Former TNA superstar Matt Morgan's Connection to Joel Greenberg in Investigation To Political Scandal.

Former TNA superstar Matt Morgan's Connection to Joel Greenberg in Investigation To Political Scandal.
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Former WWE and TNA star Matt Morgan has been named in the recent Orlando Sentinel Story in regards to his relationship with Joel Greenberg, who is currently being investigated for his involvement in a sex trafficking case. 

According to the Sentinel, Morgan had set up his own business named "Blueprint Enterprises LLC" in October 2019. It was in that month that Morgan's company had began receiving payments of $4,500 on a monthly basis from the Seminoles County Tax Collectors Office which was led by Greenberg at the time. 

Morgan has been retired from professional wrestling for a number of years, though he makes the occasional appearance at charity events. These events include the Seminole Showdown which occurred this Saturday past.

He has also served on the Longwood City Commission since 17th November 2017, also serving as a Deputy Manager of Longwood from November 2018, a role which he served in until May 2019 when he was elected Mayor, serving until he left the role in September of 2020. 

The Tax Collectors Office has no proof of a contract with Morgan's company according to the Sentinel and auditors that were hired by the county after Greenberg's arrest have found "no evidence of a work product" which relates to Morgan's company.

It had also been explained by the Sentinel article that records showed emails that had suggested that Morgan had been named to a list of employees and consultants "assigned to promote Greenberg's office." 

The Sentinel had gone on to explain that Morgan had been carrying a federal tax lien mounting upto an expected $37,000 due to unpaid income tax since 2011. Documents had shown that Morgan's lien had been released on October 9th 2019 only a couple of days after he'd created Blueprint Enterprises LLC. Records shown by the Audit show that the Tax Collectors Office began making the payments to his LLC just three weeks later and had a total payout of a sum of $40,500. 

Morgan had not respond nor make any comments from multiple requests according to The Sentinel report. 

Greenberg is currently facing 33 counts of various charges, these include stalking a political opponent, sex trafficking of a minor and conspiracy to bribe a public official. 

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