Gabriel Kidd opens up about his recent financial struggles.

Gabriel Kidd opens up about his recent financial struggles.

In a series of tweets this morning, Gabriel Kidd opened up about how he is going through a tough time and asked for donations for the basic necessities such as food, as he's currently living off money so low, he is unable to purchase the necessities himself.

He had this to say in a tweet he sent to Twitter earlier this morning: 

"I haven’t had more than 3 hours sleep consistently since the start of the year so I’m gonna go back to bed. I’m a little down on love right now so if we’ve met please send me a picture of us 2 together. I need it. 

Thank you,

Gabe. X"

After this however, Gabriel fully opened up on his situation in a emotional series of tweets that he sent out to his fans reading:

"I hate having to ask for this and I’m so sorry.
I’ll address my situation in a ring hopefully soon because I just want my life back. I love living in LA and walking to the beach. 
Don’t tweet at NJPW for not taking care of me because you don’t know shit. I love NJPW.

I get paid at the end of the month. But right now I need a little bit of help so I’m gonna turn on the tips feature on here. I ONLY NEED SMALL DONATIONS TO GET ME THROUGH TO THE END OF THE MONTH. I’ve given my life to this business and just need a tiny bit of help right now.

Finally: I made almost 5k in January and pissed it all away giving it to other people because I was ill. Right now I have £75 to my name and have to ask me mam for money to buy food. I Lost 1k in bookings went I got sent home to England. I’m not a charity."

It is always sad news to hear that a wrestler is having serious struggles, however it is good he has reached out, no matter how much he didn't want to do it, so that people can give back to him and help him out.

We here at Real Rasslin urge people to help him out, it's always good to give back to wrestlers after putting their bodies on the line for us. A small donation to a wrestler in need seems like all we can do to pay this back, and I for one know I will be donating to this cause.