Former WWE Superstar Signs With New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Former WWE Superstar Signs With New Japan Pro Wrestling.
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Fred Rosser FKA Darren Young in WWE has officially signed with NJPW. 

Confirming the news on Monday, he had made the official announcement that he has signed a contract with NJPW. The former WWE star had success within the company capturing the WWE Tag Team Championships. Rosser has been working with NJPW since September of last year. 

Here's what he said below: 

"I’m excited to officially announce I’ve signed W/ NJPW! All I can say moving forward is, don’t ever let your dreams just be dreams because as long as you’re patient & believe in your dreams, anything is possible. Patience is a talent #njpwSTRONG #blockthehate @njpw1972 @njpwworld"

Having making an appearance in the promotion in a no disqualification match on May 21st against Hikuleo in a winning effort, he had spoken with Wrestlezone stating his run in NJPW was "Absolute dream Come True" and went on to say that he was always a fan of the promotion and that he'd worked hard in proving that he could go toe to toe with their stars. 

Having a Match of the year honor under his belt, for competing against Tom Lawler, Rosser went on to say he couldn't wait for the chance to compete in Japan after being a part of New Japan Strong which took place in California. 

This would be considered a huge signing for NJPW, Rosser is a great talent for any company to snap up! 

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