Former WWE Stars respond to Triple H taking over creative

Former WWE Stars respond to Triple H taking over creative
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Former stars of WWE are now showing interest in joining the company again, now that Triple H is in control of creative.

Fightful have recently spoken to stars that left as far back as 2016, and they have said how different things would be now if Triple H had been in control sooner. A star that left that year, said that Triple H had some measure of control when he left, but not as much as he does now he's in full control.

Former stars of NXT have expressed that they believe if Triple H had been in control sooner, they might never have been released. A wrestler that went to AEW have said they are happy they went to AEW, but if they were going from NXT to a SmackDown or RAW led by Triple H, they would have likely renewed their contracts with WWE before their deal was over.

A free agent has said now that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are in control, their chances of eventually returning to WWE have been greatly increased.

After speaking to many former talent, totalling to almost two dozen, many have expressed they believe that Triple H is better suited to running the WWE Creative team than Vince McMahon was.

Personally, for my own opinion as a fan and reporter, I am excited to see what Triple H brings to the table creatively, and look forward to WWE improving and becoming worth watching again.

Let's hope this time, he truly does do what's "Best for Business"!

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