Former WCW Superstar Arrested on 11 charges.

Former WCW Superstar Arrested on 11 charges.
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Former WCW Tag Team Champion Buff Bagwell has been arrested on eleven different charges. 

As reported by the Georgia County Gazette, Bagwell was arrested on eleven counts of misdemeanour charges. While the details of the arrest are unspecified, it seems that there's a long list of charges. 

The charges include: 

"speeding, failure to yield when entering an intersection, giving false data to a law enforcement officer, hit and run, followingly too closely, reckless driving, driving within a median, driving under the influence of drugs, duty upon striking a fixed object, driving on the wrong side of the roadway, and having an open container."

However, reports suggest that Bagwell did spend a few hours in jail but made the $4,000 bond and was released. It would seem that illegal substances were at play in this case. 

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