First WWE legend announced for the Hall of Fame class of 2021

Drumroll Please!

First WWE legend announced for the Hall of Fame class of 2021

Ladies and Gentleman it's that time of the year again. Wrestlemania season is upon us and with that comes the Hall of Fame. The first legend has been announced and it is Molly Holly.

Molly Holly who was born Nora Kristina Benshoof in Forest Lake, Minnesota on September 7th 1977 has had a Hall of Fame worthy career capturing the WWE Womens Championship on two occasions, and the Hardcore Championship once at Wrestlemania 18. This is her second time to be recognised as Hall of Fame worthy as she also entered the WSU (Womens Superstar Uncensored) Hall of Fame in 2010. 

Molly Holly was involved in multiple storylines of note. Starting her WWE Career as part of the Holly family. Later she would go onto team with The Hurricane under the name Might Molly until she defeated him for the Hardcore Championship. After this she would change her look; The long blonde hair was gone and she became an anti diva dressing in less revealing outfits than the women of the time. Her final run in WWE saw her form an alliance with Gail Kim before leaving WWE to have a brief stint on the independent scene and only return to WWE for the occasional cameo appearance.

We at Real Rasslin would like to congradulate Nora on reaching the Hall of Fame and look forward to seeing her long overdue induction when the Hall of Fame takes place on April 6th 2021