippler Crossface. The referee woke and the match was awarded to The Revolution via Disqualification. The following week Benoit thanked Hart and said that he would never be able to repay him for taking that chair shot last week. Hart replied that he could and issued a challenge for Halloween Havoc, a rematch from their Owen Hart Tribute Match, Hart cited that there is no one else that he would want to face in his first match back after sabbatical. Benoit accepted but added that he only would if this match was a Submission Match, The Hitman accepted the stipulation, and the match was set.


Hulk Hogan vs. Lex Luger
Steel Cage Match

BUILD UP: At “FALL BRAWL” Hulk Hogan was defending the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Sting who had recently taken a darker turn and began to show some vicious traits. Sting was taking out members of the roster at will; one of them was Lex Luger n an edition of Nitro which saw him beat his former friend with his trademark baseball bat when confronted about his new darker character. Sting challenge Hogan for the title, Hogan wasn’t ready to accept but after taking a beating from Sting during a match with Goldberg on Nitro where the winner would be the last entrant into one of the teams for the Wargames Match. Sting cost Hogan the match and a week later Sting ran down Hogan and said that he will wait for the Immortal Hulk Hogan to recuperate and in the meantime win his chance to face him in the Wargames Match. Later that night Hogan would come back and cost Sting his shot at a spot In the Wargames Match, then after the match Hogan said that what Sting had been doing for weeks now was not the way to go about business and that he was going to put a stop to it at “FALL BRAWL” issuing a challenge to The Icon. Sting however wouldn’t accept the match until Hogan put the title on the line, which he did without hesitation. At “FALL BRAWL” Hogan knocked the referee down with a wayward Big Boot which saw Sting capitalise and drop his nemesis with the Scorpion Death Drop. At this point Lex Luger made his return with the baseball bat in his hands that Sting used to attack him with weeks earlier. Luger got into the ring and went to attack The Icon as retribution… but instead he levelled a rising Hogan with the weapon several times busting him open. Sting and Luger smiled and shook hands signalling the deception by both men before Sting locked Hogan in the Scorpion Deathlock while Luger woke the referee. Hogan held on as long as he could but with major blood loss he eventually passed out and Sting becomes the new champion. The next night on Nitro Sting and Luger revealed their plan to the world which was to dethrone Hogan as champion at all costs calling him the cancer of WCW before stating that the beloved Hulk Hogan was now nothing more than a memory, a bad one that should be forgotten. Over the coming weeks Luger helped his friend keep his spot at the top of the company and thwart new challenger and Wargames Winner Goldberg any chance they could. One week on Nitro Goldberg was set to face both Sting and Luger in a Handicap Match, when the match rolled around Goldberg held his own but was ultimately defeated. After the match Sting and Luger pulled out the baseball bats and were about the lay a beating to Goldberg when HULK HOGAN RETURNED! Hogan bum rushed Sting and Luger throwing them from the ring before getting on the mic and informing Luger that crossing him was his biggest mistake. Hogan said that what happened at “FALL BRAWL” has been eating him up inside so when he got the all clear from the doctors then went and saw his old friend WCW President Eric Bischoff and made a deal. Hogan versus Luger at Halloween Havoc in a STELL CAGE MATCH so that no one could interfere, so Luger couldn’t escape and so no one could stop him from getting his hands on The Total Package.


Sting© vs. Goldberg
WCW World Heavyweight Championship
(If Goldberg Loses Both He & Hogan Are Gone from WCW)

BUILD UP: Three major things happened at “FALL BRAWL” Sting took the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from champion Hulk Hogan. Lex Luger revealed that he and Sting have been in cahoots all along with his return and aiding Sting in his title victory and the third was Goldberg winning the Wargames Match thus gaining him and title shot against Sting at Halloween Havoc. The next night in an interview before his match Goldberg said he saw what Sting and Luger did to Hogan before saying that what he saw made him sick. Goldberg said that even though him and Hogan have had issues in the past what they did to the Hulkster last night was disrespectful and that at Halloween Havoc he was going to right the wrongs and take the title from Sting stating that The Icon Was Next! Goldberg then went on to defeat Hugh Morrus and after the match Sting and Luger attacked with baseball bats in hand going after the left leg of Goldberg’s. Sting then took a microphone and said that Goldberg’s days within WCW were numbered, that tonight was a warning that no one especially a no talented ex footballer like himself was going to dethrone him as World Heavyweight Champion. As Sting and Luger went to leave Goldberg tried to get to his feet where he was met with a baseball bat shot to the head knocking him out. The next two weeks Sting and Luger spent telling the world that they had to get used to them because like them or not what they did was save WCW from going under. Sting mentioned that Goldberg was threatening his new utopia which was a world without fossils like Hogan, so he was dealt with. That’s when Goldberg returned, appearing through the crowd before entering the ring and hitting a unsuspecting Sting with a Spear and dropping Luger after a short brawl with a Jackhammer, all while he sported a heavy knee brace on his left leg. Goldberg then picked up the microphone and informed Sting that his perfect world was about to be rocked down to its very core because he was out for BLOOD! The next week on Nitro Goldberg was set to face both Sting and Luger in a Handicap Match, when the match rolled around Goldberg held his own but was ultimately defeated. After the match Sting and Luger pulled out the baseball bats and were about the lay a beating to Goldberg when HULK HOGAN RETURNED! Hogan bum rushed Sting and Luger throwing them from the ring. After Hogan made his announcement, he thanked Goldberg and said that he had his full support in his quest to become World Heavyweight Champion. On the last Nitro before Halloween Havoc Sting was ready to end his rivalry with Goldberg that night but Luger managed to calm him down enough to see reason that while ending Goldberg’s career tonight would be great that doing it at the Pay Per View would be so much sweeter because it gives them time to prepare. Sting was a little puzzled, but Luger swore that what he was cooking up was rock solid. Luger let Sting in on the secret and later on in the night Sting made an in-ring appearance and said that at Halloween Havoc he wants to add a stipulation to the main event. Sting said that he is sacrificing the title but Goldberg is putting nothing on the line so Sting says that if Goldberg wants his title match, then he will need to make a sacrifice. Sting then announced that if Goldberg loses then both he and Hogan are fired from WCW and are never to return! Moments later Goldberg appeared on stage and said that no stipulation is going to make him change his coarse and that he accepts Sting’s proposal saying that it wasn’t going to happen and that Goldberg will put a stop to Sting Dystopian world and bring it crashing down around him!


Well there you go people, Part One is in the bag. What do you think so far? Where do you see things going heading into Part Two?

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