Former WWE Superstar now owns the rights to his ring name.

Former WWE Superstar now owns the rights to his ring name.
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Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush, (real name Lionel Green), now owns his ring name. 

Rush, who is currently holding the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship and MLW World Middleweight Championship, recently took to Twitter and announced that he now owns the trademarks to his name that he had used on the independent scene, which was also the name he used during his WWE run between 2017 to 2020. 

Here's what Rush had to say: 

“I officially own the trademark for the name #LioRush [folded hands emoji]. A name that I’ve worked under for many hard working years. Feels good.” 

The United States Patent & Trademark Office (UPSTO) records had shown that Rush had filed for the trademark back in January 2020. Finally he had received ownership on April 6th of this year. WWE had made agreements with Rush and Karl Anderson last summer, which had seen the company transfer ownerships to both stars. This agreement took place on July 22nd and was finalized on August 2nd of last year. 

Below is the full tweet from Lio Rush: 

Congratulations to Lio Rush! We here at Real Rasslin are excited to see Rush using his name going forward and look forward to seeing him continue to defend both titles!