GCW death match Stopped due to gruesome injury.

GCW death match Stopped due to gruesome injury.

During GCW Dead On Arrival event Slade and Hoodfoot faced off in a deathmatch at the show, which coincidentally had to be abruptly stopped.

During the Match Slade broke a light-tube and the two wrestlers took turns stabbing eachother in the arm with half a broken tube.

Hoodfoot began to bleed heavily from his wound, the ref attempted to tape his arm up before calling for the bell.

Following the incident GCW founder Brett Lauderdale provided an update on Hoodfoot Condition ultimately outlining that he is okay

Lauderdale said the following.

“Hoodfoot had a nasty gash but he is OK. Wanted to go back to the ring to finish but thats not gonna happen tonite haha. Hes headed to the hospital for a few stitches and will live to fight to another day!”

Many fans have criticise the segment within the match saying it was needlessly unsafe even for deathmatch.

Hoodfoot Openly admitted that and tweeted the following:

“Sometimes you get dumb ideas that work out…. Yea this wasn’t that. I appreciate all the love and messages I’m gonna bounce back soon.”

What is your opinion on this story do you think deathmatch Should continue or not?