Former WWE Tag Team Champion has decided to retire.

The Spirit Squad is now down one member...

Former WWE Tag Team Champion has decided to retire.
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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Kenny Doane has decided to hang up the laces. In a tweet on his personal Twitter page, he has told his fans that he was retiring.


Doane, who is better known to WWE fans as Kenny from The Spirit Squad, played a key role in the fued between Shawn Michaels and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Doane, along with his other Squad mates had attacked Michaels at the request of McMahon on a weekly basis. The feud would go on for months and would culminate in the reformation of D-Generation X. 

Having won the WWE Tag Team Championships on the one occasion, Doane and the Spirit Squad would eventually split which saw Doane compete in singles action, slightly adjusting his name to Kenny Dykstra. 

Subsequently in 2008 he would be off screen for a number of months, returning on 15th August only to lose to then WWE Champion, Triple H. WWE would later announce on November 10th 2008 that Doane had been released from his contract. 

Following his release, Doane had appeared on the independent circuit for promotions such as Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. he had appeared in TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) for a tryout match, in a losing effort to Homicide. 

Back in 2016, Doane had returned to the WWE for a storyline with former teammate Dolph Ziggler, (FKA Nicky in the Spirit Squad) during his feud with the then Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. Using the Spirit Squad to mock and tease Ziggler for his time with the group. The feud would end when the Miz and Ziggler went up against each other in a Title vs Career match which Ziggler won, although not without shenanigans from Doane and other Spirit Squad teammate Mikey. 

Doane and Mikey would continue to appear on the SmackDown brand as a tag team in unsuccessful attempts to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. By the end of November they were taken of TV and wouldn't be seen again. 

In 2019, Doane had signed with MLW (Major League Wrestling). Making his debut at the Never Say Never event. 

We here at Real Rasslin would like to wish Doane the very best in his future!