Eric Bischoff Claims NXT Is Not As Good As TNA At It’s Peak

Controversy creates confusion this time around...

Eric Bischoff Claims NXT Is Not As Good As TNA At It’s Peak

In a post show discussion on his 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff has the following to say about NXT:

Bischoff: “I don’t think NXT is as good as TNA was when TNA was at its peak. Now, at its peak is subjective, right. Some people liked TNA when it first started because it was new, and I get that. A lot of people liked it because it did feel different in the very beginning. Some people like that smaller presentation. More than anything, everybody loves the competitor, right, because you get your hopes up, and you start getting interested in new, fresh characters that you hadn’t seen before. But if you go back and look at TNA, in terms of its peak across the boards, not for a moment in time, but for an extended period of time across the boards, in terms of television ratings, pay-per-view-buys and house show attendance, and it’s gonna be that period of time that I was describing to you earlier, right around the Aces and Eights peak storyline period.”

“I don’t know that NXT is doing anything better than TNA was when TNA was at its peak. And I know, I would imagine, I should be careful about saying I know, but I would be pretty sure, if I was a betting man, that I would bet that there are a lot more resources being pumped into NXT than there ever were being pumped into TNA.”

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