Former WWE Superstar Makes Shocking Debut at IMPACT Rebellion.

Former WWE Superstar Makes Shocking Debut at IMPACT Rebellion.
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IMPACT Rebellion provided a shocking return last night as Big Cass made his debut with the company. 

Under the new ring name of W. Morrissey, the big 7ft giant shocked veiwers when he stepped from behind the curtain and made his way to the ring with Eric Young in tow. Young was set to compete at the pay-per-view alongside his faction, Violent By Design. However, due to a torn ACL he was unable to take part, so a replacement was needed. 

In a backstage segment, Young was seen speaking with an unknown athlete of a big nature. When it was time for the match, the music hit and Morrissey made his debut. He looked ripped, lean, and ready to tear down the house. 

Upon entering the ring, he cleaned house, a one-man wrecking ball. He ended up with a decisive victory by pinning Mack courtesy of an East River Crossing Side Slam, that's a mouthful to say the least! 

Post-match saw the assault continue from Morrissey, it seems that he's sending a message to the IMPACT roster. 

For this writer, it's good to see Morrissey back in the ring doing what he does best! 

What are your thoughts? Are you happy to see the big man back in the business? Let us know in the comments!