Mick Foley teases WWE return in Facebook Post

Foley had a 'secret meeting' with Stephanie McMahon.

Mick Foley teases WWE return in Facebook Post
Mick Foley in full Makind mode.

Mick Foley has sent fans imaginations wild with his latest Facebook post.

The Hardcore Legend posted a vague and mysterious status on his Facebook page regarding a secret meeting with Stephanie McMahon. 

Foley was pictured wearing his Mankind attire, a gimmick that brought him major success in the WWE. In the picture he was seen carrying a bouqet of blue balloons. 

Although he didn't reveal the nature of the meeting, it certainly has fans questioning what this is leading to! Foley is well known for his comedic personality, so this could just be a comedic skit. He hints at it being highly entertaining.

We highly doubt that this will bring about an in ring return for Mrs. Foley's baby boy, but its always nice to see him on our screens.

I know this writer is excited to see the reveal! 

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