Figmans Extreme Rules 2022 Review

Let Figman In, For WWE Extreme Rules Rundown and Results!

Figmans Extreme Rules 2022 Review

Extreme Rules lacks a world title match and no matches featuring the Bloodline, but that doesn't mean it won't be a fun show. The WWE pay-per-view appears to be headlined by Ronda Rousey's Extreme Rules match for the SmackDown Women's Championship against Liv Morgan. Edge will face Finn Balor in an "I Quit" Match, which could be fantastic, and Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins try to end their feud in a Fight Pit.

Then there's Bray Wyatt, whose return has been teased both at live events and on WWE programming. Can The Fiend work in a WWE run by Triple H? We might find out at Extreme Rules.


To kick off Extreme Rules, Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland (The Brawling Brutes) defeated Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci (Imperium) in a Good Old Fashion Donnybrook match (a street fight). With the exception of a few awkward moments near the end when the performers appeared to be confused about where they were supposed to be, this was a fantastic match.

Sheamus' chest was still welted up from his SmackDown match with Gunther. This match got a lot more welted when Gunther barraged Sheamus with chops while Kaiser and Vinci held him down. On the outside, it was gnarly, but not as gnarly as the Imperium Bomb to Holland. A hard powerbomb to the face of a large man on the concrete floor; rough stuff.

Imperium was said to have taken out the Brutes one by one, standing tall as a trio inside the ring. Sheamus, on the other hand, was able to recover and begin a solo comeback for the team. He eliminated Kaiser and Vinci, allowing Sheamus and Gunther to square off in the middle of the ring. This piqued the interest of the audience.

Sheamus was doing his 10 clubbing fists on the apron thing when the two other Brutes joined him and barraged Gunther with strikes. Sheamus then hit Gunther with a Brogue Kick, but Vinci broke it up with a springboard splash.

Then there was a brawl, which ended with Sheamus shooting Gunther with a Sharpshooter. Kaiser, on the other hand, broke it up by smashing a sheleighly across Sheamus' back. Gunther received a two count and a chant of "this is awesome!"

Butch wiped out everyone outside the ring with a moonsault from barrels set up at ringside, leaving Sheamus and Gunther inside. Gunther repeatedly hit Sheamus with the sheleighly, but Sheamus kicked out. Butch and Holland rushed in and grabbed Gunther, allowing Sheamus to hit him in the head with the sheleighly.

Following this, everyone became disoriented. Butch and Holland left for no obvious reason, and we could see Kaiser and Vinci frantically trying to figure out where they were supposed to be. They eventually everyone raced into the ring, where the Brutes defeated Imperium with sheleighlys.

Sheamus used a Celtic Cross powerbomb to send Gunther through the announcer's table. Sheamus won the match with a Brogue Kick inside the ring.

What you'd expect: a fun, hard-hitting opening match. The win of the Brawling Brutes suggests that Sheamus' conflict with Gunther may not be over. That's excellent news for us since their matches have been fantastic, but it's horrible news for Sheamus. How many more slashes can his chest withstand?


Ronda Rousey regained the SmackDown Women's Championship by defeating Liv Morgan. The story of the match was that Rousey was the dominant competitor, and Morgan had to fight as the underdog in order to win. However, no such victory was achieved, as Rousey ended up knocking Morgan out.

Rousey trapped Morgan in the apron on the outside early in the match, decking her with a vicious slap. Morgan sprayed Rousey with a fire extinguisher after Rousey grabbed the baseball bat Morgan brought to the ring. Morgan, on the other hand, was unable to follow up. She attempted offence, but Rousey quickly responded with a Piper's Pit.

Morgan flew off the ring steps to attack Rousey when she began clearing her eyes, but Rousey hit her with the baseball bat.

Every time Morgan tried to launch an attack, Rousey cut her off. Rousey used her black belt to bind Morgan to the apron and battered her with baseball bat strikes. Morgan attempted to set up a table inside the ring, but Rousey caught her and choked her on the ring ropes.

Morgan attempted to slingshot Rousey into a steel chair set up between the top and middle ropes. Both failed: the chair unwedged and fell to the floor, and the first slingshot attempt was botched, as Ronda fell back onto Morgan but Morgan (I believe) didn't properly push her off.

Morgan then hit Rousey with a series of chair shots that were among the weakest I'd ever seen. Corey Graves attempted to cover for Morgan, claiming she had suffered so much damage that she couldn't swing the chair properly. That was brutal.

Morgan placed a table in the centre of the ring, placed Rousey on it, and crashed through it. Morgan was given a two-count, and Rousey quickly countered the pinfall with an armbar. Morgan passed out after the armbar turned into a choke.


Karrion Kross defeated Drew McIntyre in a Strap match after Scarlett interfered. McIntyre was preparing for the Claymore Kick when Scarlett interrupted and shot McIntyre in the face with pepper spray, allowing Kross to finish him with his Kross Hammer.

Kross first refused to wear the strap around his wrist. Kross hit a cheap shot on McIntyre after Scarlett distracted him. They then brawled around the arena, despite the fact that the bout had not yet begun because Kross was not bound to McIntyre. McIntyre triumphs over Kross, slamming him into the ring and physically wrapping the rope around his wrist. The bell rang to signal the start of the game.

This match didn't have much going for it. McIntyre had the upper hand at first, but Kross used his damaged shoulder to begin a lengthy heat period. Kross used the strap to beat down McIntyre for a time, but McIntyre Hulked Up and mounted a comeback. Scarlett cut off his comeback by spraying him with pepper spray, leading to the finish.

Karrion Kross and Scarlett are fantastic acts, but he has yet to shown that he can have tremendous matches. This was difficult for both men because Strap Matches often contain a degree of blood and savagery that will never be met in the 2022 WWE. As a result, the match was mostly just there.


Liv Morgan was unable to keep her gold, but Bianca Belair was able to. Belair successfully defended her Raw Women's Championship against Bayley in a Ladder Match. Interference came from Bayley's Damage CTRL faction partners, as well as some painful-looking ladder locations.

The Philadelphia crowd initially supported Belair, but approximately 7 minutes into the match, we became raucous with "Let's go Bianca/go Let's Bayley!" chants. Bailey excels at portraying a spoiled brat. She admonished a young fan for calling her a loser early in the match, and subsequently seized a placard from a supporter in the crowd.

Bayley set up a ladder between the barricade and the ring steps on the outside and laid Belair out on it in one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the bout. She then landed a vicious flying elbow on Belair, which appeared to hurt Bayley far more than Belair. After making contact, Bayley whiplashed off it, and the announcers questioned her decision. Indeed.

At one point, Belair was climbing the ladder when Bayley kicked it out from under her. Belair slipped off the staircase and out of the ring. Inside the ring, Bayley removed a portion of her knee brace, indicating that she was about to hit Belair with it. The announcers extolled her brilliance, but then she threw it away, leaving the announcers speechless. Strange occurrence.

In the corner, Bayley attempted a running knee, but Belair moved. Belair nailed Bayley with a KOD before climbing the ladder. Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai invaded the ring and stopped Belair before she could take the title. Belair battled them both off and planted a double KOD on them.

Following the distraction, Bayley performed a Rose Plant on Belair and climbed a ladder onto his body. Bayley attempted to trap Belair beneath the ladder as she ascended it, but Belair was able to bench press the ladder while Bayley was on it.

Belair slashed Bayley with her braid to knock her off the ladder, and the two ladies fought briefly. After snapping early in the bout, a ladder half was in the ring. Bayley grabbed it, but Belair grabbed her for a KOD. Bayley was brutally pushed onto the ladder she was holding. Belair won the ladder match to reclaim the Raw Women's Championship.



Edge lost his bout against Finn Balor after threatening Conchairto Edge's wife Beth Phoenix with Judgement Day. This match took a bit to get going, but it ended up being the best of the night so far.

At the start, it's just the fundamentals. Edge was put in a Figure Four by Balor, which Edge finally overturned. Balor, like Rousey before, trapped Edge in the apron and hammered him. The ref continued asking the boys if they wanted to quit, which was a little early. The issue with "I Quit" matches, like Last Man Standing matches, is that you know they have to rise to a high level of violence before there can be a finish. It results in the first of the matches feeling less important.

Edge and Balor fought their way past the audience and into the Kickoff Show panel area. Edge smacked Balor with a hockey stick and gave him a crossface, but Balor refused to give up. Edge tries to Spear Balor down the arena stairs, but Balor dodges it and rams Edge crotch-first into the stair railings.

Back in the ring, Balor bombards Edge with chair shots. When the official asked whether he wanted to stop, Edge boldly responded no, prompting a round of applause, the most the bout has elicited so yet. The crowd is tense as they wait for something that could perhaps terminate the match.

Balor had placed a chair between the top and middle ropes of the corner turnbuckle and attempted to throw Edge into it. Edge slammed Balor head-first onto the chair. Edge used his Edgecator submission technique on Balor. Balor teased resigning by saying "I" several times, but before he could say the second word, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio entered the ring. Edge tossed both on the outside and then Speared Balor through the ropes onto Damian and Dominik when Balor attempted to enter the ring.

Edge set up Balor for another Spear, but Rhea Ripley appeared from nowhere and chained Edge to the ring ropes. Edge was then beaten down by the three Judgement Day guys, with Balor lashing him with a Kendo Stick. Rey Mysterio came in to make the save and immediately began cleaning the house. Dominik Mysterio cut him off after knocking his father outside and beating him down. This sparked nuclear rage throughout the arena, and Michael Cole did an excellent job of emphasizing how heinous everything is.

As Balor resumed whaling on Edge, Edge's wife Beth Phoenix entered the ring, retrieved the Kendo Stick, and knocked out both Balor and Priest. This resulted in a fight between Pheonix and Ripley, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed. It concluded with Phoenix laying Ripley down with a Spear. She then takes Ripley's handcuff keys and uncuffs Edge.

Edge kicked Dominik in the balls three times and Speared Balor twice. Edge applied a Crossface to Balor, but Ripley diverted his attention by clocking Phoenix with Brass Knocks. Damian Priest then Chokeslammed Edge, and Balor delivered three Coup De Graces in a row. Edge is still refusing to give up.

Ripley pulls two chairs from under the ring and performs a Conchairto on Phoenix, prompting Edge to declare, "I quit." Ripley smashed Phoenix with the chair nevertheless after Balor won the bout. Excellent work.

This was excellent for two reasons. First and foremost, while the first 60% of the match was unremarkable, the closing stretch was fascinating, with plenty of surprises and twists. It was great fun. Second, this contest contributed significantly to the importance of the Judgement Day. Since Edge's departure, the group has felt B-grade, but with a victory over the legend Finn Balor, and the entire Judgement Day now feels like a bigger deal.

The crowd hated the Judgement Day, getting legitimate heat from the crowd. Of course, it's building up to Edge ultimately getting a win back but, for the time being, it's great for Balor & Co.




Matt Riddle defeated Seth Rollins in the Fight Pit bout that served as the main event of Extreme Rules. The special guest referee was UFC legend, Daniel Cormier.

The ring's turnbuckles were removed for the match, and a cage was set up to simulate a cage fight rather than a wrestling contest. The Fight Pit is a strange hybrid of an MMA simulation, a cage match, and a Last Man Standing match. Initially, Rollins and Riddle fought each other like it was an MMA match, with a strong submission tendency to much of the action.

Riddle pulled off a good spot early on as he bounced off the cage and kicked Rollins in the face. Rollins, who was dressed in an RVD-inspired suit, climbed the cage and then jumped off it to land a Frog Splash.

Riddle rolled out and got an RKO on Rollins after he tried a Peruvian Necktie choke. Riddle went for another RKO after a lengthy exchange — Riddle's blows are much better, as you'd expect from a former UFC fighter. Rollins pushed him down before crushing him with a Curbstomp. Riddle outnumbered the count, and he climbed the cage to the platforms on the second level.

Riddle landed a flying Triangle Choke on Rollins, who countered with a Buckle Bomb into the cage's corner. Rollins then hit Riddle with a Pedigree, but Cormier refused to count since the contest can only be won within the ring, not on the platforms above it. Riddle caught Rollins off guard with an RKO, and Rollins rolled off the platform and into the ring. Riddle then launched a Floating Bro senton from the top of the Fight Pit, killing both of them.

Both men awoke around 8, and Riddle performed another flying Triangle Choke — his jump height is incredible. Rollins attempted to fight back by smashing Riddle into the cage, but Riddle maintained the choke. Rollins taps out.


Michael Cole was closing out the show after Matt Riddle defeated Seth Rollins in the main event when the lights went out. The song "He's got the whole world in his hands" began to play. The spotlight was shone on various locations across the crowd, revealing figures from Bray Wyatt's previous Firefly Funhouse. The mask of the Fiend appeared on the announcer's table.

We observe a bizarre video package set inside the old Firefly Funhouse set. Back in the arena, a door has been installed on the entry ramp. Bray Wyatt emerges from it, wearing a new mask. The audience erupts in applause and chants, "Holy crap!"

Wyatt removes his mask, revealing his face for a brief second before the show ends.



Overall a decent show even if it did seem overshadowed by the eventual return of Windham Rotunda. Ultimately though, the whole show was built around the return rather than the matches themselves...

However. Instead of letting him in. I do believe it's time to finally properly FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS!

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