First ever WWE Superstar Spectacular is heading to India!

First ever WWE Superstar Spectacular is heading to India!

The first ever WWE spectacular is heading to India!

No further details have emerged on this event,  however it is worth noting that the featured #India could be a sign that this is leading to NXT India.

We covered this news in an earlier news article that WWE and NXT are looking to expand their brand towards India.

Although, Last month, POST Wrestling reported that there is a filming date scheduled and is due to record on the 22nd January which lands on a Friday dubbed as an “Indian special" and Local Indian talent took part in a photoshoot which has updated promotional images.

This leads us to believe that the latest project will be a new series that could begin with maybe a one or two night event to launch the new show. The new plans are for the show to air on both linear TV and the WWE Network. Despite details on the taping format.

POST Wrestling have also noted that they cannot confirm nor deny the show would be branded under the *NXT India Name* however, it was stressed that it has been a long-term plan from the WWE with multiple changing variables and possibly more to come.

As first reported by POST Wrestling, plans made for the development on December 11th with Sportskeeda, a tournament would take place and be featured on the show with many Indian Wrestlers taking part. Such names include The Singh Brothers, Jinder Mahal and Jeet Rama , the anticipated date for this to air will be January 26th on the very date India celebrates “Republic Day"

 Also noted by SportsKeeda this new show may also air in more ways than one as Sony Sports Network could also debut this event, WWE and Sony Pictures India (SPN) have a new five year extension to their already existing budding relationship.

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